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High Tempo Testing


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High Tempo Testing is about setting a weekly testing goal and finding a way to hit it. This requires a process, which is shared in these slides. The slides show how the right process can help you overcome the challenges of high tempo testing and hit your growth goals.

High Tempo Testing

  1. 1. Sean Ellis @seanellis High Tempo Testing Moving Beyond Hustle to Building a Predictable Growth Machine
  2. 2. Sean Ellis @seanellis 3,2,1... Hustle!
  3. 3. Sean Ellis @seanellis Early Growth: Twitter Focused Feedback: “I find growth articles on Twitter” Followers: Easy to find people that tweet growth articles Content: Long tail of content ideal for Twitter
  4. 4. Sean Ellis @seanellis Goal: Keep Conversation Going
  5. 5. Sean Ellis @seanellis Some Vacations...
  6. 6. Sean Ellis @seanellis Viability Achieved by Month 3
  7. 7. Sean Ellis @seanellis Goals Not Met After First Year 3 Flat Months!
  8. 8. Sean Ellis @seanellis “Inputs are what you actually control.” Andrew Chen
  9. 9. Sean Ellis @seanellis Problem: Limited Testing Had specific growth goals, but just said “test more”. Team was too busy for much testing... Building product Executing Twitter Playbook Engaging with community
  10. 10. Sean Ellis @seanellis Solution: High Tempo Testing Launch 3 Tests Per Week (Clear “input” goal)
  11. 11. Sean Ellis @seanellis Result... Started high tempo testing
  12. 12. Sean Ellis @seanellis Hustle › Growth Process
  13. 13. Sean Ellis @seanellis High Tempo Testing Process Build Knowledge Base Unbridled Ideation Prioritize Backlog High Tempo Testing
  14. 14. Sean Ellis @seanellis Challenges of High Tempo Testing 1. Enough ideas: Ideas are fuel for tempo 2. Prioritizing ideas: Finding best ideas to test 3. Implementing tests: Getting the resources 4. Accurate testing: Instrumenting & analyzing 5. Avoiding repeats: Not running same tests
  15. 15. Sean Ellis @seanellis Challenge 1: Enough Ideas Unbridled ideation from full team Ideas across all vectors Individual & Team Accountability Acqusition Activation Retention Revenue Referral
  16. 16. Sean Ellis @seanellis Challenge 2: Prioritizing Ideas Formalize ideas in “Experiment Doc” Include research, hypothesis, target lever... Score on impact, confidence & ease
  17. 17. Sean Ellis @seanellis Challenge 3: Implementing Ideas Weekly growth meeting to plan/assign current week’s tests. Accountability for previous week. Recommend Autonomous growth team with dedicated development, design, analysis... Empower less technical team members w tools
  18. 18. Sean Ellis @seanellis Challenge 4: Accurate Testing Read Peep Laja (Next presenter)
  19. 19. Sean Ellis @seanellis Challenge 5: Avoiding Repeats Capture all tests in Knowledge Base Ensure knowledge base shared, clear & searchable Worked Failed Inconclusive
  20. 20. Sean Ellis @seanellis High Tempo Test Requirements Process People System Build Knowledge Base Unbridled Ideation Prioritize Backlog High Tempo Testing
  21. 21. Sean Ellis @seanellis High Tempo Testing Process Build Knowledge Base Unbridled Ideation Prioritize Backlog High Tempo Testing
  22. 22. Sean Ellis @seanellis Winning Test Example via Process Moved email collector from bottom to top. Result: 700% increase in collected emails Impact prediction was 4/10
  23. 23. Sean Ellis @seanellis High Tempo Testing Advantages 1. Predictable Growth 2. Scaleable Growth 3. Easier Hiring 4. Address Bottlenecks
  24. 24. Sean Ellis @seanellis Thank you! @seanellis