Brush Up On Your Social Selling Skills


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This social selling use case will show you how to connect with your prospect using social media and selling skills.

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Brush Up On Your Social Selling Skills

  1. Brush Up On Your Social Selling Skills Learn how to connect with customers and open doors using social media. @GerryMoran  
  2. Preview Summary Is it time to brush up on your social selling skills so you can connect with customers and open more doors? Do you need a new sales strategy? If you are not sure then answer these 5 questions: •  Are you clients returning your calls and emails? •  Are your clients researching their own needs? •  Is it important for your to be considered and expert? •  Is your personal brand critical to getting an appointment and closing a sale? •  Are you an expert at client communication? If you aren’t sure about these answers then it’s time time to think how you can. Consider this 7-part selling strategy: 1.  Have the best external-facing brand 2.  Be at least as good as your competition 3.  Position yourself as a relevant expert 4.  Be a part of the buyer’s journey 5.  Connect with the buyer on their terms 6.  Walk the innovation walk 7.  Use information to gain a competitive advantage at relationship building If you like this slide deck, you might also find my social media and marketing coaching blog enjoyable. Check out and let me know what you think! Thank you for your interest! @Gerry Moran @GerryMoran
  3. In Social Pursuit Of A Customer Not every CMO or decision-maker is active on social media However, this is a great use case to show potential social touch points. Beth Comstock just happens to be the most social CMO. @GerryMoran
  4. Customer Selling Strategy Selling Strategy •  •  •  •  •  Your need to be informed, smart and add value to make a good first impression. Collect as much information as possible Make selection of pre-touches Set a smart first impression Add value Contact @GerryMoran
  5. Find The Customer On LinkedIn Identifies a decision maker using LinkedIn Navigator •  •  •  Once you find your contact, avoid making immediate contact. Collect more information! Does NOT follow Joins same groups Search to LEARN more @GerryMoran
  6. Find More Information On Google Googles decision maker •  •  •  Looks for social channels Looks for blogs Search to LEARN more Google your customer to begin your search for more information. @GerryMoran
  7. … And More Information On Twitter Finds decision maker on Twitter •  •  •  •  •  Checks profile Follows Lists Checks followers Checks following Check their Twitter profile, their followers and who follows them. And, follow them. @GerryMoran
  8. … And More Information On Twitter Checks decision maker’s Twitterscape •  •  •  •  •  Favorites Retweets Tweets Links Lists Check out their tweets and lists, which are an open book to the type of content important to them. @GerryMoran
  9. … And More Information On Blogs Checks decision maker’s blog activity •  •  •  POV Opinion What’s Important! Reading their blog posts is like reading their business diary! @GerryMoran
  10. … And More Information On Facebook Checks decision maker’s Facebook activity •  •  •  Interests Conversation starters NEVER invite Reading their open Facebook profile gives you a peak into their personal likes, which is helpful when suggesting to meet at a ball game or a wine bar. @GerryMoran
  11. Get On Customer’s Radar Retweets decision maker’s tweets •  •  •  Gets on radar Validates her content Supports her presence Get on their radar by retweeting their content! Your action will show up in their Twitter ‘in box”. @GerryMoran
  12. Get On Customer’s Radar With LinkedIn Starts to like and comment decision maker’s LinkedIn content •  •  •  Gets on radar Validates Supports Continue to get on their radar with LinkedIn comments, likes and shares! @GerryMoran
  13. Find Shared Connections With LinkedIn Finds warm introductions on LinkedIn Navigator’s Team Link or through your contacts •  •  •  What can others add? Do others know decision maker? Connect to decision maker? If you know someone who knows them, then use that information to gather more information along the way. @GerryMoran
  14. Decision Maker Engages Back Decision maker engages back •  •  •  •  •  Checks your profile(s) Thanks you for comment or RT Responds to comments Looks at blog or site Notices more Some of this proactive engagement will turn into acknowledgment. The relationship begins! @GerryMoran
  15. Deepen Engagement With Prospect Engages more with decision maker •  •  •  LinkedIn request Twitter mentions & replies More blog comments Trust is built with more engagement. @GerryMoran
  16. Adds Sales Cycle-Based Value Uses content to frame buyer’s challenge •  •  •  Links to blog posts Links to 3rd-party articles More blog comments Sales rep begins to pass on more relevant content to help customer’s sale-cycle based decision. @GerryMoran
  17. 1st Phone Call Or Appointment. Not Cold! Reaches out on LinkedIn InMail, Twitter dm, phone or email to schedule an appointment … and it’s not cold. Now the sales rep’s first phone or email contact is not a cold call, since a relationship has been established. @GerryMoran
  18. Avoid 1st Contact Sounding Like ‘Peggy’ Source: @GerryMoran
  19. Thanks! @GerryMoran (215) 817-4085 Social Media And Marketing Coaching Blog Gerry Moran @GerryMoran