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The Biggest Growth Opportunity is Right Under Your Nose


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These slides were used for a webinar about driving growth by improving the conversion performance of your website. The slides focus on identifying why someone visits your website and uncovering the key issues that prevent conversions. The webinar was presented by Qualaroo CEO Sean Ellis and UserTesting CEO Darrell Benatar about

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The Biggest Growth Opportunity is Right Under Your Nose

  1. 1. How do you unlock growth for your business? By starting with a deep understanding of your current users.
  2. 2. How Most People Think About Growth • Get more people to my website • Low conversion rate so send even more people Twitter @SeanEllis
  3. 3. But Some Getting Smarter • A/B test to improve conversions Test 10 things and 1 will be better than other 9 • Random testing is time consuming and rarely makes meaningful improvements Twitter @SeanEllis
  4. 4. Better Approach: Start With Two Questions What do visitors want? What’s stopping them from getting it? Twitter @SeanEllis
  5. 5. Figuring Out What Visitors Want • Referring keyword data (getting harder) • Path analysis (what links are they actually clicking?) • Ask them… Twitter @SeanEllis
  6. 6. Asking Visitors What They Want During visit via site survey After visit via follow up conversation or survey • Can only ask those who actually convert • Ask “What were you originally looking for?” and “why?” • Worth having lots of conversations about this Twitter @SeanEllis
  7. 7. What’s Stopping Conversions? • You don’t have what they want • Bad job communicating that you have what they want • Something about your solution is scary • Something about the website is confusing • Something on the website is broken Twitter @SeanEllis
  8. 8. How to Identify Conversion Issues • Path analysis in analytics Where do they abandon? Study that spot • Ask them via exit survey “Is something preventing you from checking out?” Example: Why we had 97% drop off at download Twitter @SeanEllis
  9. 9. Conversion Issues Through Usability Tests When are people confused, nervous, skeptical, frustrated? Example of frustration (video motivated developers) Twitter @SeanEllis
  10. 10. Might Lack Need/Solution Fit • Unqualified visitors Best if “must have” solution for critical need • May completely lack product/market fit Twitter @SeanEllis
  11. 11. If Need/Solution Fit, Then… Build Desire, Reduce Friction Desire – Friction = Conversion Rate Twitter @SeanEllis
  12. 12. How Do You Build Desire? A/B test landing pages Highlight product benefit in context to what visitor wants. Twitter @SeanEllis
  13. 13. Be Sure to Maintain Desire • Attention spans are short, front load AHA moments until key benefit delivered • How do you identify AHA moments? Think out loud testing Twitter @SeanEllis
  14. 14. Plan Your Initial Tests • Recommend starting with 10 tests 4 messaging tests to optimize need/solution match 4 tests to address points of confusion, fear, breakage, etc. 2 tests that front load AHA moments Twitter @SeanEllis
  15. 15. Double Down • Focus early testing in the area that yielded biggest improvements in actual sales. Helps drive organizational support for process Quickly reduces wasted bounces Twitter @SeanEllis
  16. 16. Continuous Process Accelerates Growth • Optimization is a never-ending process. • Every improvement makes marketing easier. Understand Visitors Twitter @SeanEllis Prioritize Tests Test & Analyze
  17. 17. UserTesting Enterprise Accelerated learning + deep insights + your target audience