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ShesConnected Conference 2011 - Pre-Conference Guide


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A pre-conference guid

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ShesConnected Conference 2011 - Pre-Conference Guide

  1. 1. Digital WomenPre-ConferenceGuide
  2. 2. What to BringChecklist
  3. 3. What to Bring Checklist Your personal identification and Eventbrite ticket Emergency contact information A laptop, tablet or a notebook Email addresses and phone numbers of at least two other attendees A Smartphone/camera for taking pictures (be sure to tag any photos you upload with “SCCTO”) The address and phone number of the venue and hotel you’re staying at (if different from the Chargers and power-cords for all your electronics conference hotel) (phone, camera, laptop, etc.) Extra room in your suitcase for swag, prizes and Business cards with your name, blog URL and/or perhaps unplanned shopping excursions Twitter handle A small amount of cash for getting around the A pen for making notes - even just on business city (cab fare/subway tokens) cards - to remind you of whom you met and what you discussed Your sexiest heels; your most comfy shoes; and something in between A light sweater or cardigan; autumn nights in Toronto cool down quickly
  4. 4. Frequently AskedQuestions
  5. 5. What to Wear You said I could dress casual. Are thereWhat should I wear? any exemptions?In a group of 200+ women, you can bet therell be a variety of Please, no yoga pants, sweats, jammies orlooks - everything from impossibly chic to incredibly casual. So articles of clothing with slogans/offensiveplease do wear what you feel most comfortable in; if you feel like sayings. While we want you to look and feelwearing your personalized conference tee, go for it! And, while your best, this is after all a professionalsome women will change for the evening events, there is networking event.certainly no pressure to pack extra outfits unless you want to.Our own Donna Marie sported the ShesConnected tee to almostevery BlogHer 11 event - whether it was black tie or red carpet,she was comfortable and looked fab!When/where can I pick up my personalized tee?Conference tees, sponsored by Ford Canada, can be picked upduring conference registration. For your convenience,registration will commence on Thursday, September 29th at11:00am, allowing you to have enough time to change if desired.Dont forget - you can layer the tee over a long sleeved t-shirt orwear it under a cardigan or hoodie if you think you may be cold.
  6. 6. What to BringPlease refer to our "What to Bring" checklist.Should I bring my laptop? What if I dont have one?Laptops are encouraged, and there will be free Wi-Fi in allareas of the conference to allow you to access your e-mailand social media. However, some people feel that totingaround a laptop is too cumbersome and impedes their abilityto network and move through the conference area. Itscompletely up to you. If you have a Smartphone and areable to tweet, post to FB and/or check your e-mail, you maywant to ditch your laptop in favour of a good old fashionednotebook or a few sheets of ruled paper.How many business cards should I bring?You will be safe with 250 cards. Please make sure yourcards include your name and Twitter handle!
  7. 7. Hotel & AccommodationsI arrive early on Thursday but cant check in until afterthe conference has started. Where can I stash my stuff?The hotel will tag your luggage and/or bags and stow themsafely away until you are ready to check in. If you are flyingin on Thursday morning, be sure to arrive ready to mingleas you may not have access to your hotel room to primp.For quick touch ups, there are several public restroomsavailable throughout the hotel and conference area.Is Wi-Fi available in my hotel room?Wi-Fi will be available in all hotel guest rooms at anadditional charge.I’d like to find a roommate to offset costs.Please feel free to check our conference discussion board Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotelat Here you’ll find help finding a 123 Queen Street West,roommate, organizing a car pool or other logistics-related Toronto, ON M5H 2M9topics.
  8. 8. Conference RegistrationWhen can I register for the conference?Registration begins at 11:00am on Thursday, September 29thand will remain open until 5:00pm. Registration will re-openthe morning of Friday, September 30th at 8:00am for twohours only. Please have your ID and Eventbrite ticket readyin order to receive your conference pass. You will need thispass to receive admission to all sessions, sponsored areasand parties.At the Registration Desk you will also pick up your SCCTOswag bag, brand passport and customized tee.
  9. 9. Networking ReceptionWhen is the networking reception?The networking reception will be held following thesessions on Thursday, September 29th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.Will food and drinks be served?Snacks and beverages will be provided by Janes andMolson Canadian 67.
  10. 10. ShoesConnectedWhen are the parties? Will food and drinks be served?Our official conference party, ShoesConnected, will take Light fare including canapés and finger foodsplace on the evening of Thursday, September 29th at the will be offered, in addition to two (2) drinkTown Shoes Flagship Store at 95 Bloor St W in Toronto from tickets per attendee. We ask that you please8-10pm. We are still in the process of confirming a party drink responsibly; know your limit and drinkvenue for Friday night, but you are welcome to make plans within it.with other attendees in the meantime – Friday nights inToronto generally present a wealth of options!How will I get to/from the party?You will have to arrange for your own transportation to 95Bloor St W. The party is less than a 5-minute cab ride fromthe hotel (2.5 km) and if you share with three others, will costapproximately $3 per person (fare + tip). Alternatively, youmay take the TTC from Osgoode Station North to MuseumStation (4 minutes) and then walk northeast for an additional5 minutes to the party. If you prefer to walk please set asideabout 25 minutes. Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel 95 Bloor St. West Toronto, ON M5S1M1
  11. 11. Connecting with PeersBut I don’t know anyone at the conference! I’m nervous! This is my first conference.Will I be a loner? You are in good company! Don’t worry; all of ourAbsolutely not! Just let a member of the SCCTO staff know attendees are incredibly friendly and don’t bethat you’re riding solo – either ahead of time or at the event – afraid to stay close to some of the conferenceand we’ll make sure to show you some love and make some veterans. They’ve pledged to take you under theircool introductions! wings!
  12. 12. Connecting with BrandsWhen will we be able to get up close and personal withthe brands?We have dedicated time for networking in our conferenceagenda, and this will be the best time to introduce yourselfand speak with sponsors. However, please do not hesitateto engage the brand representatives at other points duringthe conference – the simple act of waiting in line for a coffeecan present itself with a unique (and perhaps valuable)networking opportunity.How can I distinguish myself from the other digitalwomen?Know your “pitch” – that is, what you and your blog are allabout – and then sum it up in 2 minutes. Research brandsahead of time to find those are most closely matched to yourblog and blog audience, and be prepared to both ask andanswer questions.
  13. 13. See you at SCCTO! Questions & Inquiries Donna Marie - Lena Almeida - Twitter - @SCConference Facebook -
  14. 14.