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ShesConnected Conference Updated Deck Sept 2011


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This is crash-course on how you can reach digital women, the most influential and powerful consumers in the social media space.

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ShesConnected Conference Updated Deck Sept 2011

  1. 1. SponsorshipDeck
  2. 2. Last call for sponsors!This is the only conference of its kind WHERE Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel 123 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9 WHEN Thursday September 29, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm Registration 1:00pm-5:00pm: Sessions 5:00pm-7:00pm: Networking Reception Friday September 30, 2011 8:00am-9:00am Registration 9:00am–5:00pm: Sessions It’s a unique opportunity. Here’s why.
  3. 3. Get a crash-course on best practices for reaching digital women, the most influential andpowerful consumers in the quicklyevolving social media world – and get to interact with them too!
  4. 4. We’ve been engaging brands (over 22 sponsors) and digital womensince July and it’s having huge impact for our sponsors.Here’s what they’re saying:• Ford Canada: “Ford Canada became a trending topic in Canada over the course of the first hour of the Twitter party, exceeding our expectations. When we shared some of our innovations like hands free parallel parking with Active Park assist, we received some great feedback and even had a number of people who were in the market for cars reaching out to us to find out more and to indicate Ford was now on their consideration list.” Ammar Khan, Social Media Manager, @FordCanada• Toshiba of Canada Limited: “The level of engagement and amplification we have experienced through the ShesConnected Twitter parties is unprecedented for Toshiba Canada. We entered into social media full force this year and are extremely excited to be able to realize one-to-one marketing and hear what consumers have to say about our products. The ShesConnected digital women are tech savvy and highly engaged, we can’t wait to meet them face to face at #SCCTO.” Melissa Moore @ToshibaCanada Social Media & Communications Manager• Molson Coors Canada: “If they took the time to answer my questions, I’m sure going to take the time to tweet back/listen and learn. One of the best opportunities I’ve had to ignite conversation around our brand and receive real-time feedback on products, as well as overall chatter with a very welcoming and enthusiastic group.” Tonia Hammer @MolsonTonia Community Relations, PR & Social Media• Royal Canadian Mint: “Last night’s ShesConnected Twitter Party was another first for the Royal Canadian Mint, but it won’t be our last! While we’ve been engaged in social media for over two years, this incredible level of engagement was unprecedented! Within an hour of exchanging and sharing tweets, we were trending in Canada! It will be such a pleasure to meet these digital influencers face-to-face at the end of the month when we all meet for ShesConnected Toronto 2011. In the meantime, we’ll keep tweeting! Carolyn Gardner, @canadianmint Project Manager, Social Media• Nokia Canada: The Twitter parties were extremely valuable for Nokia for connecting with a new audience. The participants were really engaged and passionate about technology. We are now getting bombarded by requests from female influencers - which is great! :)" Mila Mironova, Marketing Activation Manager, @nokiacanada• Janes Family Foods: “Besides personally having a blast while participating in the ShesConnected twitter parties, I also learned more about what Canadian women think about not just the Janes brand but also about cooking for and feeding their families. We gained many new twitter followers as a result of these twitter parties and in the weeks since they took place, we’ve had meaningful conversations and developed online relationships that we hope will help to strengthen our brand long term.” ~ Dana McCauley @JanesFamilyFd Culinary Director• Founder & CEO PTPA Media Inc.: “The twitter party hosted by ShesConnected was a fabulous success! PTPA has been strongly involved in social media for the last few years but we are excited to say that this was our first time making it as a trending topic in Canada. It was a great way to connect us to the parents who follow us regularly and have a chance to answer their questions. We look forward to meeting them all IRL at the upcoming ShesConnected conference!” Sharon Vinderine, Founder & CEO @SharonPTPA
  5. 5. Top reasons why you should get in on the ShesConnectedConference (before it’s too late!)We’ve been connecting women and our sponsors for three months with success. Here’s why you should get involved:1. You’ll increase your social influence. This is the perfect opportunity for you to grow your Twitter and Facebook numbers with top digital influencers. FordCanada made their goal of reaching 500 Twitter followers @FordCanada during our Twitter party and they had amazing success. “FordCanada became atrending topic in Canada over the course of the first hour of the Twitter party exceeding our expectations,” says Ammar Kahn, Social Media Manager, FordCanada.2. You’ll receive invaluable product feedback from digital women – The Conference is the only social media conference built so that the sponsors areintegrated into the experience with Networking and interactive sessions. As a result, you will engage with top digital women and get both feedback andquestions about your products and services. “I learned more about what Canadian women think about not just the Janes brand but also about cooking for andfeeding their families. We gained many new twitter followers as a result of these twitter parties and in the weeks since they took place, we’ve had meaningfulconversations and developed online relationships that we hope will help to strengthen our brand long term.” ~ Dana McCauley @JanesFamilyFd CulinaryDirector at Janes Family Foods3. You’ll make meaningful relationships with top digital women who can amplify your brand – Because of the interactive nature of our conference, thesessions are catered for both brands and digital women, you will build connections that will amplify your brand. ““The level of engagement and amplification wehave experienced through the ShesConnected Twitter parties is unprecedented for Toshiba Canada. We entered into social media full force this year and areextremely excited to be able to realize one-to-one marketing and hear what consumers have to say about our products. The ShesConnected digital women aretech savvy and highly engaged, we can’t wait to meet them face to face at #SCCTO.” Melissa Moore @ToshibaCanada Social Media & CommunicationsManager Toshiba of Canada Limited4. You’ll get the best education in social marketing you can find - In a day-and-a-half you’ll learn the inner workings of what you need to do to get noticedby influential digital women and grow your social reach. You’ll understand the perspectives and successes of both sides: brands and digital women, to helpinform your social strategy.5. You’ll interact with women who have influence and want to learn about your brand. Here’s what they’re saying:“The ShesConnected Twitter Party was the best I’ve participated in because there were representatives of the brands online to answer questions and provideinformation. I hope they understand their clients better after the Twitter party. I know I understand more about what they offer. Often Twitter parties seem to beabout giving things away and getting a term to trend. The ShesConnected party was about connecting, though I’m sure some brands trended. It really was aparty to be proud of.” Barbara Dundas aka @OttMomGo“If you’re going to throw a party on Twitter, you should first attend a ShesConnected Twitter party and take notes. Not only do they offer the chance to learnmore about brands and connect with digital women, they also provide a unique opportunity for brands and influencers to engage in a fun and meaningful way.The turnout is always impressive, as are the prizes, which makes ShesConnected Twitter parties very exciting. There is, undeniably, a lot of work and planningthat goes into their Twitter parties, which consequently ensures their success.” Diana aka @teachermomoftwo
  6. 6. ShesConnected Conference has great reach and awarenessthanks to our amazing partnersMany media outlets and brands have been helping to get the word out about the Conference – thankyou! See our list of partners here.
  7. 7. Why we’re successful and deliver results? We’re one-of-a-kind.There are events forwomen and bloggers...
  8. 8. ...and there are industry events foragencies and brands
  9. 9. Then there is theShesConnected Conference
  10. 10. ShesConnected is the ONLY onethat brings them all together in aunique and interactive forum
  11. 11. 1. CONNECTING LEADERS: We connecttop digital women with brandsWhile there are conferences that cater specifically to top digital women and bloggers, andothers that cater specifically to brands and agencies, ShesConnected is the ONLY one thatbrings them all together in a unique and interactive forum.It’s the only conference with a mission of finding better ways for brands and top digital women to worktogether in order to socially amplify sponsor messaging while building great relationships with thewomen who make this possible. Get a crash-course on best practices for reaching women, the most influential and powerful consumers in the quickly evolving social media world.
  12. 12. 2. TOP QUALITY: It’s the only conference wherewomen apply to attend and are selected based on theirdigital influence• The ShesConnected conference is different than the typical blogger conferences. Women attending this event are hand picked based on their social reach, power of voice, and influence. The result is high quality attendees!• 200 influential women selected attend for FREE as our VIP guests.• Sponsors can have input into selection criteria (eg. age and other demographics)• Brand Sponsorships are available giving brands the ability to network personally with the 200 digital influencers and put product information in their hands.
  13. 13. 3. HUGE REACH: ShesConnected Conferenceattendees are influential digital women, they’reconnected• 1 = 1000! If you connect with 1 influential digital woman at our conference she has the ability to connect your brand with thousands of other women. Selected conference attendees are among the top digitally connected women in Canada. They are active across all major social networks and have established relationships with other influential women.• Typical profile of digital women selected to attend: – Online everyday connecting with other like-minded women – 500 Facebook friends – Belong to 10 fan pages/groups – Tweet everyday and have a following of 1,000 – Active on their blog with large following
  14. 14. 4. EXCEPTIONAL EXPERTISE: ShesConnected owns and operates its own social network ( That means more reach, experience and expertise. • Here’s what we do for leading brands today: – Community management, twitter parties, blogger panels, influencer outreach programs. • We socially amplify everything you already do.OUR SOCIAL NETWORK OUR CONSULTING FOR AGENCIES & OUR BRANDS Actively involved in digital since 1995
  15. 15. 5. INTERACTIVE SESSIONS: Conference will be filledwith opportunities to build the foundation of greatrelationships with digital women• There will be 300 attendees made up of 200 selected influential digital women plus 100 brand and agency representatives.• Agenda sessions and conference highlights include: – Understanding how to work with digitally connected women: Approaches to maximize your relationships for social reach and benefit – Proper disclosure policies: Ensuring that you’re following best practices online to protect your brand – The best way to execute product posts and giveaways: Tips and tricks that digital women and brands can benefit from – Great interactive sessions with Brands & Women: A chance to get your product information in front of connected digital women – Lots of networking: Building relationships that will move past the conference – Product display in exhibition area: Get products into the women’s hands – Live tweeting and promotions: Your brand message will be included – Foursquare promotions: Drive traffic to your booth
  16. 16. 6. LOTS OF BUZZ: Our ongoing social conversationcalendar extends beyond event days into a four-monthprogram of discussion and engagement about yourbrand messages• ShesConnected Conference will deliver four months of digital outreach and face-to-face content to include – Pre, during and post-conference Twitter Parties – Facebook Fan Page activation – Twitter conversations – Pre, during and post-conference blog posts• Your brand messages will be inserted into the ShesConnected Conference marketing (i.e. Social Conversational Calendar) from July to October• You will increase your social footprint by connecting with influential digital women
  17. 17. 7. HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE: Leverage theconference and get real-time, face-to-face feedbackUnlike any other conference you’ll attend! This conference is designed to give you hands-onexperience and exposure with Canada’s Top Digitally Connected Women. In an intimatesetting, your Brand will: • Identify and develop relationships with influential digitally connected women-- they want to build relationships with your brand • Persuade digitally connected women to talk about your Brand-- learn how you can reach these women • Influence firsthand what these digital influencers think about your brand • Know how Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks fit into the mix-- the right mix will extend and amplify your reach • Understand how the world of digitally connected women is changing-- learning how these women communicate will help your Brand – ask them questions, get feedback, vet your ideas
  18. 18. Here’s what some of the digital womenhad to say about last year’s event• "ShesConnected conference was a great opportunity to talk with brands. It offered me a chance to begin to understand what brands need and help brands understand what bloggers need and want."• "It was a unique opportunity to connect with brands and other bloggers in a small, intimate, informative and collaborative environment."• "It was a real meeting of the minds. From the keynote speaker, panels and the round table discussions, it was a chance to share and exchange opinions, thoughts, perspective and know how."• “I learned so much about what brands are looking for but I also learned more about what I was looking for. ShesConnected conference allowed me to gain a greater understanding of what I hope to accomplish through blogging."
  19. 19. ConferenceSponsorshipPackages
  20. 20. Sponsorship Packages TITLE GOLD SILVER BRONZEDETAILS 1 Only 3 only 5 only 10 only 25k 10k 5kPRE-CONFERENCE MARKETINGExclusivity: no competing companies offered sponsorship XBrand Logo on all conference material, conference website X X X XBrand logo on X XLogo placement in pre-event marketing materials X X X XLogo on facebook fan page, and conference twitter account X X X XFull Page & Video about brand on Conference website X X X XVideo about brand on social network, XPre-conference brand email message to attendees X XCOMMUNITY OUTREACH PRE AND POST CONFERENCELead sponsor in Conference Twitter Parties in July, August, September and October X XParticipate in Conference Twitter Parties in July, August, September and October X X X XBrand Tab on ShesConnected Facebook Fan Page X XMEDIAIncluded in press release X XQuote in press release XFull Page Ad in Program Guide Produced by Marketing Magazine (Value: $6650) X1/3 Page Ad in Program Guide Produced by Marketing Magazine (Value: $3850) X1/4 Page ad in Program Guide Produced by Marketing Magazine (Value: $3275) XAd Space In Program Guide Produced by Marketing Magazine sponsors get 50% off) $ $ $ $
  21. 21. Sponsorship Packages TITLE GOLD SILVER BRONZE DETAILS 1 Only 3 only 5 only 10 only CONFERENCE BENEFITS Special Breakout sessions with the Digital women 1st day of event – in X X private rooms – more than a focus group! Speaking Opportunity X Premium Seating at Conference Tables X X X Logo on Conference Tote Bag X X Product placement in Conference Tote Bag X X Branded Foursquare Message upon check in X X Brand hashtag promoted during conference X X Placement on all conference signage, brand passport guide X X X X Exhibitor X X X X CONFERENCE PASSES Brand Conferences Passes 10 6 4 2 Discount on additional passes X X X X POST CONFERENCE BENEFITS Attendee directory X X X X Lead sponsor in post conference twitter party X Premium logo placement in post event email campaigns X X**CUSTOM PACKAGES AVAILABLE
  22. 22. Sponsorship Packages - Other DETAILS Party Sponsor Thursday evening after party 10pm- 12:00am Sheraton Centre Toronto $5,000- $20,000 (multiple sponsors)**CUSTOM PACKAGES AVAILABLE
  23. 23. Not in the budget to sponsor -Get a crash-course on best practices forreaching women, the most influential andpowerful consumers in the quickly evolvingsocial media world. **Group discount when 3 or more register from the same company
  24. 24. About Us
  25. 25. We have real social networkingexperience• We built our own social network in 2007– just for women. We own and operate, giving us access to socially connected women. Our Blogger directory and database gives us access to engaged, digital women. Member Directory Blog Directory
  26. 26. We know digital women• Watch for our new report out in September 2011! We’re currently executing a large consumer research study that focuses on Social Media usage…stay tuned.• Our first published research report of 2009, The Power of Social Media & Women, focused on the attitudes and behaviours of women using social media. Download your free copy today ( arch.php)• Our research study was profiled in MarketingProfs, eMarketer, Marketing Charts, and many other publications
  27. 27. How we help leading brands build andgrow their communities onlineWe do things your agency currently doesn’t do – AND YES we already work withagencies• Community strategy and ideation, covering content and communications planning• Identification and introduction to online communities and influencers that matter most to your Brand, industry, or issue• Drive community activation and engagement• Community moderation: knowing how to keep communities engaged with and without marketing programs• Help clients develop organizational models, business processes, and best practices for ongoing community engagement• Measurement and reporting
  28. 28. Become a Sponsor today! DONNA MARIE ANTONIADIS CEO & Co-founder 416-730-5670 ext. 2213 Upcoming conferences – save the date! • ShesConnected is hosting a Social Media for Business Women Conference on October 19 during Small Business Week. Find out more. • What’s on for 2012: We’re hosting a blogger conference in April 2012 (think BlogHer north style). Share the news with your team so that you can start planning for next year.
  29. 29.