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SlideShare Networks


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Published in: Technology, Business

SlideShare Networks

  1. SlideShare Networks<br />How large organizations engage the world’s largest professional sharing community<br />
  2. Contents<br />In this presentation, we will cover:<br />SlideShare Channels – custom branded content marketing<br />SlideShare Networks – custom branded group of Channels across SlideShare<br />Custom Content Boxes – how to customize Channels and Networks<br />
  3. Your Company on SlideShare<br />Top 200 site on the web<br />50 Million user/mo<br />150 Million pages/mo<br />3 Billion slides/mo<br />10,000s daily uploads<br />Professional demographic<br />
  4. SlideShare Channels<br />A must-have for <br />Social Media Marketing<br />
  5. Custom Branded Channels<br /><ul><li> Presentations, Documents & Videos
  6. Content SEO & social distribution
  7. Meets regulatory requirements</li></ul><br />
  8. Channel Value Propositions<br />Branding<br />Communication (e.g. IR, campaigns)<br />Engagement<br />Lead Generation<br /><br />
  9. SlideShare Networks<br />A Network of Branded Channels with Curation and Aggregation<br />
  10. Your People are on SlideShare..<br />…building their brands as professionals<br />
  11. With SlideShare Networks…<br />…they can present themselves while building your brand<br />
  12. Give your people Pro accounts<br /><br />
  13. Curate and Automatically Aggregate Content to Network Home<br />
  14. IBM Expert Network<br /><br />
  15. Networks made of groups<br />Dell Network Channels<br /><ul><li> Large enterprise
  16. Professional Services
  17. Social Media team</li></ul><br />
  18. Potential Channels in a Network<br />IR/Corp Comms (home)<br />Business Units<br />Products<br />Support<br />Campaigns<br />Foreign Offices<br />Partnerships<br />Events<br /><br />
  19. Network Features<br /><ul><li>Custom Branding
  20. No Ads
  21. Curation and Aggregation
  22. Analytics & Buzz Tracking
  23. Unlimited uploads
  24. Unlimited lead capture
  25. Promotion options</li></ul><br />
  26. Custom Content Boxes(how you customize Networks)<br />
  27. Pfizer Custom Content Boxes<br />Blog aggregation<br />Custom Navigation<br />Twitter widget<br />YouTube aggregation<br /><br />
  28. Dell Network Custom Boxes<br />Featured Presentation<br />Network navigation<br />Twitter list widget<br /><br />
  29. Questions?<br />For more information, please contact SlideShare Pro Sales<br />