Marketing to the Connected Generation through Social Media


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Success with any social media marketing tool can be boiled down to consistently creating content that delivers our message of value to the target market we serve. This presentation discusses the critical aspect of high priority social media networks and their value to your revenue generating content marketing efforts. Enjoy.

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  • Nice Presentation!! Social media is very important to every business it built up the loyalty level and connect to appropriate audience can visit to Thank You.. :)
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  • This should be reposted. Constant in your face reminders for us Baby Boomers!
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  • @zacjohnson Thanks Zach, I definitely agree. In theory things work one way, but in real life it's a completely different story.
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  • Great slide show! I really enjoyed all of the real life examples. It's one thing to say something works, but the way you laid everything out with corresponding examples is great. Good job!
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Marketing to the Connected Generation through Social Media

  1. 1. Marketing to the Connected Generation throughSocial Media by Ryan Hanley
  2. 2. Everyday I watch so manybrilliant people with invaluable life and business experience come to the blogosphere and approach it all as if they’re starting from scratch. - Srinivas Rao
  3. 3. Why social media marketingimportant to our business?
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing allows us tobuild trust and ultimately relationships with the Connected Generation...
  5. 5. Who are theConnectedGeneration?
  6. 6. TheConnected Generation communicate, buildrelationships and make buying decisions usingdigital and social media.
  7. 7. We already knowhow to market theUnconnectedGeneration
  8. 8. Marketing to theUnconnected Generation• Ask for Referrals• Network at Chamber Events• Drop-ins• Harass Family Members• Sponsor Charity Events• Yellow Pages• Billboards• Radio• Newspaper• Cold call
  9. 9. But... 9
  10. 10. TheConnectedGenerationisNOTgoingto usethePhoneBook.
  11. 11. and hasturnedtheir brainoff totraditionaladvertising
  12. 12. The Connected Generation chooses you... ...on their own time line ...based on their own research and ...their own belief in your story of value.
  13. 13. What Social Media works with the Connected Generation?• Facebook• LinkedIn• Twitter• Google+• YouTube• Pinterest• Foursquare• Yelp
  14. 14. There are many differentforms of Content Marketingone of which is Social Media... 14
  15. 15. Social Media attractsthe least amount ofattention for your effort
  16. 16. } Social media done correctly is very effective for driving traffic to the top of your marketing funnel
  17. 17. But there are so manysocial media networks, theoptions can be paralyzing...
  18. 18. Prioritize... don’t need to be everywhere.
  19. 19. YouTube
  20. 20. YouTube is more than justcat videos...
  21. 21. It’s a fantastic format to answer client questions• Answer 100 Questions – By video – In two minutes of less – Post on YouTube• Create a corresponding blog post – Embed YouTube video in the blog post• Post directly into Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN and link back to the blog post• Put links to post in email newsletter
  22. 22. Answer one client questionat a time until there are no more to answer
  23. 23. Videos don’t have to beHollywoodquality nor do they have to go viral to provide value
  24. 24. Before I started using video
  25. 25. After I started using video
  26. 26. Using video to targetspecific keywords has SEO Value
  27. 27. YouTube also has high Google+ Rich Snippetsconverting Rich Snippets in Google Search
  28. 28. Google+
  29. 29. Google Search loves itself some Google+• Posts are indexed by Google Search• Social search relevance with connections – Authorship tag• High-quality media sharing• Google Hangouts• Google Local Reviews
  30. 30. Googlewantsyou touseGoogleproducts
  31. 31. Reviews are thecurrency of the Internet
  32. 32. Client Testimonials
  33. 33. Google AuthorshipUp to 47% increase in click-through rate
  34. 34. Not to mention directtraffic from old posts...Click here to learn more.
  35. 35. Facebook
  36. 36. blah blah... a lot of people use Facebook• 75% of people feel more connected to Brand on Facebook• 69% of people have “liked” a page because of a Friend• “Liked” content averages 6.9 positions higher in search results• 23% of consumers under the age of 35 will purchase because of a friend’s recommendation on social media• 21% of consumers age 35 – 49 will purchase because of a friend’s recommendation on social media
  37. 37. But how do we get more likes on Facebook?
  38. 38. Post Better Content
  39. 39. Businessposts are anecessity…But makethemrelevantto yourclientsconcerns
  40. 40. Every postdoes notneed to beprofessionalor insurancerelated
  41. 41. Let yourclientsknowwhereelse youwantthem toconnectwith you
  42. 42. Show your support for the community
  43. 43. When deciding what to poston Facebook... ...think value to them, not value to you. 43
  44. 44. FacebookPromoted Posts Worth the money?
  45. 45. Who wouldn’t“Like” this post?
  46. 46. Howmuch isactionworth toyou?
  47. 47. Promoted Posts Results
  48. 48. Promoted posts work whenthere is a strategy to whyyou’re promoting them... ...too much promotion can yield negative results. 48
  49. 49. LinkedIN
  50. 50. Fill out your profile completely
  51. 51. accumulaterecommendations of your work
  52. 52. LinkedIn is a networkingtool... and grow relationships as you would in the real world, with respect. 52
  53. 53. Twitter
  54. 54. Number of followers hasless value than engagement
  55. 55. Twitter is a fantastic tool forbuilding relationships throughshared interests... ...NEVER link spray your sales copy. 55
  56. 56. Pinterest
  57. 57. Build niche communities around pin boards
  58. 58. Quora
  59. 59. Establish expertise and build online authority
  60. 60. Slideshare
  61. 61. Long form contentmarketing at its best
  62. 62. The connected Generationwants to dobusiness withHuman Beings that usetechnology
  63. 63. ...not the other way around.
  64. 64. Success with any social media tool can be boiled down toconsistently creating content that delivers our message ofvalue to the target market we serve.
  65. 65. ... and never forget, you always have to ask for the business. “Call us with questions”“Click here to contact us via Email” “Fill out this form to begin”
  66. 66. The connected Generation iswaiting for you the end.
  67. 67. I am Ryan Hanley• Director of Marketing – The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc• Speaker/Author/Podcaster – on Content Marketing and Business Development Strategies• Editor of Content Warfare blog –• Producer of the Content Warfare Podcast –
  68. 68. Photo Credits• Page 8:• Page 15:• Page 17: at-the-inbound-marketing-funnel• Page 31: infographics-for-business/