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Shes connectedconferenceprogramguide 2012


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ShesConnected Conference Program Guide 2012

Published in: Technology
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Shes connectedconferenceprogramguide 2012

  1. 1. 3rd Annual20Connecting Brands and Canada’s Influential Digitally Connected WomenOCTOBER 19 - 20, 2012 METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE TORONTO, ON CANADA Program Guide 12 Title Sponsor . Silver Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Party Sponsors Gold Sponsors TM @SCConference #SCCTO
  2. 2. AGENDA OVERVIEWFriday, October 19, 2012 8:45 am ■ Keynote: Brigitte Richardson – Senior Engineer, Voice Recognition / Speech Technology, Ford Motor Company 9:30 am Connect, Share & Network via Blogger Niches11:00 am ■ How To Work With ■ How To Write Great ■ PR Companies: How They ■ Facebook: The Top 10 Bloggers Primer Blog Posts Select Bloggers Things You Need To Know11:45 am Lunch12:00 pm ■ Keynote: Kate White – Author, Career Expert, Speaker Former Editor-In-Chief, Cosmopolitan Magazine 1:15 pm ■ Blogger Rock Stars Panel: ■ Content Curation ■ Media Companies: ■ Using Social Media To Build Ask A Blogger Content Management What They Look For Your Brand 2:30 pm ■ each Your Kids T ■ o’s Don’ts Of Working D ■ Content Mix. How To ■ Ask A Brand: How To Work ■ Linkedin: The Top 10 Things How To Program With Bloggers Create Posts With Brands To Do To Be Successful 3:45 pm ■ op 10 Tactics For Working T ■ Writing Pitching ■ Numbers Analytics: What ■ Google: All About With Bloggers Media Outlets Brands Look For Google Products 5:00 pm ■ Keynote: McDonald’s Canada – Our Brand. Your Connection. 8:00 pm Friday Night Party: 80s Party – Working Proof Studios, 4th Floor Party Room, 326 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4M 3P1Saturday, October 20, 2012 8:45 am ■ Keynote: Rashida Jeeva, General Manager, The Huffington Post Canada – The Power Of Social10:00 am ■ he Art Of Blogger Etiquette T ■ ore Than A Blogger M ■ Visual Elements Are Key To ■ How To Build A ■ YouTube Videos Great Content Sponsorship Package11:15 am ■ edia Training: How To M ■ inding The Right Blogger F ■ Legal Aspects Of Blogging ■ Killer Media Kits ■ Social Media Metrics: Speak To The Media For Your Brand Rate Cards How What To Measure12:00 pm Lunch 1:30 pm ■ eep Safe Online. Learn K ■ ow to Sell Blogger H ■ How To Decide What You ■ Claiming Blog Income: ■ Twitter: The Top 10 Things How To Protect Yourself Programs Your Blog Can Do For You Blogger Compensation To Do To Be Successful 2:45 pm ■ reating A Blogger Program C ■ Moving to Brand Ambassador ■ Other Ways To Monetize ■ Pinterest: The Next Big Part 1 or Community Manager Your Site: Affiliates Thing Why 4:00 pm ■ reating A Blogger Program C ■ ■ SEO Strategies For ■ Social Media In 5 minutes Part 2 Blogger Panel Your Blog 5:00 pm ■ Closing: Post Conference Plan 8:00 pm Saturday Night Party: Benjamin Moore Shades Of Gray Party (the clean version) – Working Proof Studios, 3rd Floor Unit 226, 326 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4M 3P1 Book Signing FRIDAY SATURDAY ■ 2:45 pm 1 Kate White – I Shouldnt Be ■ 2:00 pm Amanda Lang – ■ 2:00 pm Cathy Marie Buchanan – Telling You This (Room 701) The Power Of Why The Painted Girls ■ Book Signing ■ Blogger Relations ■ Brand/Agencies ■ Content Strategies ■ Keynote ■ Monetizing Your Blog ■ Social Media Room 707 Room 711 Room 717 Room 715 Room 701 Room 701 Room 713
  3. 3. Our Partners, Room 709 Exhibit Hall B, Room 714A . D E F GExhibit Hall A, Room 718 H A-C I J 312 310 308 306 304 302 Monetizing Your Blog KEYNOTE 409 SESSIONS Keynote BREAKOUT CONFERENCE 2012 Sessions ROOM 207 403-405 112 108 106 PRIVATE 401 Sponsors 111 103 101 PRIVATE Media BOOK SIGNING Partners Blog BREAKOUT SPONSOR LOUNGES Relations ROOM Exhibit Hall B Exhibit Hall A Brands/ Content Social Agencies Strategies Media BREAKOUT ROOMS
  4. 4. The New Shape of Expectation From its athletic lines and distinct silhouette to its elegant, technologically advanced interior and five engine options, Fusion is redefining what a car should be. THE ALL-NEW 2013 FUSION