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100 Bullet Points from #CannesLions 2011 by @jessedee


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Some of my favorite bullet points from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Published in: Business, Technology
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100 Bullet Points from #CannesLions 2011 by @jessedee

  1. 1B 00 ullet P (or so) oints F Lions rom T he Best ’11 SeminarsC annes
  2. This is me
  3. This is me and these are my best notes from Cannes Lions ’11
  5. goviralTheLong IdeaJimmy Maymann Martin LindstromExecutive Chairman - goviral Brand Expert, Author DAY 3
  6. In 2001, 15% of conversationswere about brands. Today its 37%. Martin Lindstrom, Brand Expert, Author
  7. Brands and religion rely on elaborate story-telling andboth lean on detailed symbols and imagery that carry thestory forward."Brands with great story-telling are typically associatedwith grandeur, vision, a clear enemy and a certaindegree of mystery."
  8. People who were in casual face-to-face conversationsexposed to certain brands were 49% more attentive tothose brands later online.The true power of social media is offline, not online, asit starts at the face-to-face level.WOM is much more powerful during the hours of8:00-10:00 worldwide
  9. When Hitchcock wascreating his movies hehad 2 scripts:Blue: Rational part:scene w/birds, shower sceneGreen: Emotion: where theaudience should feel scared,where they should feelengaged etc.Your brand has to have aBlue/Green script.
  10. Symbols:Coke bottle: in 1915 the Coca-Cola company issued aset of guidelines that if you dropped a Coca-Colabottle and it smashed into a thousand pieces youwould still be able to recognize it.
  11. SapientNitro“Culture Clubbing”with the BrandMalcolm Poynton Nathaniel Perez Jennifer FrommerChief Creative Officer - Director of Social Marketing - Head of BrandSapientNitro SapientNitro Partnerships - Interscope Records DAY 3
  12. When you can bring brand & culture togetherat the intersection is shared purposeROI is not purposeThe best brands weren’t created or born to bethe most profitable but to make life betterSteve Jobs true obsession is relentless focus ongreat products
  13. Sneakerpedia:$5,000 for video, $0 seeding, ignited 4.5m tweets,attracted 6.7m fans, more than $1m in free mediaWhen you get the connection, shared purpose andpassion you can ignite a fire that will attract manymany people.
  14. Lady Gaga is her own platform
  15. Born this way pre-launch:Gaga enlisted Monsters to make album name, artwork,single, #1 trending topic on Twitter. She ‘Treats’ as areward for their loyalty and engagementFacebook countdown:Fans RSVP to Album release.250,000 RSVP’s, one of the most RSVP’devents in Facebook history.
  16. iTunes countdown:Born This Way became the fastest-selling single in thehistory of iTunes, selling one million copies in the first 5days. 2 additional songs where released early exclusively oniTunes prior to full album release.Gagavision series:Gaga created her own series for fans (Gagavision) to teaseinstrumentals and lyrics from new songs before they werereleasedResults:Unprecented first week sales, true integration oftraditional media meeting new forms of engagement
  17. thenetworkoneTheIndependent AgencyShowcase 2011Julian Boulding Ali AliPresident - thenetworkone Creative Director Elephant CairoRob Jack John MatejczykCo-founder, Creative Director - Found, Executive CreativeSpecial Group Director - MUH•TAY•ZIK/ HOF•FER DAY 3
  18. "The age of networks is passing.The age of networking, is just beginning." Julian Boulding
  19. The communications industry today is dominatedby companies who were recent entrepreneurial start-ups—Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter,TV hasnt died, but a plethora of new mediaopportunities are taking the headlines these days—interactive, experiential, social, mobile, etc.The new generation of creative talent has grown upto utilize these media options with dramatic andexciting results.
  20. Fleishman-HillardSocialMobile MarketingRobert Winslow Dr Orin Levine Mitch SpolanExecutive Vice-President, Executive Director - Senior Vice-President,Senior Partner, Managing International Vaccine Access National Sales - LivingSocialDirector, Technology Group - Center at the Johns HopkinsFleishman-Hillard Bloomberg School of Public Health DAY 3
  21. In Kenya:1 doctor : 9,000 people1 mobile : 2 people2/3 have experienced money transfer with mobile
  22. Amazon:1,300,000 gift cards sold in one day40% of sales came from shared links45k posted to Facebook about this deal7k people Tweeted
  23. DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6 DAY 3
  24. InitiativeRethinkingPaid, Earned and OwnedEric Bader Jeffrey Graham Jim SanfilippoChief Strategy Officer, Worldwide Director of Chief Operating Officer -Worldwide - Initiative Performance - Initiative Innocean (Hyundai, North America) DAY 3
  25. Paid media:measurable media (TV, search or display ads)Owned media:channels (corporate website, you control the message)Earned media:consumer develops the channel or engages with yourbrand through social channels (Facebook, Twitter, blogs)
  26. For your global framework you should ensureyour message, tone, and placements are driven byconsumer involvement.Escalate involvement with your brand bycreating a virtuous cycle of involvement
  27. 5 implications for action: Track and measure customer involvement Map out the brands touchpoints Connect the purchase path to every touchpoint Use local insights to create local plans Give customers an experience not a rotation of message
  28. BBDOMeet the ScreensEric Bader Jeffrey Graham Jim SanfilippoChief Strategy Officer, Worldwide Director of Chief Operating Officer -Worldwide - Initiative Performance - Initiative Innocean (Hyundai, North America) DAY 3
  29. All screens are not created equalIt’s no longer about the matching luggage(making something for TV then pushing it out online)We need to understand the archetypes of each ones ofthese screens and what that means for creating goodcontentThe right content for the right screen
  30. If you can understand how to have thatconnected tissue across all of those screensthe opportunity is limitless
  31. Great example: Old SpiceLaunching as a TV commercial thenwhole new idea and whole new conceptacross multiple screens.The business multiplier was incredible.
  32. Kraft FoodsWhy we shouldn’t beobsessed with being firstMalcolm GladwellBest selling author, The Tipping Point DAY 3
  33. “Steve Jobs isn’t an innovator.He makes existing things better.” Malcolm Gladwell
  34. The “Xerox Park” think tank was set up in the 1970s.The best and the brightest were assembled and given timeand resource to research the office of the futureThey invented the mouse, the PC, Graphical Userinterface (GUI) and laser printer.24 year old Steve Jobs was given a first hand look at allthese new innovations.
  35. On returning to HQ Steve told his engineers to stopeverything, scratch the previous plans and create a mousethat cost $15 (not $300) and develop a new GUIThe result: the first Apple MacSteve Jobs had become successful not by being early butby being late, by adapting the ideas of others to benefitconsumersGoogle didn’t invent search,Facebook didn’t invent the social networkPut less emphasis on innovation, more emphasis ontweaking and implementation.
  36. AOLThe Re-calibrationof Form andFunction OnlineArianna Huffington Tim ArmstrongCo-founder, Editor-in-Chief - Chairman, CEO - AOLThe Huffington Post DAY 3
  37. Arianna Huffington:“If Lehman Brothers had been LehmanBrothers and Sisters, they might still bearound”“Authenticity is just like pornograpy.You know it when you see it.”
  38. Tim Armstrong:“83% of consumers use fewer than30 sites a month”“The future of the internet is not algorithms,its content and design [...] Banners are for apes.Content is for humans.”
  39. DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6 DAY 3
  40. Coca-ColaLiquid andLinked MystiqueJonathan Mildenhall Pio Schunker Ivan PollardVice-President, Global Senior Vice-President, Vice President, GlobalAdvertising Strategy and Integrated Marketing Connections - The Coca-Creative Excellence - Content - The Coca-Cola Cola CompanyThe Coca-Cola Company Company, North America DAY 3
  41. Jonathan Mildenhall:“We need a more fluid approach to content,a lot more stuff for a lot less dollars”“You need to iterate, iterate, iterate yourproduction needs, you can’t just replicateyour production content”Pio Shunker:“We will move from creative excellence tocontent excellence”
  42. Hill & KnowltonAddiction:what brands can learnfrom Angry BirdsPeter Vesterbacka Amanda GrotyMighty Eagle - Rovio Mobile Global Strategy Director - Hill & Knowlton DAY 3
  43. "We dont view ourselves as a gamecompany, were building a brand”Peter Vesterbacka, the Mighty Eagle
  44. Stats:#1 paid / free app200,000,000 downloads107 000 years played51 odd games were built beforeAngry Birds took shape
  45. Eliminate the role of luck at every step"We kept the entire process very analytical,"The game took 8 months to buildThe team studied a lot of other games on the weband mobile space and learnt from them.Vesterbacka made a checklist and made sure that allthe pros and cons of the existing games were takeninto consideration while developing Angry Birds.
  46. "Marketing is not rocket science""Two things must be borne in mind - fans, and thebrand itself,"3 aspects must take precedence: giving the brand a distinct character, making the brand addictive, and making it very accessible.Soon after it started becoming popular, Angry Birdswas made accessible on every possible device andplatform, right from phones to the internet."Its about taking the brand everywhere"
  47. “We want to become the mostcopied brand in China by next year.”
  48. DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6 DAY 3
  49. “Twitter has become myprimary news source, butwhen I hear somethinghas happened it makesme turn on a TV set.”Piers Morgan, CNN Host
  50. GoogleInternet, Innovationand ImaginationEric Schmidt Andy BerndtExecutive Chairman - Vice-President -Google Google Creative Lab DAY 3
  51. Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google (gang of four)are growing rapidly because they are platforms forothers to build on.
  52. We often do a 1% test at Google, tryingsomething out on just 1% of our users.’‘The most successful people have an idea, thinksomething will work, but theyre not biased.Try to say yes - the power of yes is notunderstood, yes is how your life evolves.
  53. “The major problem facing the world is poor thinking”Edward de Bono , Author
  54. R/GAWhat’s next?Barry Wacksman Bob GreenbergEVP, Chief Growth Officer - R/GA Chairman, CEO, Global CCO - R/GA DAY 3
  55. Barry Wacksman:“In the era of networked media you’re going to becomea functionally integrated brand or a commodity.”
  56. In the 20th century, companies—and the agenciesgrew mostly through horizontal integration(Coca-Cola: 500 products) and, in someindustries, by vertical integration (Exxon).
  57. Example:
  58. Example:
  59. Example:
  60. Example:
  61. Users derive more value from products whenthey are functionally integrated.
  62. Example:
  63. Example:
  64. Example:
  65. “How do we call what we do? Its indescribable” Bob Greenberg
  66. Leo BurnettThe languageof the 21st centuryMark Tutssel Jay BenjaminChief Creative Officer - Leo Chief Creative Officer -Burnett Worldwide Leo Burnett New YorkMichael Canning Kieran AntillCreative Director, Senior Vice- Creative Director -President - Leo Burnett New York Leo Burnett New York DAY 3
  67. Today people know when brands are speaking from aplace of selling, bottom line or shareholder values andthey have the power to reject them.The brands that speak human are the ones that havereal conversation with people.They speak with honesty, humanity,intrigued and humour.They speak the language of the people.
  68. Ideas that live in people’s lives:Nike+, Earth Hour, Facebook.They don’t have an end destination,they just get better with time
  69. FacebookSocial by DesignCarolyn EversonVice-President, GlobalMarketing Solutions - Facebook DAY 3
  70. Stats:500,000,000 people on Facebook15,000,000 friend connections / day50,000,000 page likes / day#1 photo sharing site on the web100,000,000+ photo uploaded /day
  71. Sponsored stories have thehighest level of for marketers,creatives and fansset up by Facebook
  72. DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6 DAY 3
  73. Ogilvy & MatherOgilvy & InspireTham Khai Meng Sir Ken RobinsonWorldwide Creative Director andChairman, Worldwide Creative Council- Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide DAY 3
  74. Luck isnt about what happensto you. Its about what you dowith what happens to youSir Ken Robinson
  75. “Real innovation and creativity often happenswithin tight constraints”“creativity is not an exotic capacity. We all haveit, and we now have to make a commitment todevelop it”“The role of leaders is not to command andcontrol the creative process, but to create theconditions for it to flourish”
  76. DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5DAY 6 DAY 3
  77. “Here is my advice to advertisers: giveyour brand up for customers. Its themost rewarding thing Ive ever done.”Jim Farley, Group VP, Global Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford
  78. Publicis & ContagiousTheFive Per CentClubOlivier Altmann Paul Kemp-Robertson Jess GreenwoodWorldwide Chief Editorial Director, Co-Founder - Director -Creative Officer - Contagious Communications Contagious InsiderPublicis DAY 3
  79. “Those most willing to devote a small butsignificant portion of their budgets and time torunning creative experiments - the Five Per CentClub - are increasingly seeing brave ideasdevelop into compelling marketing projects”
  80. Paul Kemp:Acting then measuring has been replaced bylistening then respondingJesse Greenwood:We need to move away from 360 degreemarketing, and towards 365 days a year marketing
  81. BBHGrowthNeeds SpaceSir John HegartyWorldwide Creative Director,Founder - Bartle Bogle Hegarty DAY 3
  82. “5% growth is easy. You hike the price 2% and acouple of big promotions gets you’re the other 3%.But 8-10%, that’s a different ballgame.”BBH Client
  83. Difference should be page, line 1
  84. Johnny Walker:€400 million brand to€1.26 billion brand in 10 years= power and value of difference
  85. Wind tunnel marketing:homogenization, everything has to be the same,which is driven by fear of differenceIf you ask the same people the same questionsin the same way, you’ll get the same answersDifference creates enduring memories thattranslate into trials, sales and loyaltyThe social web rewards difference
  86. Brands that were really differentwhen they first came out: Camel cigarettes, Diesel, Häagen-Dazs, Apple ...When the world zigs, zag.
  87. “I know all you clientsare desperate for it to bea science, but I’ve gotnews for you, it isn’tand it never will be.”Sir John HegartyWorldwide Creative Director,Founder BBH
  88. Additional Resources: More than 100 beautiful slides from Cannes LionsSeminar clips Winning campaigns DAY 3
  89. Thank you. To download PDF version:Jesse Desjardins@jessedeeMy trip to Cannes was partially crowdfunded by: @adamsheka @asevenstern @sweetiaddict @shoher, via: @barb_leung, @gwynethjones @wirkungen @khabarta @checkmypres @coachbay, @mosisys, @ataleb52, @dgomesbr DAY 3