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5 killer social media tips


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5 killer social media tips to be presented to the Private Enterprise Partnership

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5 killer social media tips

  1. 1. 5 Killer Strategies To Grow Your Business Using Social Media Private Enterprise Partnership Parmizzano’s Restaurant Oct. 22, 2013 Mike McDermott - President
  2. 2. The Leadup… • During this energizing and motivational 20-minute presentation, you’ll learn (at least) 5 killer EMarketing and Social Media tips that don’t include any cold calling, buying lists, passing out promotional materials, paying for radio/tv spots, or giving away the milk for free. • These 5 pro-tips will provide you with the information you need to gain market advantage. Why? • Small businesses deserve a leg up.. These strategies provide it.
  3. 3. Are you ready to be totally blown away?
  4. 4. #1 Contesting • Consumers positively react to the following things in decreasing levels of intensity: Receiving something/anything for FREE Receiving a recommendation/peer pressure from a close friend Receiving a discount on something they already buy Receiving a recommendation/peer pressure about something they have never bought before or buy infrequently o Receiving a discount on something they have never bought or buy infrequently o o o o • Successful = businesses executing top-line strategies • Not so = businesses who resolve themselves to bottom-line strategies
  5. 5. Ways and Means • You can give away just about anything. FREE advice, a FREE ebook that someone else wrote, a gadget/device you received for FREE, it has to be something of real value but not necessarily something that you had to expend capital on. • You can advertise your contest on Twitter, Facebook or your website as well as print/radio/tv if you like… The goal is to first collect up leads, and then two, to get them engaged.
  6. 6. #2 Email Lead Capture • Email is not dead. It is definitely dying.. But it is not dead yet. o 100% of all facebook users (500 Million people) have to also have an email address in order to join facebook. • Capturing email addresses should be SOMEONES JOB. Fishbowls, drawings, website forms, landing pages, facebook customized lead capture pages, a piece of paper on a clipboard. • Make it interesting, really interesting.. • Make them remember that you wanted to get to know them better.
  7. 7. What to do with them? • You have some email addresses.. Now.. what do you do? o Send out an email newsletter every 30-60 days. Telling them: • Events and sales you have scheduled in the future • One intrinsic thing about your industry that they did not know • One intrinsic thing that is random • One intrinsic thing that is Local • Link them to your website, landing pages, or facebook fanpage • FREE Solutions o Mail Chimp (for when time is not an issue) • Cheap Solutions o Constant Contact (for when time is an issue)
  8. 8. #3 Sell on Facebook • If you have a website.. And you sell things on your website.. You can embed your website sales page within your facebook fan page. o Obtain leads and sales from a totally different venue o Your search results, page views and facebook interaction will go through the roof! • A good web developer can help you to embed anything you’d like on your facebook page. o Videos o Music o Testimonials
  9. 9. #4 Search and Find • Did you know that you can actually Go, FIND and COMMUNICATE with leads using both Facebook and Twitter? • That you don’t have to be their fan, their friend or even know who the heck they are? • That you can narrow your search down using “boolean” search terms? • That you can further narrow your search for people that are near you geographically … directly targeting them as a consumer?
  10. 10. How to “kill it” on Twitter • • You can search any profile on Twitter for keywords, #hashtags, and links to other sites. • Twitter geo-tags most everything, so you’ll know where these posts originate. • Focus in on engaged social media users near you, not ones in another state or another country. • Create groups in Twitter to communicate and associate with groups of people on Twitter.
  11. 11. #5 Recruiting vs. Sourcing • Recruiting customarily meant posting your job, and waiting for emails/calls to inquire about it. • Sourcing is the active search for an employee, where you look for them in the pools of available (and not available) potential employees. • Use LinkedIn to search the Company rosters of your competition. Is there anyone there you’d like to get to know better? Contact they via LinkedIn messaging.
  12. 12. OVERTIME!! #6 Social Media Guidelines • Having people talk about your brand is serious business. It is even more amplified when your company is being talked about using Social Media tools.
  13. 13. #7 Google Plus makes some play • Google Plus is the social media realm of the “geek” with lower adoption rates than facebook, twitter and pinterest.. • However.. Google Plus pages are actively indexed and show up in search results (unlike fb/twitter/pinterest). • So.. In order to show up in Google search well, you NEED to be using Google Plus and posting to it regularly. If not, you are missing the boat. • And.. Did I mention that Google Adwords will now be placing Facebook advertising???
  14. 14. Your Take-Away • You just learned 5 7 killer ways to grow your business using social media • Here is a link to Mike’s Presentation that you can download. • Here is Mike’s contact information if you would like Bash Foo to take your marketing to a whole new level of awesome! Mike McDermott President, Bash Foo 140 E. Broadway Ave. Tipp City, OH 45371 office: (888) 345-5847 or mobile: (937) 573-8535 Twitter: @bashfoo