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Presentation on Taj hotels, resorts & palaces


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Presentation on Taj hotels, resorts & palaces prepared only for educational purpose (part of research and coursework) in Niagara College, 2012 By Sachin Pandey.

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Presentation on Taj hotels, resorts & palaces

  1. 1. Good Morning
  2. 2. • To ensure timely delivery of their services, they have set processes in place and in case of failure or delay of service, they have built in contingencies and trained their staff to communicate the delay to the customer in the right manner.• To ensure standardization in their services, they have Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), e.g. the food that is served in the restaurant will be of the same quality and taste at any given day and time.• In case of breakdown of the elevator, the Room Service makes use of the elevator in the other wing to ensure timely delivery to the customer.
  3. 3. • Established the Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad, in 1993. It offers courses in Hotel Management.• Runs professional Travel Agency under the name INDITRAVEL.• It also operates Taj Air, Taj Yacht, Taj SATs, Jiva Spas and Taj Khazana.• Present in more than 10 countries.• Owns more than 90 hotels around the world.• The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai is 109 years old heritage.
  4. 4. • Taj always comes up special offers during peak and slack seasons to increase the occupancy.• Promotes through Calendars and monthly newsletters.• Participates in exhibition to promote holiday packages.
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