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We put together this guide to answer any questions that you may have about the conference. From a pre-event check list to how to connect with the Brands before and during the conference - this guide will be a great resource for you.

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ShesConnected Pre-Conference Guide for Bloggers

  1. 1. Pre-ConferenceGuideOctober 19-20, 2012 | Metro Toronto Convention Centrehttp://www.ShesConnectedConference.com
  2. 2. Welcome!• If you are reading this guide then that means you will be attending the 3rd Annual ShesConnected Conference – connecting digital women and brands• We have been working really hard to bring you the best experience ever.• We created this guide to try and help you really prepare for the Conference.
  3. 3. What to Bring Checklist
  4. 4. Newbie Checklist Your personal identification and Eventbrite ticket Names of the Top 3 Brands you MUST speak to face to face! Send them a great tweet to start the A laptop, tablet (or go old school with a notebook) conversation! A Smartphone/camera for taking pictures (be sure Email addresses and phone numbers of at least to tag any photos you upload with “SCCTO”) two other attendees (so you can connect later!) Chargers and power-cords for all your electronics The address and phone number of the venue and (phone, camera, laptop, etc.). There will be hotel you’re staying at charging stations! Extra room in your suitcase for swag, prizes and Business cards with your name, blog URL and/or perhaps unplanned shopping excursions (it is Twitter handle (be sure to order in time!) Downtown Toronto!) A pen for making notes - even just on business A small amount of cash for getting around the city cards - to remind you of whom you met and what (cab fare/subway tokens) you discussed Check the weather and pack for anything…it IS Emergency contact information Toronto! Comfy shoes (and a great pair of heels for our parties!)
  5. 5. How to network pre-conference
  6. 6. Every Monday at 1:00pm &9:00pm EST join #ShesChat• Join us every Monday from 1:00pm -2:00pm and 9:00pm -10:00pm EST to share in our #ShesChat about diverse social media and blogging topics like; Conference Etiquette, Canadian Blogosphere, Writing the Perfect Pitch, etc.• Look for these events on our ShesConnected Group Page and make topic suggestions or offer your expertise to co-host an upcoming chat!• Follow @SCConference and the hashtag #ShesChat• Not sure how to participate in a twitter chat – click here to view a presentation that describes how to.
  7. 7. Networking Via Monthly TwitterParties• We host monthly twitter parties with all of our brands, partners and attendees.• On the last Tuesday of each month you can RVSP for the event.• The brands are on twitter connecting with you.• Better yet – we have great prizing too including items like laptops, Gift Cards, Games and so much more• You only need to RVSP once Click here to RSVP
  8. 8. Connect with Everyone on TwitterWe have created Twitter lists to make iteasier for you to connect with everyoneon Twitter. Subscribe to the followingTwitter lists and follow:• Attendees• Brand Ambassadors• Advisors• Partners
  9. 9. Connect with the Brands• Visit our brands on the Sponsor section of the Conference website. There you can find more about the brand.• It also lists their social footprint so that you can engage with them• Be sure to start engaging with the brands that you love before the conference Click here to check out our brands
  10. 10. Join the Conference Group onShesConnected• Join the ShesConnected Conference group right on our own Network• Discussion section• Event Calendar with events – remember we are dong a 30 day promotional countdown starting September 19th
  11. 11. Join our Work with BrandsProgram• Want to start working with Brands? Well then be sure to sign up for our program• Most of our sponsors of ShesConnected Conference have implemented blogger and brand ambassador programs.• It’s your turn to start working with brands!• Brands LOVE new bloggers Sign up Today. Click here
  12. 12. List your blog on ShesConnected• If you have not done so already be sure to list your blog for FREE on• Did you know brands frequent our site to find bloggers!• We know that many of you have more than 1 blog so you can list up to 5! Click here to view Blog Directory
  13. 13. List your Business onShesConnected• If you have not done so already be sure to list your business for FREE on• A lot of bloggers are business women. We knew that when we built ShesConnected almost six years ago, that is why we created a section for women to list their businesses• Free promotion for your business! Click here to list Business Directory
  14. 14. Check out Events onShesConnected• We list all of our events on• If you are looking to find information about our Twitter chats, our conference events or Twitter chats with brands be sure to check out the events section so that you don’t miss out on anything• You can also list your event for FREE on ShesConnected too! Click here to check out our events directory
  15. 15. Connect with our BrandAmbassadors• They are here to connect with you and to answer any questions that you have. Be sure to connect with each one of them before the conference. We have 15 of them!
  16. 16. Badges and Spreading the Word• Be Proud! You are attending the Bloggers and Brands Conference of the Year!• Go to our conference website and download the badge for your own blog!• Impress brands when they visit your blog. You will show them that you are serious about blogging by attending the #1 Social Media Conference for women
  17. 17. The night before the Conference• Relax, get a good night sleep so that you can get the most out of the conference!
  18. 18. Frequently Asked Questions
  19. 19. FAQs1. What do I wear?2. What to Bring?3. What about Food – is food provided?4. Conference Hotel. Is there a special rate on hotel ?5. Do I need to sign up for sessions6. Do I need business cards ?7. I don’t know anyone –what do I do?8. I am a newbie9. How to I speak to the brands?10. Is internet access provided at the conference?11. Are there any parties?12. How do we get to the parties?13. I have a sponsor helping me attending the conference – what can I do14. Where and when do I register – where do I pick up my badge ?15. Can I bring my baby?16. Can Men attend?17. Where is the ConventionCentre?
  20. 20. What to WearWhat should I wear?In a group of women, you can bet therell be a variety of looks -everything from impossibly chic to incredibly casual. So pleasedo wear what you feel most comfortable in; if you feel likewearing your personalized conference tee, go for it! And, whilesome women will change for the evening events, there is certainlyno pressure to pack extra outfits unless you want to. We dorecommend you bring a GREY top, GREY dress, GREY blazer oreven GREY accessories for our “Shades of Grey” Party. Be sureto pack comfy shoes and some party shoes! You said I could dress casual. Are there any exemptions? Please, no yoga pants, sweats, jammies or articles of clothing with slogans/offensive sayings. While we want you to look and feel your best, this is after all a professional networking event.
  21. 21. What to Bring**Please refer to our "What to Bring" checklist.Should I bring my laptop or tablet? What if I dont have one?Laptops or tablets are encouraged, and there will be free Wi-Fi inall areas of the conference to allow you to access your e-mail andsocial media. However, some people feel that toting around alaptop is too cumbersome and impedes their ability to networkand move through the conference area. Its completely up to you.If you have a Smartphone and are able to tweet, post to FB and/orcheck your e-mail, you may want to ditch your laptop in favour of agood old fashioned notebook or a few sheets of ruled paper. Wepromise that you will have LOTS of great ideas to remember!How many business cards should I bring?You will be safe with 100 cards. Please make sure your cardsinclude your name, email address and Twitter handle! Don’t forgetto order them in plenty of time for delivery before you theconference! Remember, there are fabulous offers online close toconference time in October!
  22. 22. What about Food?Registration includes FOOD during the day• Breakfast• Morning Break• Lunch• Afternoon BreakYou will be on your own for dinner. You are within walkingdistance of many restaurants.
  23. 23. Hotel & AccommodationsI arrive early on Friday but cant check in until after theconference has started. Where can I stash my stuff?The hotel will tag your luggage and/or bags and stow themsafely away until you are ready to check in. If you are flyingin on Friday morning, be sure to arrive ready to mingle asyou may not have access to your hotel room to primp. Forquick touch ups, there are several public restroomsavailable throughout the hotel and conference area.Is Wi-Fi available in my hotel room?ShesConnected is THRILLED to announce that we havesecured FREE Wi-Fi at all participating hotels. Renaissance Toronto HotelI’d like to find a roommate to offset costs. 1 Blue Jays Way- 416-341-7100Please feel free to check our conference discussion board at http://www.renaissancetorontodowntown.com We have secured a special rate for the conference. 1 Double orHere you’ll find help finding a roommate, organizing a car single room at $149.00 plus taxes Click here to book a reservation nowpool or other logistics-related topics. * Complementary WIFI
  24. 24. Sign up for Sessions • You can view the agenda by clicking here. You can sign up for sessions here to make it easier for you to schedule your time at the conference. You must sign upYou can view here if you want Options for schedule, to schedule your your mobile speakers time phone View Sessions by Tracks
  25. 25. Do I need Business Cards?• Business Cards are a great idea• Get your FREE mini business cards thanks to our Sponsor MOO.• With the option of a different image on every card, upload your own artwork or choose from thousands of designs(how cool is that?)• All you have to do is pay for shipping. Better yet – you can get your cards shipped directly to the conference for only $4! Click here to Redeem your Moo Cards for FREE
  26. 26. Help - I don’t know anyoneBut I don’t know anyone at the conference!Will I be a loner?• Absolutely not! Just let a member of the SCCTO staff know that you’re riding solo – either ahead of time or at the event – and we’ll make sure to show you some love and make some cool introductions!I’m nervous! This is my first conference.• You are in good company! Don’t worry; all of our attendees are incredibly friendly and don’t be afraid to stay close to some of the conference veterans. They’ve pledged to take you under their wings!
  27. 27. Connecting with BrandsWhen will we be able to get up close and personalwith the brands?We have dedicated time for networking in ourconference agenda, and this will be the best time tointroduce yourself and speak with sponsors.However, please do not hesitate to engage the brandrepresentatives at other points during the conference– the simple act of waiting in line for a coffee canpresent itself with a unique (and perhaps valuable)networking opportunity.How can I distinguish myself from the other digitalwomen?Know your “pitch” – that is, what you and your blogare all about – and then sum it up in two minutes.Research brands ahead of time to find those are mostclosely matched to your blog and blog audience, andbe prepared to both ask and answer questions.
  28. 28. How do I connect all of the Brands• We have a brand passport as a tool for you to connect with all of our brands. You meet with a brand and then they add a sticker to your passport. Its just that easy• Fill our the entire passport and u could win a grand prize!• This is a great way for you to connect with all of our brands and find out first hand what they are looking for in bloggers
  29. 29. Is Internet Access provided• Yes of course.• No you don’t have to pay an additional fee to access the internet either!• We understand how important it is to stay connected during the conference• You will receive the internet access code when you arrive at the conference.
  30. 30. Are there parties? Yes TwoDate: Friday October 19, 2012Time: 8:00pm – MidnightLocation: TDBTheme: 80s PartyDress : Dress up in your fave 80s stylesFood: Appetizers, sweets will be served along with 2 drink ticketsDate: Saturday October 20, 2012Time: 8:00pm – MidnightLocation: TDBTheme: Shades of Gray (Clean Version)Dress : Dress up in the colour grayFood: Appetizers and sweets will be served along with 2 drink tickets
  31. 31. How do we get to the Parties• We are finalizing the venues but they should be just a short cab drive away from the party.
  32. 32. I was sponsored to attend – Whatare the rules Part 1We have Attendees Sponsorship guidelines. Please click here to review the guidelinesWhat you can offer to do for your sponsor:• Wear branded or provided clothing• Write sponsored content on your blog• Provide Ad space on your blog• Provide Consulting services• Prize or swag giveaways on your blog, before or after the conference• Include their information on your regular networking materials, such as business card, stickers, buttons, or bumper stickers• Social Media amplification (tweets, Facebook messages, Pinterest pins)
  33. 33. I was sponsored to attend – Whatare the rules Part 2We have Attendees Sponsorship guidelines. Please click here to review the guidelinesWhat you cannot offer your sponsor:• Exhibition space: only official sponsors of ShesConnected12 can receive sponsor benefits, which include booths or tables in the exhibition area• Materials or swag giveaways during the conference• The dissemination of unsolicited promotional materials (see below for more details)• Parties in the conference space or hotel: you are free to hold any events or parties outside of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Please be courteous and not hold them during conference hours.
  34. 34. I was sponsored to attend – Whatare the rules Part 3We have Attendees Sponsorship guidelines. Please click here to review the guidelinesAdditional points to remember:• If you think your sponsor would like to become an official sponsor of the event, please contact Hollie at ShesConnected. You may receive a finder’s fee for any conference sponsors you bring on board!• It is strictly not allowed to hand out, or even place on the conference tables, any brochures, swag, or literature related to your sponsor. Conference staff will be enforcing this guideline. Any materials found will be removed. Failure to comply will result in a warning. Second warnings will result in the recall of your conference pass and possible revocation of attendance from the conference. Remember: If you would like to promote your sponsor, you may include their information on your usual networking materials. Some ideas are above in ‘What you CAN do’.• While ShesConnected cannot enforce what you do outside of the conference space, consider adhering to these guidelines for the duration of the conference days. Your peers will let you know if they’re interested
  35. 35. Conference RegistrationWhen can I register for the conference?Registration begins at 8:00am on Friday October19th and will remain open until 5:00pm. Registrationwill re-open the morning Saturday October 19thuntil noon. Please have your ID and Eventbriteticket ready in order to receive your conferencepass. You will need this pass to receive admission toall sessions, sponsored areas and parties.At the Registration Desk you will also pick up yourSCCTO swag bag, and brand passport.Come with a print out of the agenda and a generalidea of what sessions you’re planning to attend. Itwill help to optimize your time or use the app onour agenda page to get organized electronically!
  36. 36. Can I bring my Baby?• We are baby friendly – yes you can.• Even babies enjoy ShesConnected Conferences• Check out this great photo from 2011
  37. 37. Can Men Attend• Yes men can attend.• While the majority of attendees will be women, there will be men in attendance as well.• Check out two happy men attending our 2011 event!
  38. 38. Venue: Metro Toronto ConventionCentre Toronto Convention Centre South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd.Toronto, Ontario M5V 3L9
  39. 39. See you inOctober!
  40. 40.