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    1. 1. KEMMONS WILSON Lucy Porter Caroline Levesley, Shreyash Kulkarni , Preeti Bidwai, On, Sachin Pandey
    2. 2. The Holiday Inn Impact American Pop-culture Icon Kemmons Wilson - “Father of the Hotel/Innkeeping Industry”
    3. 3. BackgroundBorn in Arkansas in 1913, moved to Tennesseewith his mother.Father died when he was an infant – was forced toperform manual labour growing up to support hisfamilyA natural entrepreneur: Popcorn Business, PinballMachines, Movie Theatre, Real Estate, HotelIndustryMarried Dorothy Wilson in Dec- 1931.First motel in Memphis, Tennessee. (Aug- 1952.)Great family man with five children and everyoneinvolved in the his business.
    4. 4. Kemmons Wilson’s Career History Writing stock prices at a brokerage firm Bookkeeper Popcorn entrepreneur Pimento cheese sandwich sales Pinball machines Theater owner Ice cream store owner Cigarette machine concessions Wurlitzer Distributorship Home Builder Army Pilot (WWII) Financier of new projects Radio Station owner Holiday Inns
    5. 5. Vision To provide families better ways to vacation To start a chain of motels ( clean, air conditioned, and reasonably priced).Each motel would provide a swimming pool, ice machines, and a restaurant. Offered in-room telephones, televisions, free ice and free parking. Kids stay and eat free
    6. 6. Success Kemmons Wilson’s August vacation from Tennessee to Washington changed both his life and the world of hotels dramatically. Success stems from: Low price with many amenities, stress on comfort Spence Wilson: Pushing boundaries, innovating and adapting to guests’ ever changing needs were the keys to Holiday Inns success.
    7. 7.  Kemmons Wilson found a gap in the market for consistent, quality motels in the 1950s. Kemmons revolutionised the market through the offering of family facilities, televisions and air-conditioning in every room – a first for motels in the 1950s. Awards:  National Business Hall of Fame 1982 Fortune Magazine - Jr. Achievement  Businessman of the Year Award 1970- Religious Heritage of America
    8. 8. AutocraticHe was a creative man and thinker. He did what he thought. He made decisions and implemented the idea and made it reality. He had to face loss for a couple of times by his autocratic decisions but later achieved success. Leadership Qualities • Creative • Risk Taker • Agile • Trend Setter • Convincer Source: Robert M. O’Halloran, Kemmons Wilson: An American Original
    9. 9. Conclusion Kemmons Wilson died in 2003 - age 90 2008 - Brand re-launch programme 2009 - 100th Holiday Inn to be opened in Asian Market 2010 - First Global Advertising Campaign 2,500 hotels re-launched by this date Currently 3,414 hotels = 434 357 rooms Averaging100 million guest annually Source: Fact from the world
    10. 10. Reference Robert M. O’Halloran, Kemmons Wilson: An American Original Fact from the world,