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3 Ways Facebook can Boost Your Revenue


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Generating revenue from Facebook is a three step process, create shareable content, generate buzz, encourage engagement...

Engagement generates revenue!

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3 Ways Facebook can Boost Your Revenue

  1. 1. Three Ways Facebook Can Boost Your Revenue and your retention.
  2. 2. I am Ryan Hanley• Director of Marketing, CIC – The Murray Group Insurance Servicers, Inc• Creator/Editor –• Author – The Social Tools Book – The No BS Guide to a Successful Blog• Producer – The Content Warfare Podcast
  3. 3. What Social Media Should I Use?• Facebook• LinkedIn• Twitter• Google+• YouTube• Pinterest• Foursquare• Yelp
  4. 4. Facebook Stats• 75% of people feel more connected to Brand on Facebook• 69% of people have “liked” a page because of a Friend• “Liked” content averages 6.9 positions higher in search results• 23% of consumers under the age of 35 will purchase because of a friend’s recommendation on social media• 21% of consumers age 35 – 49 will purchase because of a friend’s recommendation on social media••• Websites-INFOGRAPHIC.aspx
  5. 5. How do we generate revenue on Facebook?
  6. 6. Get More Facebook Likes• Buy easy to remember domain – –• Facebook Address on Everything• Facebook Address displayed on Website w/ Link• Link to agency page from personal profile• Facebook Address in email signature• Invite clients and friends to Like agency page
  7. 7. Post Better ContentBoring content yields boring results
  8. 8. ACTION ITEM #3
  9. 9. Businessposts are anecessity…But makethemrelevant toyour clientsconcerns
  10. 10. Every postdoes not need to beprofessional or insurance related
  11. 11. Let yourclients knowwhere elseyou wantthem toconnect withyou
  12. 12. Show your support for the community
  13. 13. Facebook Promoted Posts Worth the money?
  14. 14. Who wouldn’t “Like” this post?
  15. 15. How much is Action worth to you?
  16. 16. Promoted Posts
  17. 17. Fan Engagement Campaigns Get fans taking action
  18. 18. Show love for the clients that love you
  19. 19. Give stuff away… Make it fun
  20. 20. Generate Revenue from Facebook• Accumulate more “Likes”• Create better content• Promote worthy content• Encourage fans to take action
  21. 21. Thank You• Ryan Hanley, CIC – Twitter: @RyanHanley_Com – Marketing | – Insurance | – Email: ryan@ryanhanley.comI wish you all Success in your Online Marketing!