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Growth Hacking: The Human Operating System for Martech (Marketing Technology)


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In the last 10 years, several multibillion dollar companies have emerged with virtually no traditional marketing. These slides highlight the key growth hacking tactics that these companies are using. They then explain how you can adopt the processes and team to discover transformative growth levers for your business.

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Growth Hacking: The Human Operating System for Martech (Marketing Technology)

  1. 1. Growth Hacking The Human Operating System for Marketing Technology @seanellis Sean Ellis Aug 20th 2014 CEO of Qualaroo, Twitter @seanellis
  2. 2. Origin: Desperate Startups • Aggressive targets, tight resources • Traditional approach not realistic • Had to think of something else… @seanellis
  3. 3. Growth Hacking • Experiment with all available growth levers • Understand what’s driving growth, test to improve • Heavy focus on product and optimization @seanellis
  4. 4. Potential Growth Levers • Engineered user-get-user • Massive platforms • Onboarding • Product @seanellis
  5. 5. Engineer User-Get-User @seanellis
  6. 6. Leverage Massive Platforms @seanellis
  7. 7. Onboarding: Optimize for Habits @seanellis
  8. 8. Distribute Via Product Levers @seanellis
  9. 9. The Growth Team “Growth team” complements existing marketing team • Multi-disciplinary • Cross functional • Evangelize growth culture @seanellis
  10. 10. Growth Hacking is Experiment Driven Marketing @seanellis
  11. 11. Goal: Increase Units of Gratification @seanellis
  12. 12. Experimentation Process 1. Ideas @seanellis 2.Prioritize 5.Optimize 4.Analyze 3.Test
  13. 13. Inspiration for Ideas • Knowledge Sharing, Voice of Customer, Referral Data… @seanellis
  14. 14. Insights Help Prioritization • Quantitative/Qualitative insights • Understand what’s driving growth, double down. • Prioritize high potential, high probability, low effort @seanellis
  15. 15. Dropbox Example • Freemium reduced allowable CPA • Natural advantages to grow with collaboration and sharing • Catalyze sharing with double sided referral program • Optimize conversions on sharing loops • 300 million users with no traditional marketing @seanellis
  16. 16. 10 Other Growth Engine Breakdowns @seanellis Download on Kindle
  17. 17. Questions? Thank You. Sean Ellis CEO of Qualaroo & Twitter: @seanellis @seanellis