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After intensive research and interviews with countless digital innovators, NewsCred has developed a list of the 50 most influential content marketers. Some are tried and true, others are up and coming. Take a look! http://blog.newscred.com/article/ada52b6393aa8023a64fd9ce194da81f/50-most-influential-content-marketers-on-slideshare

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  • Hello dear My name is mariam nasrin, I know that this email will meet you in a good health and also surprisingly but God has his own way of bringing people together. Nice to Meet you I would appreciate if you can reply me back( mariamnasrin2@gmail.com ) So that i can explain you more about me. thank Yours mariam.
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  • Dechay Watts & Debbie Williams of SPROUT Content are doing some amazing things in content marketing, especially using brand transparency to grow businesses. Their book 'Brands in Glass Houses' coming out in September will tell all. We're hoping to be on next year's list!
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50 Most Influential Content Marketers

  1. 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL CONTENT MARKETERS sales@newscred.com www.Newscred.com 212.989.4100
  2. Anyone who takes a look at a company’s website can see that brands are embracing content marketing. Brands are utilizing curated, licensed, and original content to radically transform their images and engage audiences. But rarely do we see the brains behind each campaign. Coordinating every content endeavor is a brilliant marketer, industry disruptor, social guru, or content evangelist.
  3. We’ve compiled a list of 50 of the biggest innovators in the content marketing space, divided into publishers, brands, and agencies. Please note that this list is shown alphabetically by section, and is not ranked.
  5. RAFAT ALIFounder, Skift Since launching his travel news and information site, Skift, last year and raising $1.1M in new funding, Ali has set his sights on growing his business beyond simply travel news. Plans for a new set of subscription-based data tools and mobile products for the travel industry will supplement Skift and turn it into a hub for content and commerce. 1
  6. As HuffPost’s head of branded content, Baker has worked with brands including IBM, J&J, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Unilever, eBay, and Target to develop content strategies that push the boundaries of digital. LAURI BAKER Sales Director, Branded Content, The Huffington Post 2
  7. Gawker has become one of the most visible and successful blog- oriented media companies under Denton’s direction. Denton says, FOR ADVERTISING TO BE TRULY NATIVE IN AN INTERACTIVE MEDIUM, IT SHOULD BE INTERACTIVE. NICK DENTON Founder, Gawker 3 *Portada
  8. Under DVorkin’s leadership, FORBES transformed its web and print publications with the launch of AdVoice. This innovative product enables partner brands, and the writers they hire, to publish blog posts directly onto the Forbes.com platform, occasionally running AdVoice columns in the print magazine as well. LEWIS DVORKIN Chief Product Officer, Forbes Media 4
  9. By uniting his men-focused, entertainment and lifestyle site, Thrillist with e-tailer JackThreads, Lerer has successfully blurred the lines between content and commerce, having built one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the country. BEN LERER Founder, Thrillist Media 5
  10. Described as a "viral marketing hot dog" by The New York Times, Peretti has displayed his complete mastery of the social web by founding the "internet popularity contest,” BuzzFeed. Since launch, BuzzFeed has pioneered branded content partnerships with companies such as GE and Schick. JONAH PERETTI Founder, BuzzFeed 6
  11. Solomon continues to create innovative digital products for native advertising across all Time Inc. brands. In 2013, Time introduced new digital ad units pairing editorial content with the marketing messages of brands. ADAM SOLOMON VP, Digital Ad Products and Revenue Operations, Time Inc. 7
  12. With von Borries' insight, Refinery29 was able to pivot from simply an online publication to a powerful fashion retailer and publisher that has content marketing down pat. PHILIPPE VON BORRIES CEO and Co-Founder, Refinery29 8
  13. BRANDS
  14. As Coca-Cola’s leader of digital strategy, Bedwell is currently heading up the company’s largest campaign in history for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, crafting new and innovative ways to engage in real-time, multi-channel content marketing. NEIL BEDWELL Global Group Director, Digital Strategy and Content, Coca- Cola 9
  15. Under Beech’s direction, Kate Spade has fully embraced the digital content revolution with its Kate Spade Saturday campaign. At four empty store fronts in lower Manhattan, touch screens enable shoppers to browse and buy products directly from the web in a non- traditional “window shopping” experience. MARY RENNER BEECH CMO, Kate Spade 10
  16. Under Boff’s direction, GE has become an early adopter on platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and BuzzFeed. She’s responsible for GE’s ads across all media and manages advertising, digital, and design. . LINDA BOFF Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, GE 11
  17. A leading player in the content marketing space, Brenner has produced dozens of publications and presentations on the value of content marketing. According to Brenner, there is no distinction between digital marketing and content. MICHAEL BRENNER VP, Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP 12 IT’S CRUCIAL FOR MARKETERS TO PUSH CONTENT MARKETING TO ITS PLACE AS A VITAL PART OF ANY MARKETING STRATEGY. *Social Marketing Forum
  18. As the Head of Global Partnerships, Carnegie builds relationships with marketers and brands who are looking to boost their visibility and reputation by partnering with a world renowned portal for thought leaders. TED works as an amplifier for ideas worth spreading and a platform to unlock institutional knowledge from within corporations. RONDA CARNEGIE Head of Global Partnerships, TED 13
  19. Carone leads global marketing strategy and initiatives that include market insights and all the communication touch points across paid, earned and owned channels of engagement with Xerox stakeholders. She is the steward of the company’s brand, leading global activities that serve to protect the value of the Xerox name and multi-billion dollar brand. CHRISTA CARONE CMO, Xerox 14
  20. Guided by Chibe, Anheuser Busch InBev and its associated brands certainly demonstrate a mastery of multiplatform marketing. Budweiser, for example, has embraced not only mobile and tablet experiences but also ad sponsorships. In partnership with Myspace, Bud Light’s 50/50/1 concert series will culminate on August 1, when Bud Light will sponsor one concert in each of the 50 states. Myspace will power a hub for the program including concert updates and music from the artists. PAUL CHIBE CMO, Anheuser Busch InBev 15
  21. In a partnership with Google, Cooke revolutionized the traditional fashion show. The resulting “The Future of the Fashion Show” included a multiplatform experience that allowed viewers to watch the show as a model on the runway, a handbag on her arm, or a front row audience member. Additionally, viewers could instantly buy featured items online after seeing them in the show. JUSTIN COOKE CMO, Topshop 16
  22. Emphasizing dynamic content production, partnerships between digital marketing and technical talent, and multi-channel commerce, Corredera championed the first blog and social media strategy in the cruise industry. JORDAN CORREDERA VP, Digital, Carnival Cruise Lines 17
  23. Behind many of GE’s innovative digital experiences such as Txchnologist, a Tumblr-powered magazine, Craigwell ensures that branded content is both valuable to the audience as well as the publisher. WE’RE COMPETING WITH ANY PUBLISHER THAT’S PRODUCING COMPELLING CONTENT FOR AUDIENCES THAT ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. IT’S PUSHED US TO BE REALLY CREATIVE WITH OUR STORYTELLING WITH THE GOAL OF ADDING VALUE ALONGSIDE SOME OF OUR FAVORITE PUBLISHERS. KATRINA CRAIGWELL Digital Marketing Manager, GE 18 *CS Forum
  24. Dave has helped Dell make a leap forward in digital marketing by facilitating the company’s ability to create and launch digital campaigns and dynamically target customers via email, mobile, and social. RISHI DAVE Executive Director, Online Marketing, Dell 19
  25. Erb revolutionized how EA SPORTS markets to customers by elevating video game releases through partnerships and collaboration with brands such as Coca- Cola, Nike, McDonalds, Doritos, Red Bull and Budweiser. CHRIS ERB former VP of Brand Marketing, EA SPORTS 20 SMART BRANDS WILL BECOME NOT JUST PURVEYORS OF PHYSICAL GOODS, BUT OF DIGITAL CONTENT. *Brand Innovators
  26. As the brains behind Virgin Mobile USA’s brand evolution, Faris has executed his ambitious goals through creative, consumer-facing solutions including viral initiatives, branded entertainment, sponsorships, and cause marketing. RON FARIS CMO, Virgin Mobile 21
  27. Farley emphasizes that interesting content is essential to engaging audiences through social channels and has done so via promotions such as the Ford Fiesta social campaign. Ford provided 100 Fiestas to highly active bloggers and social media influencers 18 months before the car’s official release, which ultimately drummed up viral awareness. WE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH CONTENT WE NEED TO BE PRODUCING. THAT’S THE CURRENCY OF SOCIAL EXPERIENCE. JIM FARLEY CMO, Ford 22
  28. Fleischer was an early adopter of content marketing, since the early 2000s. She now embraces original, curated, and user- generated content to power Kraft digital experiences including kraftrecipes.com, email programs, and mobile experiences. JULIE FLEISCHER Director, Media & Consumer Engagement, Kraft 23
  29. Freidenberg initiated never before seen digital project initiatives– she led the the redesign of thehartford.com and launched the online magazine “Small Biz Ahead,” which used content to boost The Hartford’s brand visibility. ORIANA FREIDENBERG Director, Integrated Digital Marketing, The Hartford 24
  30. Gebbia’s vision has guided Airbnb’s growth. Ultimately, the site has evolved from simply a travel accommodation service into a complete resource for all things travel, including a social community and neighborhood guides. According to Gebbia, “Brands are becoming stewards between two people, where one has and the other wants. That’s what the sharing economy is. The brand is the steward making that connection.” JOE GEBBIA Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Airbnb 25
  31. Looking for an opportunity to engage bloggers, media channels, and consumers, this team managed the release of an online magazine that shared a behind-the- scenes glimpse of Target. “A Bullseye View” was released in 6 months and harnessed all distribution channels from guest blog posts to viral social campaigns, in order to amplify Target’s message. DUSTEE JENKINS VP of Public Relations, Target ERIC HAUSMAN Senior Group Manager, PR and Social, Target 26
  32. John has facilitated a shifting product to fit the needs of customers from traditional product recommendations to contextual placements of products within editorial content. AS BRAND MARKETERS, WE WILL NEED TO TAKE PERSONALIZATION TO ANOTHER LEVEL TO COMPETE IN THIS ENVIRONMENT AS WELL AS GAINING A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE UNDERLYING MOTIVATION OF CUSTOMERS. JASON JOHN Senior Director, Online, Mobile and Social Marketing, Gilt Groupe 27 *Brand Innovators
  33. With Lesperance’s guidance, Walgreens has surged ahead of competitors by integrating digital innovations and an aggressive, true to brand social media strategy. RICH LESPERANCE Head of Digital Marketing and Emerging Media, Walgreens 28
  34. Less and his team developed Dark Rye, an online magazine published by Whole Foods. The magazine, absent of overt Whole Foods advertising, presents stories that are not only about food but also inspirational, storytelling content that bolster the Whole Foods cultural ideology. CREATING A STRUCTURE AROUND [THE CONTENT] AND AN ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE WAS A VERY LOGICAL PLACE TO GO WITH IT. VADAN LESS Senior Director, Video and Distribution, Whole Foods Market 29 *The Bureau
  35. Rencher is the digital thought leader who is responsible for driving Adobe’s Digital Marketing. One such project is Adobe’s CMO.com. The digital marketing resource provides insights on multi- platform digital marketing including websites, mobile, internet applications, and social media platforms. BRAD RENCHER SVP and General Manager, Digital Marketing, Adobe 30
  36. As Editor-in-Chief of IQ Intel, Rhoads set out to spotlight how people are using tech in inspiring ways and highlight how far our planet has come technologically. The experience is generated through social algorithms that blend original, industry, and curated content in a way that optimizes reader engagement. BRYAN RHOADS Global Content Lead, Intel 31
  37. Roen helped evolve American Express OPEN, the small business portal, into a full service business center including editorial content, interactive features, and and events. Aware of the power of social in digital content strategy, Roen helped make the OPEN re-launch even more social and sharable. SCOTT ROEN VP, Digital Marketing and Innovation, American Express 32
  38. While not a typical content marketer, Ted Sarandos has taken an innovative approach to traditional entertainment content by placing a greater emphasis on producing content that viewers want and distributing it in ways that fit their consumption habits. THE CHALLENGE IS TAKING OLD WORLD MEDIA MODELS TO MEET THE NEW DEMANDS OF THE NEXT GENERATION, WHICH IS VERY MUCH ABOUT ‘WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT IT’ AND TOTAL CONTROL. TED SARANDOS Chief Content Officer, Netflix 33 *Guardian
  39. Although Singh recently made the move to lead global marketing at Visa, he made his content marketing mark at Pepsi. One of the first to try to quantify the impact of social connections by developing the Social Influence Marketing Score, Singh has propelled Pepsi into the digital age through new social and digital experiences like the "Live for Now" campaign last year. SHIV SINGH Head of Global Brand and Marketing Transformation, Visa Inc., 34
  40. Warner’s understanding of digital strategy is evident in the success and ever-presence of the Red Bull brand. With over 1M Twitter followers and nearly 39M Facebook fans, Red Bull has conquered every marketing frontier from Instagram to branded sponsorships. UBIQUITOUS CAMERA PHONES AND CONNECTED MOBILE DEVICES HAVE EXPONENTIALLY BOOSTED SOCIAL SHARING OF DIGITAL IMAGES. NATE WARNER Director, Digital Marketing, Red Bull North America 35 *TED Ads Worth Spreading
  41. Weiner has given Michael Kors a more personal, social feel through mobile apps and email marketing. For example, during Hurricane Sandy Weiner coordinated a personalized email campaign to send sympathy to victims and friends of victims. FARRYN WEINER Global Director, Digital and Social Communications, Michael Kors 36
  42. With more than 15 years of international advertising experience, Williams leads global engagement with advertising networks and their client bases– helping each maximize the potential of LinkedIn’s platform. JON WILLIAMS Global Head, Agency Relationships, LinkedIn 37
  43. As SVP of Digital, Woolsey leads up Barneys online strategy and has prioritized improving the store’s online experience. Judging from its elegantly designed and curated content portal, The Window, Barneys is mastering the art of content marketing through pairing luxury, fashion, and travel content with products sold at the store. MATTHEW WOOLSEY SVP of Digital, Barneys NY 38
  45. Amos’ experience with digital content comes from her time spent as Senior Producer at ABC, before joining Freshwire as CCO. The digital content strategy, creation and syndication service merges the storytelling talents of media and marketing with the growing need for digital content. THE AGILITY, ACCURACY AND FAST-PACED DECISION- MAKING SKILLS THAT COME WITH PRODUCING CONTENT IN A TRADITIONAL NEWSROOM ARE THE SHARPEST, COMPETITIVE EDGE A BRAND CAN GIVE ITSELF TODAY. SARAH AMOS Chief Creative Officer, Freshwire 39 *PR Newswire
  46. As a former editor of AdAge, Bloom left his post to join the advertising, branding, and digital marketing agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, where he currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. “Content is not the end game here. The end game is giving the consumer value and utility.” *Content Marketeer JONAH BLOOM CSO and Co-Founder of kbs +Content Labs, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners 40
  47. As the Global Chief Creative Officer of Razorfish, Bonner is one of the most awarded digital creatives in the world. Bonner emphasizes the overlap of technology and marketing as a solution to the overwhelming amount of content that bombards us everyday. DANIEL BONNER Global Chief Creative Officer, Razorfish 41
  48. Bauley works as part of the leadership team for Mediaco, Weber Shandwick’s publishing operations/content marketing unit. There he innovates on a variety of digital and social media programs for corporate communications, B2B, financial services, and global consumer marketing clients. ETHAN BAULEY SVP, Digital Communications, Weber Shandwick 42
  49. Brito helps brands transform into media companies by implementing social strategies that utilize content. “From a content perspective, brands need to think like media companies, because media companies are content engines. They produce relevant and recent content day in and day out. The content is omnipresent and internally, media companies are agile- they can get things done quickly and efficiently.” MICHAEL BRITO SVP, Social Business Strategy, Edelman 43 *Edelman
  50. Giuliani leads up the Creative & Strategic Services team– the hub of media strategy, creative and digital for the agency. She helps brands insert themselves into the pop culture stream by creating value and entertainment for their audiences. Recently Giuliani created Trending @DeVries – a team that mines the stream for percolating conversations, trends and ideas that bring meaningful experiences to their fans. ADRIANNA GIULIANI SVP, Creative and Strategic Planning, DeVries 44
  51. Griffin’s creativity and innovation guides the creation of consumer experiences for LiquidThread, Starcom’s subsidiary that combines branded entertainment, digital and social media to create a complete brand story. Griffin is also a founding member of 2012 NY’s Digital Advertising Club and was one of Adage’s 25 Women to Watch. JILL GRIFFIN SVP, Branded Content and Storytelling, Starcom Media Vest Group/LiquidThread 45
  52. The content and audience evangelist leads Group SJR, a digital consultancy specializing in content creation, curation, and audience development. “A content marketer has to think like a journalist about crafting a narrative and providing either a thought-provoking idea or accurate, timely information that helps people to better navigate the world.” *Adage ALEXANDER JUTKOWITZ Managing Partner, Group SJR 46
  53. McCarus leads the development of original and partnered digital content offerings at the globally integrated digital marketing agency, Digitas. McCarus is behind Digitas NewFront. As a co-founder and executive producer of the annual event, he brings together content creators, distributers, talent, and brands to build creative partnerships. JOHN MCCARUS SVP, Practice Lead, Brand Content, Digitas 47
  54. As CEO of one of the leading digital marketing services companies, Palmer has positioned the company to provide consistently creative, interactive digital experiences to brands such as Pepsi, GE, Samsung, Bloomberg, and Virgin. BENJAMIN PALMER CEO, The Barbarian Group 48
  55. As the founder of The Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi has written numerous books on content marketing and offers consulting and advisory services. JOE PULIZZI Founder, Content Marketing Institute 49
  56. Under Scott’s leadership, OgilvyEntertainment has produced multiplatform entertainment programs for some of the world’s leading brands. Scott is a pioneer in the branded entertainment content space and an expert at building partnerships between producers, networks, and brands. DOUG SCOTT Founder and President, OgilvyEntertainment 50
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