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Using Your Growth Model to Drive Smarter High Tempo Testing

In this presentation, Sean Ellis highlights how to use a growth model to inform your high tempo testing efforts. It goes through the key steps for building your growth model including establishing a north star metric, and identifying your "aha moment" and the core benefit that drives retention. Finally he shows how the GrowthHackers team has used a growth model to plan our growth roadmap.

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Using Your Growth Model to Drive Smarter High Tempo Testing

  1. 1. Testing with a Growth Model Using a Growth Model for more Effective High Tempo Testing
  2. 2. Testing Drives Growth Twitter boosts testing tempo 20X GH boosts testing tempo 10X
  3. 3. High Tempo Testing Process Analyze IdeasPrioritize Test
  4. 4. Analyze Growth Model First Analyze IdeasPrioritize Test
  5. 5. Establish a North Star Metric •  Provides lens for measuring sustainable growth •  Should be correlated with value delivered to customers •  Examples: Airbnb nights booked, Facebook DAUs
  6. 6. Understand Your Growth Model Relationship between variables that move your North Star Metric •  Acquisitio - Sources and motivation to try •  Ac - Aha moment •  - “Must have” experience •  - User-get-user loops Acquisition Activation Retention Referral
  7. 7. Build Your Growth Model ? (Aha Moment) ? ? (North Star Metric) ? Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue ? *simplified (Core Benefit)
  8. 8. LinkedIn Example Growth Model* SEO Int’l expansion Invites (Aha Moment) Create profile, 4+ connections Stay connected with work people (North Star Metric) Profile connections Acquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue Invites *simplified (Core Benefit)
  9. 9. What’s Your “Aha Moment”? •  Elements of an “aha moment” –  First taste of core benefit –  Achievable on first visit –  Significantly increases likelihood of revisit •  If NO “aha moment” reached on 1st visit, unlikely to ever see prospect again
  10. 10. Growth Model for GrowthHackers* Invites (invites) Unique growth insights from testing (North Star Metric) Card hops SlideShareAcquisition Activation Retention Referral Revenue Twitter Sharing a great idea (Aha Moment) *simplified (Core Benefit)
  11. 11. Analyze to Find Leverage in Model (invites) Unique growth insights from testing Card hops Acquisition Activation Retention ReferralSharing a great idea (Aha Moment) InvitesSlideShare Twitter (North Star Metric) Revenue (Core Benefit)
  12. 12. “Activation” Growth Objective
  13. 13. Deeper Understanding of Problem No ideas added yet
  14. 14. High Tempo Testing Process Analyze IdeasPrioritize Test
  15. 15. Generate Ideas in Leverage Area Majority of new ideas should be in leverage area Activation
  16. 16. Formalize ideas in Experiment Doc •  Include hypothesis, research, target lever ICE Score 1 - 10 I - Impact C - Confidence E - Ease
  17. 17. High Tempo Testing Process Analyze IdeasPrioritize Test
  18. 18. Team Members Nominate Ideas Filter to focus area Sort by ICE score
  19. 19. Quick Team Nomination Pitches
  20. 20. High Tempo Testing Process Analyze IdeasPrioritize Test
  21. 21. Launch and Manage Testing
  22. 22. Integrate Your Testing Tools
  23. 23. Analyze Results Analyze IdeasPrioritize Test
  24. 24. Analyze Results
  25. 25. Organize Learning
  26. 26. Repeat Process Analyze IdeasPrioritize Test
  27. 27. Monitor Key Testing Inputs
  28. 28. Weekly Growth Meeting Agenda 15 min: KPI review & update focus area 10 min: Review last week’s testing sprint 15 min: Key lessons learned from analyzed tests 15 min: Select next tests via nominations 5 min: Check growth of idea backlog
  29. 29. Manage High Tempo Testing 1) Team Ideation 2) Prioritize Testing 3) Capture Learning Try GrowthHackers Projects Free GrowthHackers Projects