footprints that participants drew on the
Why do I volunteer                                           programme office wal...
January 2010

improve ourselves without challenges?           easier for us all to keep in touch,” says
Besides, we have l...
January 2010

make sessions more attractive and              delegates. This was followed by colours
beneficial to the par...
January 2010

the lectern and the Wall Hanging were              Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association of
handed over to t...
January 2010

Taking inspiration from Kenya - a                 elements of speaking out, doing and
country famous for saf...
January 2010

Singapore runs Girl Guide Cookie
Project 2009
                                                 Goal 2 – Stro...
January 2010

Bureau when they need to approach the              higher school attendance in the future,
external parties ...
January 2010

participants also gained a better               members of National Headquarters,
understanding of what the ...
January 2010

                                                Guides learnt how to make solar ovens
Goal 3 - The Voice of ...
January 2010

Government were invited to give lecture          of activities and projects during 2010,
on their profession...
January 2010

Stand Up Against                                  against Poverty. 50 Girl Guides from five
January 2010

                                                  Group: Members of WAGGGS/WOSM
Friends of Asia             ...
January 2010

Cost: Accommodation and food provided              November 2009 to be a part of the
free of charge (financi...
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AP Link News - January 2010


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AP Link News - January 2010

  1. 1. footprints that participants drew on the Why do I volunteer programme office wall a beautiful rainbow of colours that the trees and flowers make. Ju-Hee from Korea writes on her experiences working as a volunteer at The main reason why I love it here is Our Cabaña. She was a volunteer at Our because of the smiles that people share Cabaña from 17 July to 30 August 2009. at all times and I have noticed that I smiled because of them without realizing “I still it. Why? Is it because of beautiful remember scenery? Or fun activities? Or the when I flew particular joy of this country? Could be! from Korea Maybe they are harmonized at Our to Mexico. I Cabaña, a magical place that has the arrived at power to make people share laughter Mexico City together. airport and all I could Being here as a volunteer is so exciting. hear around me was unrecognizable As a volunteer, I meet lots of Guiding Spanish. However, with the grace of a and Scouting members from different Korean young leader I got over my fear countries and become friends with them. of the new language and finally reached I have also had the opportunity to speak Our Cabaña. out and take action. In Korea, I had a rather conservative upbringing with very I arrived at this World Centre at the end specific rules to follow. Therefore, until a of an event when participants were few days ago, I was naturally thinking leaving and staff members were seeing about this and trying to follow them. them off with a special wave. On peoples However, at Our Cabaña, everything faces were big smiles and unwillingness depends on me. From the basic rules to leave. By way of their looks I got my about daily life to planning my own first impression of Our Cabaña and I activities freely without any fixed frame. started to look forward to my experience here. Being a volunteer also has its challenges. Most participants are from Our Cabaña and Mexico are so alike. the Western Hemisphere and Europe and Mexico is 'colourful', most buildings are I sometimes face the differences in covered with various coloured paints and culture and language. However, I always you can find graffiti here and there very remember that rising to challenges easily. In the same way, Our Cabaña is makes you stronger. How can we full of variety, fun events, colorful 12 January 2010~11:25~MM R:Asia PacificPublication and PromotionLink News2010JanAsia Pacific Link News January - final.doc
  2. 2. January 2010 improve ourselves without challenges? easier for us all to keep in touch,” says Besides, we have lots of friends who Mrs Morton. assist us along the way and keep a watch with warm heart. Volunteering for GirlGuiding New Zealand, she says, is a huge part of her Here is the Chief’s door: the historic life. door where thousands of Girl Scouts and “I enjoy my voluntary work thoroughly Girl Guides have come and gone. Will and the many challenges it provides you pass through as well? If you’re up to me.” the challenge, apply with confidence!” Margaret Morton was initially attracted Honour for New Zealand volunteer to Girl Guiding as an only child looking for something different. “GirlGuiding Margaret Morton, has led me on paths that I wouldn’t have a long-time taken, like the opportunity to experience volunteer with a wide range of outdoors activities, and, GirlGuiding New in the end, gave me the chance to Zealand, was provide a leadership and educational awarded a Queen’s role to many other girls over the years.” Service Medal in the recent round Lone Guides, in particular, has become of awards, for her her “niche” over the years. With a large services to geographical spread throughout the Guiding. Mrs Marlborough region, the girls all enjoy a Morton, is based in Marlborough and has chance to get together on activity days, been involved with GirlGuiding since she says. 1953 when she started as a Guide in Tauranga. Her voluntary work with the Mrs Morton plans to continue her role for organization has since spanned 56 years a few years to come, despite being 70 and has had a huge impact on her life, years old. “I enjoy it too much to stop she says. “Volunteering is a way of life now and, while I can still provide in so many ways and I cannot imagine leadership to my Lone girls, I will what my life would be like without it,” continue to do so.” she says. The Queen’s Service Medal was a First Asia Pacific surprise to Mrs Morton but she says it reflects not just on her work as a Regional Summit volunteer leader but on GirlGuiding as held an organization. “I was absolutely delighted with the honour and it shows The first an appreciation of the role GirlGuiding Asia has for our girls in New Zealand.” Pacific Regional Teaching new skills and, learning them Summit herself, keeps her passionate and there concluded on high note with Member are always new challenges on the Organizations presenting their horizon. Her recently acquired computer statements and putting their piece skills have made it easier to keep in together to form a new kaleidoscope, in touch with her group of eight Lone line with the theme of the summit Guides scattered throughout the “Kaleidoscoping the future”. Marlborough region. She now regularly contacts the Pippins, Brownies and The four-day Summit was attended by Guides by email. “I can now send them 99 participants consisting of girls and all information about our monthly adults from 16 countries. The Summit activities at once and they can email me marked a new way of doing things their badge work. It makes it much where innovative ideas were used to 2
  3. 3. January 2010 make sessions more attractive and delegates. This was followed by colours beneficial to the participants. before participants were dismissed. The 1st Asia Pacific Regional Summit We hope you enjoyed your stay and kicked off with a short, simple, and learned new ideas from our sharings memorable ceremony held at the that you could impart and use in your Auditorium of the Development Academy own organization. of the Philippines in Tagaytay City, Philippines. The theme of the Summit resonated at the scene, especially when 40th Anniversary Celebrations the Reflection, entitled “A Kaleidoscope World,” was presented. Asia Pacific Region also celebrated its 40th A total of 99 delegates, out of which 26 Anniversary during the were girls between the ages of 14-16 Regional Summit with a years, participated in the opening gala dinner held on 14 ceremony. They represented 16 member November 2009 at Taal organizations across the Asia Pacific Vista Hotel, Tagaytay, Region. Also in attendance were 59 Philippines. The dinner was a reunion of members of Friends of Asia Pacific friends, supporters and guests – all WAGGGS (FAPW). rejoicing for AP Region’s 40 years of successes and learnings. Mary Dawson brought participants through the The celebration was a special one as 40 years of instead of receiving gifts for the birthday Asia Pacific celebrations, the Region contributed gift Region by packs to children in need, as well as connecting those affected by Typhoon Parma. Member Organizations One highlight of the evening was the with the charity auction facilitated by Mary Region under the theme of “Coming Dawson. Two items were auctioned off together, Working together, Playing to the highest bidder – the lectern fall, together and Planning Together”. The which went to Amelita Dayrit-Go of the sessions during the summit covered Philippines, who bid for USD 300.00; considering how the AP Region and and the AP Wall Hanging, which went to Member Organizations could cope with HRH Princess Azizah and Dr Juseon the major challenges faced by Girl Byun, who shared the total bid of Guiding and Girl Scouting currently, the $5,000.00! use of resources and opportunities provided by WAGGGS, how to improve This wall the programme with feedback from girls, hanging, a how effective NGOs operate, factors that collector’s prevent Member Organizations from item for this being effective, plans to expand Girl historical Guiding and Girl Scouting to China and occasion, the peer education programme. was made from 25 blocks representing the 25 The Summit officially closed with a Member Organizations in the AP Region simple outdoor ceremony. Each Member and was assembled by Dallas Langdon. Organization presented their statement Each piece of block was uniquely made in a piece of kaleidoscope and after and contributed by each of the Member reading their statement they put their Organizations in the Region. This piece on the ground to form a new symbolizes the rich diversity of the Asia kaleidoscope. Certificates of Pacific Region sewn together into one Participation were given to the piece, just like how Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting unite us into one family. Both 3
  4. 4. January 2010 the lectern and the Wall Hanging were Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association of handed over to the Asia Pacific Thailand won 2nd Prize with their video Committee. Proceeds of the auction will entitled “Making use of Spare Time” be channeled into programmes for the while Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association development of Girl Guiding and Girl won 3rd Prize with their video “Seeds of Scouting in the Region. Success”. It was also during the anniversary Judging was done by online voting celebration that the winners for the where Girl Guides, Girl Scouts and video competition were announced. supporters around the world voted for After that, June Cameron, Chairman of their favourite video. The videos Asia Pacific Region cut the birthday cake provided by MOs will be submitted to the together with HRH Princess Azizah; Dr Communication Department of WAGGGS Salud Bagalso, President of the Girl for future communication purpose. Five Scouts of Philippines and 6 former teams also won the Consolation Prize. Chairmen of Asia Pacific Region. They can be found on the AP microsite: Other news about the Summit: 512 Press release from WAGGGS: es/documents/3901 top 40 AP song: WAGGGS’ goals 513 Goal 1 – Leadership Malaysia Team Champion of Asia Development Pacific Region Video Competition at the Summit Sri Lanka participant at Juliette Low Seminar A team of three girls Chathurangi De Silva, Senior Guide, 23rd from Girl Colombo from Sri Lanka Girl Guides Guides Association writes “JUMBO!!! That’s a Association of big ‘hello’ in Swahili, all the way from Malaysia Kenya. A group of 65 young leaders emerged from 62 countries gathered in Nairobi, Champion of Kenya, from 23 to 29 August for the the Asia Pacific Juliette Low Seminar 2009, and for the Region Video first time ever it was held in the Africa Competition Region. with their video titled With ‘A “We Care, We Honour, We Share”. Alicia safari… in Chung Hue Ching, Marissa Tham Sze Min leadership’ and Oh Jia Zhen presented various as the activities and values of Girl Guiding / Girl theme, Scouting in their video. activities included HRH the Crown Princess of Pahang, exploring the Malaysia, Princess Azizah Iskandar, savannah Deputy President of the Girl Guides and learning Association of Malaysia received the some leadership tips and skills from the winning certificates from June Cameron Big 5 (lion, buffalo, rhino, elephant and on their behalf at the AP Region 40th leopard). The young leaders also took Anniversary Dinner held on 14 part in the community development November 2009 at Taal Vista Hotel, projects spearheaded by the Kenya Girl Tagaytay, Philippines. Guides Association. 4
  5. 5. January 2010 Taking inspiration from Kenya - a elements of speaking out, doing and country famous for safaris - the planning educating? We learned that advocacy is team had created for us an exciting and more than just community service. challenging programme. The first part of the progamme focused on ‘personal Japan - The Kyushu Area Girl Scouts development’, ‘me as a leader’ and ‘the Gathering 2009 in Fukuoka leader within us’ as well as leadership theories and practices. We also learned The Kyushu about the value of advocacy, taking into Area Girl consideration the WAGGGS Global Action Scouts Theme (GAT), especially when we visited Gathering local projects. The remaining part of the was held at programme explored diversity, with Fukuoka workshops aimed at enhancing Prefectural leadership development and setting objectives for action plans that we are Shakaikyouiku Sougou Center from 7 to now to implement in our own country. 9 August 2009. 70 Senior Girl Scouts and Ranger Girl Scouts gathered from The Juliette Low seminar participants Oita, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Saga, embarked on a safari on the first day! Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Miyazaki The first session was to explore the Councils. Savannah, understanding what we would learn and discover over the seven The theme was girls worldwide say days. We visited a walk-in Safari Park in "together we can change the world" and Nairobi and it was a learning experience Sub-theme was “FUKUOKA FUTURE by for us to see the animals in their habitat. Community-based GS Railways”. "Gathering" is an exchanging The official opening ceremony was opportunity for Ranger and Senior Girl surely a very colourful and lively Scouts in Japan through discussions on experience for all of us. We met the WAGGGS' theme. Plenty and poverty, Chief Commissioner of Kenya Girl Guides developing countries and developed Association and many others who are countries, life and death, etc., Girls involved in the Girl Guides and Scout reflected back on their daily life by Movement. Persons present were the seeing the global situation with those American Ambassador in Kenya, key words. Their final findings are: a. all WAGGGS Deputy Chair, Permanent 8 GATs may link together, b. getting to Secretary Youth Affairs and Sports, and know the fact is the first step and c. Kenya Scout Association action plans followed each GAT picked representatives. up this time should be considered in their own way at Council level first. Later on we had a couple of workshops on personal development and on the The Kyushu Area Gathering is organized responsibilities of a leader. “Leadership once a year and each Council becomes a may be of any style but leaders should Council in charge by rotation. This year, be able to communicate appropriately with a full support by a Council in with their team.” charge, that is Fukuoka Council, the Gathering itself was planned by five Ranger Girl Scouts and staff team of We also gained a lot of training on the eight girls. concept of advocacy. We learned about the WAGGGS fundamentals of advocacy. Girl Scouts of Japan is divided into seven The first active discussion was in areas, each area will hold the Girl Scouts defining advocacy in our mother tongue. Gathering from August to November A discussion was held about the 2009 and every theme relates to GAT. difference between community service More than 750 Senior Girl Scouts and and advocacy. The question was raised – Ranger Girl Scouts will participate in the do our service projects have the Girl Scout Gatherings. 5
  6. 6. January 2010 Singapore runs Girl Guide Cookie Project 2009 Goal 2 – Strong and Growing Member This year’s cookie sale Organizations was special and Project 3L and Pakistan report exciting. Girl Guides The Project 3L - Life Long Learning” Singapore responds to the needs of Member launched a Organizations to provide opportunity for new cookie growth for young women. It is envisaged flavour and a fresh set of cookie tin that the Project 3L – Life Long Learning designs. The new flavour "Chocolate will give young women skills to use for Crunch" is a delicious chocolate cookie their life; the skills, such as life skills, made with cornflakes and chocolate management skills and technical as well chips, without cream. as technological skills relevant for the personal development of young people so they will be better equipped with The three flavours of Chocolate Cream, abilities that are essential in coping with Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Crunch a changing world. The Friends of Asia each retails for SG$10. The new set of Pacific Region, WAGGGS have set aside three tin designs showcase the creative an amount of money for this Project and abilities of their Guides and Brownies as grants amounting to a total of USD expressed in their recent cookie tin 2,000 will be awarded to the recipient design competition. The tins Member Organizations. Thousands of communicate the values of, Friendship, thousands of girls have benefitted from Excellence and Respect in conjunction what they learned to improve their life with the inaugural Singapore Youth and empower their career development. Olympics in 2010, values which Girl Some of the projects generate new Guides actively promotes. The tins also income for the Member Organizations, celebrate the 100 years of Girl Guiding. some of them bring extra income to help with their families living. The cookie project has a long tradition in GGS as well as internationally in our Pakistan Girl Guides Association sister movements. It is their flagship established a Computer Training centre fund raising event and provides funding at its National Training Center, to support fun, exciting and relevant Islamabad under the Project 3L Scheme. programmes and training for members, The goal of the project was capacity both local and international; Operating building of young volunteers and expenditure of the Guide House and professional staff in the field of Camp Christine; Provision of services to information and technology. The the community as we put into practice project’s objectives were to provide IT our Guide Law and Promise. training to young volunteers and Guide Trainers; to provide short courses of The cookie project is not only a fun way computer initiation to Senior Guides to support Guiding activities and during summer and winter holidays; to programmes, it also teaches useful skills provide comprehensive IT package to in girls, such as confidence, young volunteers and staff belonging to entrepreneurship and money remote areas. Following the management. establishment of the IT centre the first training course was run for students on 3 August 2009. Previous project reports have supported the Fund Development and Communications teams in the World 6
  7. 7. January 2010 Bureau when they need to approach the higher school attendance in the future, external parties for funding and support the traffic regulation as opportunities. public services at five main districts in Phnom Penh during twelve national Girl Guides Australia launches two events. The research will focus on the new Centenary partnerships poorest families in four Khan (districts) in Phnom Penh. As part of the traffic On 5 September 2009, Federal Minister regulation support the association Hon. Kate Ellis MP, Minister for Early cooperated with Phnom Penh Childhood Education, Childcare and Municipality and Traffic Police to help Youth, Minister for Sport, launched two with traffic duties during the Water new national partnerships with UNICEF Festival Day in Phnom Penh at the end and Clean Up Australia at the opening of of October. This is the third opportunity the Centenary, Girls Celebrate, attended for the association to work in by 3,000 Guides. During the day Jacqui cooperation with the National Authority Siebel, national Olave Program Manager, against Drug Abuse and the Ministry of and Anna Dekkar, Advocacy Manager Interior funded by Japan International UNICEF Australia, also launched the Cooperation Agency. As part of this Centenary International Service cooperation they conducted a Challenge, Girls Unite to Read and Write. dissemination campaign on the Guides, using specially created prevention of Drug Abuse with education and activity packs, will explore participants at the Water Festival. the issue of equal access to education for children and young people worldwide 12th Girl Scout International (MDG 2). Guides will also raise funds to Camp 2009 held in Korea support a UNICEF development project to promote girls’ education in Papua New Girl Scouts Guinea by making the education system Korea safer and friendlier for girls while raising successfully awareness in the community of the completed importance of girls’ education. the 12th Girl Scout Abyilene McGuire, Olave Program International participant, with Terrie Ann Johnson, Camp 2009, CEO of Clean Up Australia, launched a Incheon attended by 10,000 participants mobile phone recycling partnership. Girl from 42 countries from 5 to 11 August Guides Australia will receive $1.50 for under the sponsorship of the Asia Pacific every mobile phone recycled and will be Region, WAGGGS, Korean Ministry of helping lead the way to bring about Health, Welfare and Family Affairs and environmental change (MDG 7). Only Incheon Metropolitan City. 3% of mobile phones purchased in Australia are currently recycled. The Camp theme was "Make your tomorrow", and every camper tried to Cambodia signs memorandum of make an Eco-friendly Camp by reducing understanding with government food waste, saving water and not using Cooperation disposables. They felt the importance of environmental conservation while A memorandum of understanding was practising environmental protection. signed on 18 November 2009 at Phnom Penh Municipality between the Chief All Campers had the opportunity to Commissioner of Girl Guides Association develop their skills by actively of Cambodia and the Vice-Governor of participating in 48 kind of various on-site Phnom Penh Municipality for the activities in six programme areas such research project on girls who have as camping, professional experiences dropped out of secondary schools before (handicrafts, cartoonist, magician), Girl their graduation. The aim of this is to Scouts programme, health, global seek ways of encouraging girls into activities and challenges. The 7
  8. 8. January 2010 participants also gained a better members of National Headquarters, understanding of what the Girl Scouts regions and councils, and 2,700 girls and spirit meant and shared the international troop leaders from Northern, Central and friendship and a happy feeling of Southern Luzon Regions. Also present togetherness during the camp. were Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim and the Undersecretary of the Department of 14 teams from different countries gave Education. wonderful performances to share their culture on International Night which was Girl Guides Singapore President’s one of the highlights of the camp. The Guide Awardee writes Korean Prime Minister, Seung-su Han and the Girl Scout PR Ambassador Ten Girl Guides from Girl Guides singing group ‘Girlsgeneration’ attended Singapore (GGS) were honoured with the opening ceremony to celebrate the the President’s Guide Award at the International Camp. ISTANA on 23 November 2009. Philippines celebrates Girl Scout Lee Xiao En, one of the President’s Week Guide writes “This President’s Guide Award journey has been extremely Girl Scouts all over the country were fulfilling. At the same time it has also invited to participate in the week-long been a humbling experience - filled with celebration from 20 to 26 September apprehension, surprises, upsets and 2009 under the theme girls worldwide joys, tears and fears, fun and laughter say “together we can change our world”, with newly acquired friends - sister which was adopted from the WAGGGS Guides on the same mission. Right from Global Action Theme (GAT). The focus the start, we trained together to improve was on the United Nations Eight our knowledge for the interviews, hone Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). our pioneering and fire lighting skills - determined to be a bunch of happy They used Guides, encouraging each other. We the sub- shared unforgettable memories, learning themes of and growing together through the entire the MDGs journey. The Planning and Organisation on which to Camp was the most physically and base their mentally-challenging round for me, but activities for the indescribable feeling of standing the week. under the night sky, in front of a blazing These campfire, surrounded by sisters-in- included “Discovering Potential”, “Saving Guiding made it all worthwhile. This our Planet” and “Creating Peace through journey would not have been possible at Partnerships” amongst others. all without my Guiders, teachers and the numerous people who guided us along Regions/councils mobilized Girl Scout the way – They are our mentors and our patrols/troops for a nationwide inspiration … and not least also our celebration of the Girl Scout Week. The friends. “It is good to have an end to suggested activities from the GAT Badge journey towards; but it is the journey Curriculum Activity pack were some of that matters in the end.” This is but an the activities which the girls undertook. all-too-familiar and cliché quote, yet it is so true! This Journey has not yet ended; On 20 September the GSP National it is but a prelude to a much greater one Headquarters held an activity in in life.” Intramuros, Manila in honour of their Founder, Josefa Llanes Escoda and former Chief Girl Scout, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. The day started with a Holy Mass at Manila Cathedral attended by GSP national officers, staff 8
  9. 9. January 2010 Guides learnt how to make solar ovens Goal 3 - The Voice of with recycled materials and Brownies Girls and Young learnt how to assemble solar-powered toy cars. Women Pakistan celebrates International Girl Guides Australia represented at Literacy Day COP15 - United National Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen On 8 September 2009 the Literacy Resource Centre Lahore, Pakistan, At the time of writing, Girl Guides managed by Pakistan Girl Guides Australia has four young women heading Association organized community based to Copenhagen for the United Nations activities at Community Learning Climate Change Conference—COP15. Centers working in Attoke Awan and These four young women are all BataPur, Lahore. The aim of the day was between the ages of 18 and 30 and hold to highlight International Literacy Day in various roles, including Leaders of promoting Education for all especially for Youth, participants in the Olave Program girls and young women. 40 learners (Girl Guides Australia’s 18-30 program) including pregnant mothers and mothers and positions on a number of of 0-6 year old children and other family committees. The outcomes of COP15 members participated in the are very important to young people in programme. The programme included Australia. There is a great sense of role plays, case studies and exhibition of urgency amongst Australia’s youth, that the products made by the learners for firm action and a binding agreement building literate environment in families must be the result of COP15. The and communities and poverty alleviation delegates have been preparing for the programme. The mothers shared their conference by surveying Girl Guides work of using literacy skills for their Australia members, asking them what children The Punjab Girl Guides changes they are prepared to make in Association, Pakistan is running a special their own lives to reduce carbon project on “Supporting Maternal and emissions. Once they arrive, they will be Child Health Improvement and Building updating us on the journey and updates Literate Environments (SMILE)” in the can be found on the Girl Guides Australia community learning centers which is website at teaching 20 learners and many communities with the support of ACCU (Asia Pacific Culture Center for UNESCO) Hong Kong runs Energy Efficiency Japan. and Conservation Workshop Taiwan runs Adolescent HIV and On 31 October AIDS Curriculum 2009 60 Brownies and Girl Scouts of Taiwan held an Adolescent Guides HIV and AIDS Curriculum on 20 May at participated in an Ren Ai Elementary School, Keelung City. Energy Efficiency More than 70 participants including Girl and Conservation Scouts, Leaders, parents and teachers Workshop, which took part in the event. After the was conducted welcoming words given by Mrs. Lai Re by instructors Fung, Chief Commissioner of Keelung from Tai Po City Council, several programs followed Environmental which focused on knowledge of HIV and Association. The purpose of the event AIDS as well as drug abuse. Dr. Yang was to help the girls to understand Jie, General Secretary of AIDS Harmony energy efficiency and climate change Home Association and Dr. Lin Yu-En, due to man’s impact on the Manager of Pharmaceutical Affairs environment. During the workshop Section, Health Bureau of Keelung 9
  10. 10. January 2010 Government were invited to give lecture of activities and projects during 2010, on their professional and practices on which will enable Guides across the HIV and AIDS. country to celebrate Girl Guides Australia’s past, and to help drive the A new movement into the future. edition of HIV and Girl Guides Australia Chief AIDS Commissioner, Lynne Price, said “Girl Passport Guides Australia has been building launched by confidence in Australian girls and GST was teaching leadership skills in Australian published girls and young women for a century during the and the support of the Australian Federal event. Through interacting activities and Government means we can continue to tests, participants not only strengthened do this well into the future. awareness on infection and prevention of HIV/AIDS, but also built concepts and “The funding will assist Girl Guides learnt the ways of protecting themselves particularly during 2010 – the Year of from drugs. the Girl Guide, by bringing together Guides from across the country to Taiwan also held the first HIV and AIDS celebrate the Centenary”, said Mrs Price. Prevention Postcard Competition. There were 2 themes for the competition: The funding also “Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise” and includes a sum of “Together we can fight AIDS”, which $80,000 to provide attracted 369 participants from across financial assistance the country to join, ranging from 5 to 15 to enable years old. These imaginative artworks disadvantaged showed their care and support toward Guides attend fighting AIDS. Winners will be presented national centenary certificates and awards by invited guest, events. Director of Centers for Disease Control Taiwan at the formal awarding ceremony The Royal to be held on 20 December. Australian Mint will produce a circulating one dollar coin to commemorate the Girl Guides and their Centenary update centenary year. The Reserve Bank of Australia will determine when the coin enters circulation. Australia Post will Funding for Centenary celebrations issue three stamps, one domestic and in Australia two international, in September 2010. On 30 August 2009 Australian Prime With the support of the Australian Minister Kevin Rudd Government Office for Women, Girl and Minister for Guides Australia has provided every Housing and the Guide in Australia with a colour booklet, Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, outlining the requirements for a special announced that 2010 will be the Centenary badge, the Centenary Australian Year of the Girl Guide to mark Challenge. The syllabus is designed to the centenary of the Guiding movement. develop each Guide’s skills in areas Minister Plibersek also announced to a which will assist her to grow into a group of 60 Guides, leaders and their confident, self-respecting, responsible families that the Federal government will community member. The booklet is also provide nearly $600,000 to support the meant as a program tool and Centenary Girl Guide Centenary Celebrations. This memento. funding will help provide a programme 10
  11. 11. January 2010 Stand Up Against against Poverty. 50 Girl Guides from five schools in Lahore took part in World Poverty Campaign Food day where they learnt new dishes. Approximately 100 Girl Guides of the Federal Government Girls Model School Girl Guides and took part in World Food Day celebrations Girls Scouts as part of the Stand Up Campaign. They around the world reflected on poverty and hunger during were called to the day. join the world record attempt to In Taiwan 35 Girl Scouts and students Stand Up Against Poverty on 15 and 16 participated in the outdoor camp and October 2006. The UN Millennium stood up reading the pledge focusing on Campaign launched this global initiative ending world poverty and hunger. to set a world record by mobilizing the most number of people to physically and They intentionally stand up against poverty discussed and for the Millennium Development and Goals in a 24 hour period. shared how to As part of the day various activities were improve run. In Australia five different groups the lives from five different states participated in of people living in poverty as well as the event. Some of the highlights environmental protection. Also 28 included the Board of Girl Guides Leaders of Girl Scouts of Taipei City Australia, allocated time as part of the Council stood up to call on the biannual meeting to participate in government to act immediately for activities related to the Millennium ending poverty and hunger. They also Development Goals. They also signed showed their commitment to help make the Stand Up Against Poverty Pledge, a better living environment for girls. and sent it to Australian federal politicians. A group of Guides from a Girls from Thailand at the Sub-Northern regional town in Western Australia Training Centre joined in activities participated in an evening of activities around the themes of agriculture, for the girls and their friends, under the handicraft and Thai sweet. Girls across leadership of their friends. They the country participated in the tree invented a game aimed at introducing planting activity. The activities showed younger guides, to the concept 'poverty the girls how they could generate cycles’ and the effect this has on people income to end poverty and famine. around the world. The wide game helped even the youngest girls attending leave Sri Lanka with a greater understanding of the Girl Guides importance of this issue. organized a school Girl Scouts of Japan joined in across the gardening country. More than 2,000 Japanese Girl programme Scouts members and their company to under the the member's call to stand up against 3R, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, poverty. Programme. Senior Guides of Pakistan Homeopathic Bangladesh Girl Guides Medical College organized fundraising also took part in the and bought food for 50 people living in Stand Up campaign. the area around the college. Girl Guides of Crescent Model School Lahore made and displayed posters for Stand Up 11
  12. 12. January 2010 Group: Members of WAGGGS/WOSM Friends of Asia over 18 years old Pacific WAGGGS Cost: CHF 630 (financial assistance may be available through the application to the World Centre Manager). FAPW members from Malaysia, Korea, About: The High Adventure Weeks are a Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia week of hiking and outdoor adventure attended the FAPW Philippines event in for those who want to experience all Our conjunction with the AP Summit. The Chalet and Adelboden have to offer. The programme included attending the focus will be on positive self- summit opening, as well as participating development and esteem building in the 40th anniversary dinner. Thanks to through physical activities. the hard work of our Filipino friends a Information: programme visiting interesting areas In Manila, Quezon and Laguna including /adultevents/highadventureweek war memorial, sandal and shoe shops, pottery and embroidery was enjoyed. Event: High Adventure Week Excellent locations for eating were also Dates: 25 August – 1 September 2010 chosen. ‘Lead your way’ Group: Members of WAGGGS/WOSM With all members of the Working Group over 18 years old present, planning towards the next Cost: CHF 630 (financial assistance may FAPW event in the Maldives was be available through the application to progressed, including discussion items. the World Centre Manager). The month of June 2011 was agreed for Information: the next General Assembly to be held in Korea. Susan Locsin (Philippines) was /adultevents/highadventureweek appointed a replacement member of the Working Group until the next General Assembly. Volunteer Opportunity: Ready Steady Go Week World Centres Dates: 1 – 15 May 2010 Group: Members of WAGGGS/WOSM update over 18 years old Cost: Accommodation and food provided White Winter Greetings from Our free of charge Chalet, Switzerland! About: Ready Steady Go Week is a service project week which provides the As one of four opportunity to work as a short term World Centres of volunteer to assist with deep cleaning, WAGGGS, we grounds and maintenance, guest would like to services and programme tasks to invite your young prepare the Centre for the next season. adult members to Information: join us for a WAGGGS eering_opportunities/ready_steady_go_ International week Event or volunteer opportunity in Volunteer Opportunity: Our Chalet 2010. Assistant Dates: Autumn (1 September – 1 Please share the details of these exciting December 2010), Winter (1 December adventures with your members: 2010 – 1 March 2011), Spring (1 March – 31 May 2011) Summer (15 May – 1 Event: High Adventure Week September 2011), Dates: 4 – 11 June 2010 ‘Challenge your Group: Members of WAGGGS/WOSM way’ over 18 years old 12
  13. 13. January 2010 Cost: Accommodation and food provided November 2009 to be a part of the free of charge (financial travel assistance function to celebrate Her Excellency may be available through the application Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor as to the World Centre Manager) GGAM’s new President succeeding Her About: Seasonal volunteers assist with Excellency Tun Jeanne Abdullah. The the day to day operations of running an function was also attended by GGAM activities and accommodation centre for Chief Commissioner, Datin Hajjah Guides and Scouts. Work areas are a Zalillah Mohd Taib, the National combination of guest services, Executive Board members, Branch programme, grounds and maintenance Commissioners and more than 100 Girl tasks and projects and provide Guides from schools nationwide. rewarding training, learning and development opportunities. Seasonal During her tour of the headquarters, Her opportunities are available for three Excellency Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah months, and lead volunteer positions are Mansor was pleasantly surprised when available for six months. Applications she discovered that a campsite had been close six months prior to the start of the set up right within the compounds of the season. building; with Brownie, Junior and Information: Ranger Guides demonstrating camping skills. Later she was brought to the eering_opportunities Heritage Room by GGAM’s Chief Commissioner. For more information please check the Our Chalet website or Besides celebrating Her Excellency Datin email Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor as GGAM’s 14th President, the function was also held to launch the Girl Guides Announcements Association of Malaysia 1 Malaysia Logo button badge. Young leaders (under 30) join new Pioneer of Sri Lanka Girl Guides Executive Committee in Association passes away Bangladesh Two young leaders (under 30) have Sita Rajasuriya, a former Chief been elected in the National Executive Commissioner and President of the Sri Committee at the recent election of Lanka Girl Guides' Association passed Bangladesh Girl Guides Association away on 24 September 2009. which was held on 17 October 2009. Phul Rani Sarker has been elected as the A much loved member of the Sri Lanka National Commissioner of Bangladesh Girl Guides Association, Mrs. Rajasuriya Girl Guides Association for the next was the first Asian to chair a World three years (October, 2009 to Conference of the World Association of September 2012) for the second term. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) Professor Yasmin Ahmed was elected as and was the first Chairperson of the Asia the Treasurer. Pacific Committee. She was the first Sri Malaysia welcomes new President Lankan to be on the World Committee of WAGGGS. Girl Guides from all She opened a new chapter for Sri Lanka over the Girl Guides Association by introducing country Guiding to the rural areas and starting a excitedly branch for differently-abled children. assembled at the Girl Guides Association of Malaysia’s Headquarters, Wisma Pandu Puteri, on 7 13