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New Horizons V3 I28


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New Horizons V3 I28

  1. 1. N E W H O R I Z O N S New Horizons The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. PO Box 168, Nedlands, Western Australia, 6909 ! District 9455! ABN: 99 602 195 617 Volume 3, Issue 28! 31st January - 13th February 2011From the President Last Week’s Meeting Next Week’s Meeting Polio Fundraisers Interact What in the World isWords from the Club Did you miss last Find out what is Check out these great Get the latest update on Rotary?President. week’s meeting? happening this week. ways to fight Polio our progress to start an See for yourself, in thisPage 1 Find out what Page 2 Page 2 Interact Club. short video. happened Page 2 Page 4 Page 1Letter from thePresidentFebruary is WorldUnderstanding month on theRotary calendar, as it is themonth which contains theanniversary of Rotarysinception.Rotary will celebrate its 106thbirthday on Wednesday 23rdFebruary, which isdesignated as “WorldUnderstanding and PeaceDay” in Rotary circles. Sincewe have a meeting that day,we have invited the VeryReverend John Shepherd,Dean of Perth and long timePerth Rotarian, to give us anoverview of some of Rotary’smajor achievements over its106 year history. John is awonderfully entertainingspeaker so please invitefriends to attend and Photo (L-R): Wajipha with Lyn Packercelebrate with us another actions and conduct within woman and (black) Zambianyear of Service to Humanitythrough Rotary. Rotary. Last Weeks father who had studed law at UWA. Wajipha has lived inFebruary also marks our first You are all encouraged to Meeting Australia for 20 years, and suggest topics or presenters. I shared her understanding ofmonth of selecting meeting would like at least one We kicked off “World cultural heritage throughtopics according to themes. I meeting in March devoted to Understanding” month with both song and story. Ashope you enjoyed last weeks the theme of “Literacy” since a presentation unlike any someone who was viewed aspresentation by Wajipha that is the Rotary designation other weve had so far, an outsider in both ZambiaChongwe, which covered an for the next month. All recommended by friend of and Australia because of herInternational Service theme recommendations mose the club Lyn Packer. different skin colour, alwaysof understanding cultures – a welcome! being asked where she comesgreat example of an outside Wajipha Chongwe was born from, she eventually realisedspeaker (or should I say Yours in Rotary, and raised in Zambia, the this was a strength, as itperformer!) with a message Simone daughter of a (white) Perth enabled her to be anyone shethat can tie in with our chose.Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455! 1
  2. 2. N E W H O R I Z O N S on Sunday 20th February at Day to a beautiful little girl,Her message reminded us the Greater Union Theatre at RYDA Vivienne Elizabeth. We hopenot to pass judgment based the Morley Galleria. Club to see you at future events ofon outward appearance: members, family and friends Fundraiser the club as time permits!“What may be seen as have an opportunity to enjoyobvious difference isnt this wonderful movie, in the Jen & Hamish havedifference at all; the only knowledge that your organised a fundraising RAWCSdifference is cultural personal dollar will save the dinner for the Rotary Youthdifference.” life of a child from the polio Driver Awareness (RYDA) Update disease. seminars we are sponsoring this year, at Annalakshmi on We have been advised thatThis Weeks the Swan Jetty, 4 Barrack St, there will now be a $50 Perth (near the Bell Tower). administration cost to listMeeting projects with Rotary The cost is $25 for a buffet Australia World CommunityWe had hoped that Calum Indian dinner. Service.Foulner, whom we hadsponsored to attend the It will be held on Friday 18th Our club has had threeRotary Youth Leadership February at 6:30 pm. projects listed with RAWCS:Award camp held last week, one for a hospital in Sriwould be able to attend our Please put the date in your Lanka, the second for themeeting this week to tell us diary and bring along family Angel Academy School inabout his experience at and friends. Nepal and the third being theRYLA and about the work he books project in Madurai,does in Nepal with his RSVP to Jen by February 10th India.“Communities Moving o nForward” project, but he isnt to join us this week. We or 0413 353 677 Helpwill endeavour to schedulehim in the near future. The funds raised will go Carnarvon towards the Rotary YouthWe will instead be asking one Driver Awareness that the On Monday evening the subof our members to tell us Club has agreed to support committee of the Carnarvontheir life and times. Our “Life for 210 students in August Club met to discuss what we& Times” presentations are a from Newman College andgreat way to gain some Interact 30 students from Ellenbrook felt the club could do to help flood victims here, with theinsight into our own Secondary College. assistance of donations frommembers and find out what A date has been set for an clubs elsewhere in WA.makes them tick, so please interest meeting for acome along to support our Community based Interact Thank You One of our members has“mystery” member! Club: Thursday, 24th been working with FESA February, starting at 7pm. Elizabeth assisting people in need of assistance with businessesFunds for Polio The time will be 7.00pm in Due to increased evening and other general enquiries. one of the classrooms at work commitments, We feel there will be someAlthough Hamish works Christ Church Grammar Elizabeth Bain has resigned folk who have not asked forWednesday evenings, he still School. as a member of the club and help of any kind, and it isworks for Rotary. Hamish has become a Friend of the hoped that we will be able tohas placed Rotary money Interact is for students aged Club instead. do something for them. Weboxes in the Pharmacy in 12-18 years. Ken will contact have to tread gently here ofwhich he works and he the schools, parents and Elizabeth has been an course, respecting their priderecently brought in two, with students who have indicated invaluable member, a regular and their privacy.funds from both totalling an interest to encourage them attendee at all the specialalmost $350. These funds will to attend, as well as bring functions and launches the A number of southern Rotarygo towards the Club’s target along friends to hear a little club has held, who has Clubs have mentioned thatfor PolioPlus which is US about Interact and hopefully helped Manna Industries they would like to assist$2,000. Many thanks Hamish engender enough interest to with special messages on all sporting groups and we are- keep up the great work! A start up a club. their aprons, and so the list happy to do this. We willfew weeks before Daniel also continues. A huge thank you have an application formbrought in a money box with Members interested in to also to Elizabeths prepared, advertise and askhis loose change. Money supporting this program and husband Graeme, who has sporting clubs to apply.boxes are a great ‘passive’ becoming involved are asked been very supportive and Rotary will assess eachway to raise funds. The club to attend the meeting on acted as Quiz Master at our application as it comes in. Ashas a supply so please put 24th. Please make sure you Quiz night almost 18 months you can imagine quite aone in your business or have, or have applied for, a ago. number of the facilities herehome. Working With Children card. are under water (still) or Congratulations to Elizabeth washed away.Dont forget that the film and Graeme on becomingnight for Polio is coming up grandparents on Australia We are prepared to admit2! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455
  3. 3. N E W H O R I Z O N Sthat there could well be other right now, but we will issue The river is still flowingways in which we can assist the BOXES to everyone that with light rains continuing Starlight Rockflood victims and we will keep FESA feels would benefit and in the upper reaches of theabreast of things as they keep a stock pile to circulate if Gascoyne catchment. Those On Saturday 12th March 2011unfold. Certainly as things there is ever another disaster. on the north side are we once again host thisprogress insurance claims and marooned and need to use a fabulous Concert: Starlightother financial issues will We are listening and talking dinghy to cross to the south Rock featuring the everbecome much more apparent. and treading gently still, and side. popular FOSSIL ROCK andRotary hopes to be able to help will keep all clubs posted of guest artists. Held at thehere too. progress made. The Club’s effort to assist magnificent Quarry cleanup on the weekend of Amphitheatre on OceanicOn the weekend of the If your club is still interested in 12 and 13 February will Drive,City Beach and priced at12/13th February the Rotary assisting the folk of Carnarvon concentrate on the South $25 per head (concessions forClub is going to Gascoyne can you please send your side. child, pensioners and familiesJunction (* see more detailed donations to a special bank apply), this is a must attendreport below) with two aims. account for this purpose. The It seems there is still life in event.One, to clean up what we can information you will need is: the town which is good toin the town. It looks like a war hear. We recommend that you bringzone there and it is all very Cheques payable to your picnic basket and enjoysad. Following the clean up Rotary Club of Carnarvon WA Thank you all for your the great music of the 1960s,we are going to prepare a Inc (mail to P O Box 415 generous support of the 70s and 80s.Through the nighttown breakfast for those who Carnarvon 6701) town of Carnarvon. we will conduct a quickhave stayed on and are coping auction and raffle tickets willunder very trying EFT payments to Joy Wade be sold on arrival.circumstances. I am sure we Rotary Club of Carnarvon WA Rotary Club of Carnarvonwill discover that there is Inc Importantly all proceeds willsomething more we can do for It is suggested that those go to those affected by thethese folk too. BSB 066 509 making donations send advice elements in WA and A/c No. 00900236 of their EFT payments by Queensland through theA suggestion has been made email to Joy Wade at: Rotary Appeal.that we produce FLOOD * Gascoyne Junction - rather along the lines u Tickets are available byof a Shelterbox, but smaller. contacting Rotarian Mike Reports at the time of the floodThe box will contain things Mullin on Tel. 92041324 orsuch as matches, gas burners in late December indicated that the town had been hard Queensland email cylinders, first aid kit,folding pots and a few basic hit and would not be rebuilt. This would not appear to be Flood Appeal Tickets are selling fast, so dontpieces of cutlery, a sharp knife, hesitate,contact Mike and the case.insect repellent, torches and Money collected from support a worthy cause.anything else deemed Donors can now be paid Gascoyne Junction is 172 Kmessential. into the following bank Yours in Rotary by road east of Carnarvon. It is the home of the Shire of Upper account: Bill RichardsonMembers of the club have President Rotary Club of Gascoyne. There is a smallspoken to a number of people BankWest Account: Rotary Cambridge group of housing on the northwho were marooned by the International District 9455 side of the river where theflood waters on the roof of Inc (More details in flier attached) CEO of the Shire lives. Itheir home/shed or whatever BSB 306 089 understand this area wasfor several nights. The SES Account Number 268 010 3dropped them food parcels, largely above flood level and that some 12 – 20 people Rotaractorsbut as they had no way of Please show on the detailspreparing a meal, they had to (number not known for certain due to some transients) still of the deposit your Club Seek Peoplesit patiently until the flood name and the name of the reside there. On the south sidewaters fell, to enable them to of the river is the hotel, some Donor. Moversget to the ground and consider accommodation dongas, thefood and whatever else You should then email The Rotaract Club of Perth Shire Office, the local school,necessary. As well as District Treasurer Clive Bain will be hosting eight some houses (about a dozen Iplantation people along the at with international Rotaractors in think) and, further to the southriver, there would be a need the deposit details April and are looking for the on high ground, an aboriginalfor such boxes by people living including full details of the use of at least one (preferably houses attached to their donors (including multiple two) People and even some of the donors if applicable). I understand the hotel wasfolk on the outskirts of the They have planned two 4 day extensively damaged and thetown itself. Pastoral families Official receipts will be tours, one south and one accommodation dongas werecould also benefit from such a issued at a later date. north, between the dates of overturned by the flood. OtherBOX. We will now begin 18-21st and 26-29th April. The buildings were also damagedresearching the cost of Rotaractors have C Class but some have been madepreparing a flood box. Licences and will cover the habitable again. The area looks like a lunar landscape. cost of petrol and insurance.This decision will not helpRotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455! 3
  4. 4. N E W H O R I Z O N SIf anyone is able to assist and should have attended a continents with the conscious ofplease email: local RYLA. peace permanently riveted their minds.”m The invitation reads, “After the sessions in Mudanya are over, we will make a trip to the What in theInternational war site at Gallipoli, attend the Anzac Ceremony and the eternal World isRYLA resting places of our grandfathers lying side by side Rotary?An invitation has been who fought for their countries  received from District 2440 in and precious values of yesterday A great explanation for whatTurkey for 100 Rylarians to and then visit the ruins of Troy Rotary International standsparticipate in an International of Helene which was destroyed for can be found at:Rotary Youth Leadership in the wars of the archaic times. http://Awards (RYLA) Seminar We are sure that this experience 21-25th April, in Bursa, will lead our young leaders of au/RDU/home-page-Turkey. Participants should the future to make the necessary videos/whatintheworld.aspbe aged between 19 and 24 synthesis in bridging the Host - Introduction & Thank You Program for Febraury Date Name Date Details 9th February Judy Edwards 9th February Calum Foulner - RYLA attendee 23rd February Di Collins 16th February Committee Meetings 23rd February John Shepherd - 106 Years of Rotary Welcoming Roster Board Club Details Rotary Year 2010-11 Date Name Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay Inc. Simone Carot Collins — President PO Box 168, 9th February Max Hipkins Nedlands, Di Collins — Secretary / Vice President Western Australia, 6909 16th February Paddy Ramanathan Meetings Wednesday 5:45pm to 6:45pm 23rd February Jenny Gill Cafe, Bethesda Hospital 2nd March Robert Pearce TBA — Club Administration Director Queenslea Drive Claremont EmailNew Horizons: Winner of the District 9450 Toni James — Treasurer Bulletin Award for 2009/10 Phone  08 9385 0471 Rob Rohrlach — President Elect / Fax Projects DirectorBulletin Contributions 08 9385 0472 WebsiteContributions for the weekly bulletin are Claire Forsdyke — International Director from members of the club. FacebookWhy not use the bulletin to update the club the projects your committee is working Ken Collins — Membership Director freshwaterbayrotaryon or promote the clubs next fundraising Chartered 19 December 2008 Marcos Carot Collins — NewPlease forward articles and photos to Generations! Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay, District 9455