U#lizing	  Social	  Media	  to	  A2ract	  Talent	  &	  Build	  the	  Right	                        Rela#onships	  for	  Su...
WHO	  IS	  HOLLY?	  •  12+	  years	  in	  IT/Recrui9ng/Sales	  •  Expand	  Socially-­‐	  2011	  •  IT	  Mar9ni	  	  
HOUSEKEEPING	  NOTES	  •  8:30-­‐9:30am	  •  Bathrooms	  •  Wifi	  •  Cell	  Phones/Computers	  
TODAY’S	  AGENDA	  •     What	  Are	  the	  Current	  Trends	  in	  Social	  Media	        Today?	  •     What	  is	  Link...
SOCIAL	  MEDIA:	  TRIVIA	  QUESTION	  What	  percentage	  of	  employers	  use	  social	  media	  as	  a	  way	  to	  rese...
CURRENT	  TRENDS	  IN	  SOCIAL	         MEDIA	  2012	  Social	  Media	  Marke9ng	  Industry	  Report,	  by	  Social	  Medi...
CURRENT	  TRENDS	  IN	  LINKEDIN	  •      Social	  Media	  Examiner	  says	  LinkedIn	  is	  one	  of	  the	  “Top	  Five	...
WHAT	  IS	  LINKEDIN	   •  World’s	  Largest	  Professional	  Network	  on	  the	  Internet	   •  Leading	  professional	 ...
WHY	  USE	  LINKEDIN?	  •      Research	  capabili9es	  	  •      No	  contact	  info	  needed	  •      Follow	  your	  co...
LINKEDIN	  TIME	  COMMITMENT	  •  Weekly	  	         •    How	  to	  stay	  in	  touch	  with	  your	  network	         • ...
nalProfessioPhoto               LINKEDIN	  PROFILE	                                                Most                   ...
TAKE	  A	  SNAPSHOT	                              ç                            ç
LIVE	  DEMO	  	  
YOUR	  ADVOCATES	  &	  	         BEING	  A	  TRUSTED	  ADVISOR	  •  Knowing	  Your	  Advocates-­‐	  Top	  10	  •  Keeping	...
STAYING	  IN	  TOUCH	  WITH	  YOUR	  NETWORK	  •  Import	  Tool	  to	  see	  who	  is	  on	  LinkedIn	  you	     know	  • ...
MESSAGES	  VIA	  LINKEDIN	  •  Using	  Tags	  •  Announcing	  posi9ons	  •  Iden9fying	  Resources	  •  Not	  needing	  In...
SAVED	  AND	  NEW	  SEARCHES	  •  SeXng	  up	  new	  searches	  on	  specific	  type	  of	     resources	  •  Emails	  week...
LIVE	  DEMO	  	  
FUTURE	  SERIES	  :	  HRACO	  SIG	         Part	  2	  Series:	  Sept	  27th	  8-­‐9:30am	         • Targeting The Right Ne...
NEXT	  STEPS	  WITH	  HOLLY	         • HRCI	  program	  ID	         • Keep	  me	  posted	  on	  your	  growth/ques9ons	   ...
QUESTIONS?	                   THANK	  YOU!	  
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Utilizing Social Media to Attract Talent & Build the Right Relationships for Success PART 1 OF 3


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Expand Socially presents to HRACO.

Part 1 of our 3-part series will focus on the basics:
• What Are the Current Trends in Social Media Today?
• What is Linkedin and Why Should You Use It?
• Linkedin: Your Network
o Setting up your settings appropriately
o Knowing Your Advocates
o Be a Trusted Advisor
o Staying in Touch with your Network
o Searches: Saved and New Searches

This workshop will be offered to all active members of the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio (HRACO). This event has been approved for HRCI credit.

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Utilizing Social Media to Attract Talent & Build the Right Relationships for Success PART 1 OF 3

  1. 1. U#lizing  Social  Media  to  A2ract  Talent  &  Build  the  Right   Rela#onships  for  Success-­‐  Part  1  of  3   HRACO  SIG   August  30,  2012       y toda ents   m   et com llyTwe hho w   ia it ith: lmediaw lly ia #soc andsoc   p @e x
  2. 2. WHO  IS  HOLLY?  •  12+  years  in  IT/Recrui9ng/Sales  •  Expand  Socially-­‐  2011  •  IT  Mar9ni    
  3. 3. HOUSEKEEPING  NOTES  •  8:30-­‐9:30am  •  Bathrooms  •  Wifi  •  Cell  Phones/Computers  
  4. 4. TODAY’S  AGENDA  •  What  Are  the  Current  Trends  in  Social  Media   Today?  •  What  is  LinkedIn  and  Why  Should  You  Use  It?  •  LinkedIn:  Your  Network   •  SeXng  up  your  seXngs     •  Be  a  Trusted  Advisor   •  Staying  in  Touch  with  your  Network   •  Searches:  Saved  and  New  Searches  
  5. 5. SOCIAL  MEDIA:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  What  percentage  of  employers  use  social  media  as  a  way  to  research  poten9al  job  candidates?   A.  25%   B.  53%   C.  17%   D.  80%  
  6. 6. CURRENT  TRENDS  IN  SOCIAL   MEDIA  2012  Social  Media  Marke9ng  Industry  Report,  by  Social  Media  Examiner  shows  where  marketers  prac9ce  social  media http://www.expandsocially.com/app/download/219543704/SocialMediaMarketingIndustryReport2012.pdf
  7. 7. CURRENT  TRENDS  IN  LINKEDIN  •  Social  Media  Examiner  says  LinkedIn  is  one  of  the  “Top  Five   Social  Media  Network/Tools  for  Marketers”    •  LinkedIn  is  the  world’s  largest  professional  network,   suppor9ng  more  than  161  million  users  in  more  than  200   countries  and  territories  •  Social  Media  Examiner  shares  that  marke9ng  experts  will   spend  66%  of  their  9me/money  on  LinkedIn  •  More  than  2M  businesses  have  LinkedIn  company  pages  •  Used  by  69%  of  Fortune  100  companies  •  Execu9ves  from  every  Fortune  500  firm  have  a  LinkedIn   profiles
  8. 8. WHAT  IS  LINKEDIN   •  World’s  Largest  Professional  Network  on  the  Internet   •  Leading  professional  sharing  community   •  107  Million  unique  visitors   •  2+  Members  sign  up  per  second  
  9. 9. WHY  USE  LINKEDIN?  •  Research  capabili9es    •  No  contact  info  needed  •  Follow  your  compe9tors  •  Boost  your  business  •  No  cost  adver9sing/branding  •  Career  Search  •  Spread  messages  quickly/send  messages  in  bulk  •  Insights  share  page  views    •  Indirectly  check  on  your  candidates  before  hiring  •  Keep  up  with  your  friends  and  understand  what  they  do    
  10. 10. LINKEDIN  TIME  COMMITMENT  •  Weekly     •  How  to  stay  in  touch  with  your  network   •  Adding  connec9ons   •  Pos9ng  Updates  to  Your  Profile   •  Check  Saved  Searches   •  Who  has  viewed  your  profile    •  Once  A  Quarter   •  Snap  Shot  of  your  Network   •  Export  Connec9ons   •  Import  new  contacts   •  Offer  Recommenda9ons  
  11. 11. nalProfessioPhoto LINKEDIN  PROFILE   Most I 1.  Tu mportan 2.  Pro OFF Broad : rn t f casts 3.  He ile photo ad 4.  Lin line ks 5.  We to compan b y 6.  Pit sites/Twitte page ch r 7.  Gr /Skills ou 8.  Re ps comm endati ons
  12. 12. TAKE  A  SNAPSHOT   ç ç
  13. 13. LIVE  DEMO    
  14. 14. YOUR  ADVOCATES  &     BEING  A  TRUSTED  ADVISOR  •  Knowing  Your  Advocates-­‐  Top  10  •  Keeping  in  touch  with  your  Candidates  and  Prospects  •  Accep9ng  all  advice  and  invita9ons  •  How  can  you  help  others?  •  Ask  for  referrals  •  Be  an  advocate  for  others     10•  BE  SELFLESS!   People Who Recommend   You 10 Opportunity People You Recommend Your Success Stories (Hired Candidates)
  15. 15. STAYING  IN  TOUCH  WITH  YOUR  NETWORK  •  Import  Tool  to  see  who  is  on  LinkedIn  you   know  •  Send  invites  to  people  from  your  current/ past  employers  •  Have  relevant  comments/requests  •  Reviewing  “People  You  May    Know”    
  16. 16. MESSAGES  VIA  LINKEDIN  •  Using  Tags  •  Announcing  posi9ons  •  Iden9fying  Resources  •  Not  needing  In-­‐Mails  
  17. 17. SAVED  AND  NEW  SEARCHES  •  SeXng  up  new  searches  on  specific  type  of   resources  •  Emails  weekly  or  monthly  on  saved  searches  
  18. 18. LIVE  DEMO    
  19. 19. FUTURE  SERIES  :  HRACO  SIG   Part  2  Series:  Sept  27th  8-­‐9:30am   • Targeting The Right Network • LinkedIn: Groups & Questions/Answers •  Finding key groups to follow and post information and positions •  Connecting with new targets through groups •  Jobs verses Job Discussions •  Who are subject matter experts in specific areas on LinkedIn? •  Finding experts & being an expert on LinkedIn through Q&A •  Who is your competition following/meeting?   Part  3  Series:  Oct  26th:  8-­‐9:30am   •  What Image are you going for? •  LinkedIn: Branding You and Your Company •  What are people saying about you and your company today? •  What is your ideal image you are setting? •  Keeping your company and YOU consistent in their/your image •  Utilization of your company LinkedIn Page •  Following Others and Organizations on LinkedIn and the value    
  20. 20. NEXT  STEPS  WITH  HOLLY   • HRCI  program  ID   • Keep  me  posted  on  your  growth/ques9ons   • Survey  coming  soon   • Connect  and  follow  Expand  Socially  /  Offer   tes9monial   •  Follow  Expand  Socially  on  LinkedIn:   hlp://www.linkedin.com/company/expand-­‐socially-­‐llc     •  Holly  directly  on  Linkedin:   hlp://www.linkedin.com/in/hollysolomon     •  Twiler:  @expandsocially   •  Facebook:  hlps://www.facebook.com/ExpandSociallyLLC    
  21. 21. QUESTIONS?   THANK  YOU!