9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing


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  • Above all I am a direct marketer - old school meaning traditional DM principles applied to new media and channels!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/5/11 07:16) -----Throw what you know out the window!
  • Why I do what I do… my motto!How does this TRANSLATE to a social world?
  • Engagement!----- Meeting Notes (10/4/11 23:31) -----How does this translate to a social world?
  • Engagement! Connect… be real! Dialog! Two way street.
  • Engage with./.. Engaging customers/prospects in social media channels increases brand/time.The more time a consumer spends with your brand and your products, the more likely they are to buy.
  • Engage with./..
  • Engage with./..
  • We focused heavily on facebook. That was the central hub for our communty.
  • Actually 23K indecember.
  • Actually 23K indecember.
  • We do everything in our power to drive traffic to FBEven over our website in many instances
  • Humor, tease customers, deal ASAP with issues, Don’t just push out info, engage and build relationships
  • Email newsletters always promote!!!ContestsFreebies
  • Now back to ENGAGEMENT…
  • Out CTO developed a way to tell people if they chose too many carbsI wanted to brand it and did ws contest on FBContests are how we
  • Drive to utube, blog contests, twitter, etc…As a reformed cataloger, this is a familiar concept of DM and LTVWe cross promote fb, youtube, twitter, blog, website, etc!
  • We use twitter to drive to FB and Blog
  • Real voice, address concerns, etc.
  • Branding tfd employees video
  • We do this cross channel too, website, newsletter, etc! The more transparant we are, the more we open ourselves up to consumers as real, the more they respond.
  • January fiascoHowards market
  • United breaks guitarsYou will bet skewered.Brands better button up CS, product, brand image must match up!January snow, changes to food.
  • United breaks guitarsYou will bet skewered.Brands better button up CS, product, brand image must match up!January snow, changes to food.
  • The Fresh Diet Vs Yelp!
  • Engage with./..
  • 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. Presented by James Gilbert, CEOMay 21, 2013
    2. 2. • 30 year history in DM (old school > new school)• CEO, GDM• President Florida Direct Marketing Association• Adjunct Professor Direct Marketing• Author Target Marketing Group• Return on Intelligence Blog• Guide to Social Media - Content
    3. 3. "There is only one valid definition of businesspurpose – to create a customer.Companies are not in business to makethings… but to make customers.”-- Peter F. Drucker
    4. 4. • The deeper the level ofengagement, the deeper thetrust/bond with your company!• Nothing happens without engagement!• How engaged are your social media fans?
    5. 5. • The goals of every social mediamarketer...– Engage!– Draw them out!– Get them involved!– Tug at their heartstrings– Tell a story!!!!– Create drama!!!!
    6. 6. The 8 stages of engagement:• 1. Brand impression• 2. Like – casual listener• 3. Like - engages• 4. Super like – engages often• 5. Minor brand advocate – recommends brand• 6. Super brand advocate – recommends brand and sells product!• 7. Dislike – disgruntled like of advocate – goes away• 8. Super dislike (engaged dislike) – goes away and talks about brand in anegative wayGoal move from 1 – 6Goal move back from 7 and 8 to 6
    7. 7. • AboutTheFreshDiet• Focus onFacebook
    8. 8. Level of effectiveness = 0•November 2009:94 fans
    9. 9. Level of effectiveness = 100•December 2010:24,195 likesThat’s a lot more thannutrisysem!
    10. 10. Level of effectiveness = 1,000•October 2011:66,000 likesThat’s a lot more thannutrisysem!
    11. 11. Building our brand via Facebook• Our facebook page is our calling card.• Many times we prefer to send to FB over web• More powerful than our website– People see engagement and want to join in– People see happy customers and order!• Beyond our “likes” thousands of people checkus out on FB daily.
    12. 12. How we got there – Goals!• Main goal!• Put a human face on the nameless facelesscorporate entity• Distinguish ourselves from big corps• We are real people, promoting a healthylifestyle• People respond to real
    13. 13. How we got there – Goals!• Build relationships - Build engagement• Speak in a real voice• Develop trust• Give to get world• Time spent on site = engagement• Engagement = Sales• Sales + Engagement = Advocacy• I tease people, draw them out, call them out, etc
    14. 14. How we got to 66K – the basics• Call center• Collateral Material• Mailers• Email signatures• Email newsletters• Any place we can think of
    15. 15. How did we get there?Facebook ads• Can be hit or miss• Effective in driving targeted traffic• Target by:• Geography• Interests (dieting, kosher)• Work (where)• Education type• Connected to people, businesses
    16. 16. Step 2 building engagement• It started with a single contest.– Carbometer• We now run contests every day of the week
    17. 17. Contests mean to us• A way to seed the market with food• A way to have people come back and givepositive feedback• An engagement tool• Fun – draws people out
    18. 18. Contest examples• Plate yourfavorite meals
    19. 19. Contest examples• Halloween costumecontest
    20. 20. Contest examples• Motivationpostercontests
    21. 21. Contest examples• Fresh Diet-ize a Beatles Lyric (in honor of JohnLennon)• Fresh Diet-ized Haiku
    22. 22. Contest examples• Videocontests• Thiscontestcoined thephrase,“the freshdietdeliveryfairies?
    23. 23. Contest examples• Ultra secretcontests– My excuseto giveaway food• Any oldcontests– Banner ad
    24. 24. Contests Recipe winner
    25. 25. Any Excuse for a contest
    26. 26. • Brand + Channels = Revenue.– The more channels a consumer interacts with yourbrand in, the more likely they are to buy.– Offering multiple engagement channels allows forconsumer self selection of preferred channels.– Being in the right social media channels based onyour market increases channel interaction.
    27. 27. We do a lot of video
    28. 28. YouTube fun and relationship building
    29. 29. Building Traffic – Fans and LikesAd.ly networkallows you to buypaid tweets fromcelebritiesGained 400 fansin one day
    30. 30. Building Traffic – Fans and LikesTie ins with othersites drove majortraffic and likesWe did this one inconjunction witha freebie everyday.
    31. 31. Building Traffic – Fans and LikesTie ins with othersites drove majortraffic and likesWe did this one inconjunction witha freebie everyday.
    32. 32. Building Traffic – Fans and LikesPaid tweets fromHeidi Montagpromoting acontest drovefans and contestentries
    33. 33. Building Traffic – Fans and LikesUsing the @ signdrives trafficThis post ran onTFD and HollyMadison’s FBpage at the sametime
    34. 34. • Brand + time + channels = advocates.– Consumers spending time in multi channelsbreeds customers more likely to become brandadvocates and influencers.– This is the new multichannel marketing model forthe 21st century.– Social media creates brand advocates and turnspeers into your best salespeople.
    35. 35. Engagement our customers take over• In Orlando• Customers ran contests, promoted specialsanswered CS Q’s• Our customers would walk through fire due tothe trust we have built.• We ask people from FB to do interviews, showup at events, etc… even be on TV.
    36. 36. Customers take overFresh neverfrozen
    37. 37. • The exponential search factor.– Social media increases your search enginerankings, and when combined with your websitedrives additional traffic via organic search.
    38. 38. • The new-fangled customer servicefactor.– Consumers choose their contact preferences.– Brands not having multiple channels for customerservice risk losing customers.– Consumers expect instant gratification and socialmedia delivers.
    39. 39. Facebook as a customer service tool• Our Sales and CS people inhabit our page• Customer service is no longer limited to thecall center!!!• When questions get asked, we answer ASAP– Speed and agility in a social media world– If we don’t answer fast enough, we get grief
    40. 40. Facebook as a Customer Service toolWhen issues come upwe must address themwith speed, agility andaccuracy, otherwise wewill get skewered
    41. 41. Facebook as a Customer Service toolWhen issues come upwe must address themwith speed, agility andaccuracy, otherwise wewill get skeweredWe took a beating dueto the snow in the NE
    42. 42. • The behind the scenes factor.– People don’t buy from brands - they buy frompeople.– Social media puts a human face on the facelesscorporate entity.– The biggest opportunity around social media is toallow people to connect with your employees aspeers.
    43. 43. Bio’s ofouremployeesbringcustomerscloser tothecompany
    44. 44. Build involvement and trustBe TransparentGo behind thescenes
    45. 45. Bringing our customers closerImage done by one ofour customers of ourCEO Zalmi Duchman.He is officially Zman orZuperman to our fans
    46. 46. Again, we do a lot of video
    47. 47. • Trust is the new black.– The aforementioned laws allow consumers tobuild or rebuild trust if done correctly.– Social media harkens back to the days of thecorner store where consumers and brands had acordial relationship.– Social media builds relationships over time.
    48. 48. Trust? Our involvement devices• Delivery fairies• Fearless FB leader• Overgiving• We let our customers run and judge contests• Brand everybody• Make fun of ourselves• Have all get involved in company• Ask questions, involve customers (bag, slogans)
    49. 49. Building Trust – Random Freebies• Every day we give food away randomly on FB.• Other times we just give it away for no reason• Is it expensive? Sure, but the rewards areenormous– People are always promoting us to our friends– Another way we seed the market and drivepositive reviews
    50. 50. Build involvement and trust
    51. 51. Give to get – Random Freebies
    52. 52. • The online reputation factor.– Whether you like it or not consumers are talkingabout your brand.– Social media is the great neutralizer.– It allows your company to seek out negatives andturn them into positives via reputationmanagement and communications.
    53. 53. • The time spent factor.– Customers are not always ready to buy.– Social media’s eight other immutable lawsprepares customers over time.
    54. 54. • Engagement + time + trust =revenue.– When we run sales on FB sales come!– Use promo codes to track– Customers do the selling for us.• Must try this!
    55. 55. Video references• Under cover boss spoof:– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm0LyuLB890• The Fresh Diet LA Kitchen– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgD1BJp72oc• The Fresh Diet Project - Contest winner– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ2CxvOVM_s
    56. 56. Thank You!How to reach me…jimdirect@aol.com @gilbertdirect561-302-1719Don’t forget linked in!