2014 Digital Marketing Fundamentals


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Improve your digital marketing with the use of a strategic approach that joins your sales goals to your digital marketing activity. Topics covered include content strategy, SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing, and pay per click.

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2014 Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  1. 1. introducing
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Fundamentals Presented as a SCORE Workshop
  3. 3. what will we cover? • Content Strategy • SEO • Blogging • Social Media and social media sharing and advertising • Email marketing • Search marketing pay per click
  4. 4. digital marketing • digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. • allows small, local businesses to compete • Requires business marketing strategy • planned: annually, 6 mos, quarterly • use a planning template
  5. 5. which is more plentiful?
  6. 6. how they relate Email marketing Website + Blog Social Media Search Marketing PPC Customer
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Content Strategy
  8. 8. content is king • Anchors plan • Can be basis for social media • Starts a conversation • Positions
  9. 9. why strategy? If you put effort into planning your marketing and content strategy you you’ll have a higher success rate and also continue to execute based on a strategy, versus reacting to what is wrong due to lack of organization.
  10. 10. strategy Before you jump into planning answer these critical questions: – What triggers your customer to purchase? – What are you seasonal / sales goals? – What do you want to communicate? – Who are my customers; personas/segments – What questions can you answer, problems can you solve, or understanding can you add? – What can you reasonably commit to?
  11. 11. content planning questions • My audience is... • I’m offering them... • They will find it via... • They will care because... • They will interact by... • Their next step will be... • They will share it because... • They might not share it because... • The solution for this is... From How to Create a Winning Content Promotion Plan by Stephanie Beadell on BuzzStream Blog
  12. 12. From How to Create a Winning Beadell on BuzzStream Blog
  13. 13. customer path need a new fridge search net for deals visits yr site and calls buys
  14. 14. sales funnel show up in SERPs visit website sign up for newsletter open / read buy or see your PPC ad or call for information
  15. 15. owned earned paid Owned=Channel a Brand Controls Earned=When Customers or traditional media become the channel Paid=Brand pays for Using a channel Website Blog Tumblr Pinterest Flickr Twitter Facebook Google+ Advertisements Facebook Promoted Posts Promoted Tweets Google AdWords Your marketing sweet spot Facebook shares Magazine articles Newspaper articles Re-Tweets + ups in Google+
  16. 16. distribute content
  17. 17. content types • Photos • Videos • Text / written articles • Curated content Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano
  18. 18. SEO
  19. 19. truth “SEO has evolved to become the result of an actual marketing strategy versus marketing tactics” Rae Hoffman
  20. 20. seo planning is step 1 • seo is not an item to be left to the end • plan first • w/o planning, you’ll never get where you want to be Photo credit: Oatsy40
  21. 21. search engine optimization • Company you keep • Associations • Quality results first • Demoting poor quality in favor of higher quality
  22. 22. Google’s goal = best answers “We show the results at the top that answer the user’s queries directly (after all we built Google for users, not websites).” Posted by Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google
  23. 23. seo components • A strong SEO strategy has three core components: – links – content – social media • What's become more pronounced in the last year is the relationship between these elements. • Best user experience, e.g. mobile compatibility is no longer optional Read more: 5 SEO Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know for 2014
  24. 24. pandas, penguins, hummingbirds
  25. 25. fundamentals • solid, strong brand • great copy • adds value • well-designed site • useful information • fast • mobile responsive
  26. 26. all ins • Title – page – file media library • Text • Tags – alt – post – H2, H3 • Page • Subheads • Descriptions
  27. 27. other considerations • Inbound links • Bold • Cross site links as on-page navigation • No “click this link” rather, “click for map to our location”
  28. 28. Your Blog
  29. 29. why blog? Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. And companies with more indexed pages get far more leads. --Search Engine Strategies Conference, NYC 2013
  30. 30. blogging is.. Blogging is an essential marketing component for your business
  31. 31. reasons to blog? • Improve Search Rank • Build for Long-Tail Content • Community and Market Education • Communicate High Trust Content • Build Lists, Conversions and Reach • Build Brand Value and Equity --Search Engine Watch
  32. 32. control of message You are a self-publisher New earned media Gain share of voice
  33. 33. blogging steps 1. Platform Decision 2. Platform Setup 3. Research 4. Plan 5. Create 6. Post 7. Promote 8. Evaluate/Adjust
  34. 34. wordpress • WordPress is the dominant content management system platform. • WordPress is used by 60.9% of all websites whose CMS is known • 23.1% of all websites • 2 ‘flavors’ W3Techs article
  35. 35. WordPress.com
  36. 36. WordPress.org
  37. 37. blogger
  38. 38. tumblr Source Tumblr's Top Draw as a Marketing Platform Is Its Wealthier User Base Ringing up revenue for retailers By Garett Sloane via AdWeek
  39. 39. Research Blog Posts Business Goals
  40. 40. what do you post about? What your customers care about What you care about What you blog about
  41. 41. simple advice Not sure where to start with your blog content? Follow one, simple rule: Help other people From Shareaholic Blog: 4 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement Kali Hawlk
  42. 42. advice on content Valuable content: • Useful or functional for readers – how to do something – suggests an answer to a question • Offers insights readers can apply to their own lives for clarity or solutions to problems • Compels – strong, unique and genuine voice • Speaks directly to a specific person • Demonstrates authority in niche From Shareaholic Blog: 4 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement Kali Hawlk
  43. 43. Your content must: • Provoke thoughtful questions. • Encourage interested discussion. • Provide intense happiness. • Offer solutions to complicated problems. From Shareaholic Blog: 4 Ways to Increase Audience Engagement Kali Hawlk
  44. 44. taxonomy • Map it out • Identify primary • Supporting branches • Categories – One per post • Tags as micro-categories – Not contained in post titles
  45. 45. plan blog categories Parent Category Cupcakes Child or Secondary Categories CChhooccoollaattee BBBiiirrrttthhhdddaaayyy Decorating
  46. 46. plan ‘tags’- micro-categories Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Milk Chocolate Child Category Chocolate Tags
  47. 47. create editorial calendar Topic Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Cakes Birthday Cupcakes Chocolate Cupcakes Desserts How to decorate cupcakes with real flowers Favorite Milk Chocolate Cupcake Recipes Superhero Birthday Cupcakes
  48. 48. after posting...promotion “The real magic lies in content promotion. Without it, your content will struggle to earn a social mention, let alone a quality backlink.”* • Where will they see it? • What will motivate them? • Where will you/they share it? *Robbie Richards in 16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies
  49. 49. Social Media
  50. 50. why use social media? “...value in bonding with an online community and reaching people where they already spend much of their time — on mobile phones and in social media apps.” NY Times
  51. 51. pew internet stats 73% of online adults use social media 42% use multiple social sites 71% of online adults are Facebook users ***Know your customer and where they are most likely to be in social media.
  52. 52. Social networking/media |61% of all adults 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 9% 89% 7% 78% 6% 60% 0.01 30-49 50-64 65+ 7% 38384.0 38930.0 39569.0 39904.0 40299.0 40756.0 41122.0 41395.0 Slide credit: Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Internet Project Presentation 5 MEDIA SPACES WHERE PEOPLE LIVE
  53. 53. who uses what? • Pinterest appeals especially to females users (4:1) • LinkedIn is especially popular among college graduates and internet users in higher income households. • Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers, and non-whites. – Substantial overlap between Twitter and Instagram user bases.
  54. 54. Slide credit: Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Internet Project Presentation 5 MEDIA SPACES WHERE PEOPLE LIVE
  55. 55. understand each channel
  56. 56. social success • YouTube appeared to be the strongest of the social networks at introducing new products (18%) and driving conversions (14%). – video is an important format for advertising to potential customers. • Facebook came in a close second place in terms of introducing new products (11%) and closing sales (10%). from: Myth-Busting Social Media Advertising
  57. 57. social media best practices • complete profiles • share other’s content • ask, answer, participate • use different types of content in different channels; esp. images • monitor analytics/metrics • create for specific personas • calendar everything; plan; schedule • social media plan
  58. 58. channel changes = ads • All channels are either using or contemplating / experimenting with paid ads; ad promotion • Dec 2013 Facebook changed the algorithm that determines which "stories" show up on the News Feed • Facebook’s algorithm changes caused a decline in “organic reach and organic reach percentage 44% on average, with some pages seeing declines as high as 88%.” • “Brand Page Reach Now Often Under 3%” Business Insider
  59. 59. compare success of ads • due to changes in algorithms for social channels, paid ads are performing far better than organic. from: Myth-Busting Social Media Advertising
  60. 60. 3x higher conversion rate from: Myth-Busting Social Media Advertising
  61. 61. case study • Teach for America – enhancing reputation, mission driven – positioning organization for recruiting & placement – creating positive PR • Strategy – fully integrated – blog – TeacherPop separate channel for teachers w/ it’s own social channels – organization social media separate from teachers’
  62. 62. teach for america Pinterest
  63. 63. teach for america Twitter
  64. 64. teach for america instagram
  65. 65. share, friend, participate
  66. 66. e-mail marketing
  67. 67. 1:1 email one to one communication
  68. 68. email marketing creates ROI • Recent survey of marketing professionals, 64% “believe in the ability of email marketing” • integrate all marketing with their email marketing/list development • adapting email marketing to mobile devices
  69. 69. email marketing requirements • email marketing platform; e.g. MailChimp or ConstantContact, Vertical Response – CAN SPAM act • list of ppl who have opted in to your email – segments work best • brand centric template to use for your emails • email campaign strategy
  70. 70. common email marketing uses • keep in touch with prior customers • nurture relationships with potential customers • seasonal offers or specials • product updates or news • sharing helpful articles or information • bringing traffic to your website
  71. 71. email marketing best practices • Establish a clear purpose of communication • Tailor content to suit your audience • Distribute regularly • Make it visually engaging • Monitor the effectiveness of your emails – Unique Opens, CTR, Forwards, Social Share, Best customers The Next Web
  72. 72. Middleton Place Example Why is this good? • Visually Interesting • Relates to Seasonal Goals • Clean, organized • Links to website • Social Profiles Improvements? • Social sharing
  73. 73. pay per click
  74. 74. pay per click knowledge • best for businesses with online sales – direct sales – when you can ask for specific action • ads must be placed so they intersect your customer at the right time in buying cycle/search • buyer personas can guide campaigns • landing pages
  75. 75. pay per click must dos • determine network, Google, Bing, Facebook • set budget • keyword research • word ads • refine ads, campaigns, keywords • placement, mobile? Network? Search results? • Google Adwords will help you get started
  76. 76. lather, rinse, repeat • monitor • adjust • refresh • keep alert to changes • competition Photo credit: 1950sUnlimited