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A collection of images and stories from all of the DoGoodAsYouGo activities around the world. Share in their

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DoGoodAsYouGo - 2013 Anthology

  1. 1. Welcome to the Do Good As You Go movement.We are a non-profit network of global travelers committed tothe idea of “use what you know, to do good as you go.” Ourvision is to inspire and enable all travelers to leverage theirinterests and professional skills to make a difference duringtheir trips. We work closely with local communities to under-stand needs and challenges, build relationships with mutualrespect, structure programs that foster empowerment andensure sustainability through collaboration and knowledgebuilding.We believe that by working together, all of our small individ-ual actions, will lead to a significant impact on the world wevisit, reducing poverty, improving education, arts and health,and inspiring others to do the same.In our inaugural 2012 Anthology, we are honored to bring toyou the works of our partners and volunteers from aroundthe world. In these pages, you will find not only examplesof our programs and beautiful photographs created by youth,but also a celebration of hope and life.Please join us in the celebration!Alice GugelevDo Good As You GoCelebratingLife
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  6. 6. mexicoGuanajuato and OaxacaIn Mexico our volunteers have the pleasure of working with twowonderful organizations in two of the most beautiful and inter-esting cities in the country. Guanajuato is known for its role inthe founding history of Mexico, as well as for the silver miningand of course, the mummies! Oaxaca is known for its large andvery present indigenous population that preserves a strong pre-hispanic culture in the midst of Spanish colonial architecture.In Guanajuato, Muskoka partners with local organization,Colectivo T.A.N. 473, an organization dedicated to arts-basedafter school programming for at-risk youth living in group homesand community building projects with marginalized neighbor-hoods. In Oaxaca, we are proud to work with Oaxaca Street Chil-dren Grassroots & Casa Esperanza that work to provide school-ing & basic health and wellness to almost 300 families living inthe surrounding areas of the city.This year our volunteers have realized multiple photographyworkshops that span various techniques and concepts. Togetherwith several volunteers a new program is taking shape called theGlobal Citizenship Program. Muskoka was also very excited andproud to partner with the Maya Rally to carry out a large groupvolunteer project that created great relationships and change!“I’d like to think that just the simple factof being able to interact with people fromevery corner of the world and totally differentcultures is already something that will certainlyenrich the minds and souls of the youth,as much the same way they will enrich ours.”Peppo, Centro Esperanza
  7. 7. Through the eyes of youth inGuanajuato and Oaxaca…In 2012 we have been honored to share new perspectives onlife, culture, architecture, relationship and community with youngphotographers in these two great Mexican cities.The youth of Guanajuato & Oaxaca learned from experts about thearchitectural history of both spaces and then embarked on an adven-ture to share the beauty they find in their cities everyday!“I have a passion for photography. Mymission…to share the same passion, getthe kids involved and help them to expandand use their creativity in a positive way.”Pepo, Centro EsperanzaPhotographyOn-siteJemima Cruz Chavez 11 y/o, Dina Cruz Chavez 14 y/o,Esmeralda Pérez Pacheco 15 y/o
  8. 8. “I never thought of taking photos ofthe place that I live: my house and myneighborhood. In La Venada beforethe photo workshop there was a lot offighting but now we are coexisting morepeacefully. The workshop taught us tonot fight. Now we feel more united.”Maite, 13 y/o“This workshop changed who I amfrom the inside a Little bit. I alwaysthought of taking pictures, but I neverhad a chance until this workshop.”Yosseline, 10 y/oIn Guanajuato, the youth of La Venada found beauty in theirneighborhood, when previously they only could see the van-dalism and the signs of struggle. By seeking graphic ele-ments like shadow and color, they ended the workshop witha newfound pride of their surroundings.Vania
  9. 9. After multiple workshops the Oaxaca youth photographerscurated a collective exhibition. We believe that this group isworthy of a show at many a gallery, their street photogra-phy, nature photography and architectural work has blown usaway every time!This year, two students from Oaxaca have taken on the extraspecial challenge to help start a collective blog! With their im-ages and written work, Alma Ramos and Miriam ItandehuiGarcia Sanchez have produced a wonderful collection of workthat is inspiring our youth in other locations to join the effort!To see their work“I am used to capturing moments in aphotograph to later remember them,despite my age I still like dreaming.”Alma, 16 y/o
  10. 10. “In the future I would like tocontinue with photographyas a profesional. But I want tobe a teacher for little children.They are people who are stillnoble and without malice.”Miriam, 15 y/oOur talented students Alma and Miriam
  11. 11. The girls of the Buen Pastor inGuanajuato worked diligentlywith a talented group of profes-sional volunteers to record per-sonal histories and then to usethe camera to visually expressthe story, mood and life of theirspace.Hear the story of Santa MariaEufrasia and themadres of theBuen Pastor here.DigitalStorytelling“The girls took sometruly amazing photos,as photography onceagain broke downany language barriersthat there might be.”Bryon Dorr, Exploring Elements
  12. 12. Digital story-telling took shape abit differently in the communityLa Venada. Here the workshopwas combined with an artsworkshop to illustrate and createstructures that tell the history ofthis neighborhood.The children also interviewednieghbors to hear about how thearea came to be. The results area video that tells the story of LaVenada that canbe viewed here.“Even in poorcommunities,people have theright to aspirationsand new skills.”Chris and Liz (ontoplanb)
  13. 13. An amazing trek for a group of Overlanders across the beau-tiful landscapes of Mexico, brought us an even more amaz-ing crew of volunteers! This team collaborated with the localefforts of volunteers with Colectivo TAN 473 to carry out“Week of Transformation” for a boys orphanage in Irapua-to. Together they created a safer and more dynamic playground, repainted and designed the bedrooms, sewed newblankets and pillows for all the boys.MayaRally“I was flooded with tears of joy knowingthese boys have a better place to be a kid.”Tad and Gaila (Overlandnow)
  14. 14. “I hope that this wasjust the first of manyexperiences these boyswill have with volunteerslike us. I know for myself,my life was affectedby working here.”Anthony & Astrid (OverlandNomads)“It was amazing that wehad all come togetherfrom different parts of theworld and were workingtogether to accomplishthis incredibly coolfeat for these kids!”Anthony & Astrid (OverlandNomads)
  15. 15. This year we are excited to have developed a new pro-gram with the help of two amazing travelers, Brentonand Shannon Cooper. The Global Citizenship Programis a growing concept to share stories and images oftravel with the youth they encounter along their jour-ney. It also encourage the youth themselves to sharespecial aspects about their town, city or country as wellas dreams of travel. The discussion surrounds the ideaof being a citizen as well as what it might mean to be acitizen of the world. Another aspect of the curriculum isconnecting the youth to maps and geography.“Kids need more visitors and engagementfrom overland travelers. A day, anafternoon or even a few hours withthem makes a big difference.”Bryan and Jen (thedangerz)globalCitizenship
  16. 16. “We knew right awaythat we had an amazinggroup of volunteersthat were there for allthe right reasons.”Bryon Dorr, Exploring Elements“As the big blue gatesopened, we were delugedwith kids and we spentthe next half hour meetingOtmar, Diego, Mauricio,Felipe, Manuel, Jesus,Guadalupe, Martin, andDaniel as they climbed allover the motorcycles!”Anthony & Astrid (OverlandNomads)“Materialistically speaking,these kids have a world lessthan most kids we know, andwhile we know they wereexcited about [what we didfor our volunteering experi-ence], both of us feel whatwas likely more important tothem was the love, friendshipand compassion we showedthem in our time there.”Tad and Gaila (Overlandnow)
  17. 17. Photo CreditPhoto CreditJoy & FriendshipPhoto Credit
  18. 18. Photo CreditPhoto CreditPhoto Credit
  19. 19. LATInamericanGuatemala, Panama,Colombia and Brazil“Using art as a tool we introduce the childrento other social and intellectual possibilities.”Tio LinoIn Central and South America we have four partnerships as wellas emerging relationships in Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador andPeru! The beauty and adventure that our travelers encounterthroughout these amazing landscapes is something that theywill always treasure. Equally, they will cherish the memories andexperiences they create and share while volunteering in Pana-jachel, Guatemala with Mayan Families, in Casa Esperanza inPanama City, Panama and in San Javier de La Mesa, Colombiaand, Tio Lino’s and Instituto Reacao in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.This year we were lucky to have many dedicated traveler-vol-unteers throughout Central and South America that worked hardto bring new programing to our partner organizations. GlobalCitizenship made vast improvements when it reached MayanFamilies in Guatemala. Two travelers helped launch a used cam-era drive and implement the photography program in Columbia,while teaching a fun-filled science workshop along the way. An-other traveler brought her own art therapy program to Columbia!.In the most normal of circumstances Rio “Cidade Marvilhosa”or the marvelous city and Favela da Rocinha, the largest andmost densely packed favela in South America, was picturesquesetting of our two photography programs this past year. OurRio volunteers had the fortunate timing of initiating two photog-raphy programs at very unique time in both he city andthe favelas history. Rio de Janeiro will soon host the2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olym-pics and Rocinha was “pacified” forthe first time in 40 years.
  20. 20. Mayan Families is an incrediblenetwork of employees, local andtraveling volunteers that providesassistance and opportunities to theindigenous and impoverished peopleof Guatemala. They offer supportin the areas of nutrition, education,healthcare, construction, and com-munity development programs andservices.Fundación Construyendo Sueños islocated in the rural communities out-side of Bogota known as San Javierand San Joaquin y the municipalityof La Mesa. It is roughly two hoursdrive away from Bogota. The foun-dation’s mission is to strengthenfamilies and communities and en-courage/provide fundamental andcontinuing education for youth andyoung adults. They work with entirefamilies by providing youth the op-portunitity to receive an educationwhile providing adults with continu-ing education and skill training andworkshops that help to better thedynamic of families. FCS createson-going activities and projects forthe participating families to cometogether as a community and to de-velop new and strengthen existingrelationships.Casa Esperanza is one of Pana-ma’s most important NGO’s in thecountry, when it comes to fightingagainst child labor. In urban areaslike Panama City they work to keepkids off the street and in rural areaslike Boquete they give parents alter-natives so they do not need to taketheir children to the farms where theparents work. They provide childrenand teens with academic support,primary healthcare, nutrition, perso-na and social development, sports,culture and recreational activities.Instituto Reacao (Reaction Insitute),a Judo centered NGO founded byOlympic medal winner Flavio Cantobased in Rocinha’s newly construct-ed Sports Complex which also offerschildren assistance in academics.Rocinha Mundo da Arte (AKA TioLino’s). The Center was establishedover 20 years ago by “Tio Lino” (Linodos Santos Filho or “Uncle Lino”)to offer a variety of workshops forchildren and youth in Rocinha. TioLino estimates he has mentored over10,000 children in Rocinha, includ-ing the transition of 47 people outof drug gangs and into microfinanceenterprises. “Using art as a tool weintroduce the children to other so-cial and intellectual possibilities.”“Quote from MayanFamilies”Jon Doe“The simple act of meetingpeople from so far awaythat came to share theirknowledge with the youthwas wonderful. To get toknow people so diverseand different from them,allowed them to breaktheir natural barriers.”“Thank you Muskokafor all of your supportwith the (photography)workshop. It was a greatexperience for our kids!”Marelisa Director of Programs,Casa Esperanza“I love going to Tio Lino’sand taking pictureswith Tio and Tia (Jacoband Margaret). We alsoall around Rochinato every part to newplaces and we get filmand interview people”Raiane, 7 y/o
  21. 21. globalCitizenshipBrenton and I presented the Citizenship Pro-gram to a group of middle school studentsin Tierra Linda, Guatemala on beautiful LakeAtitlan. This was our first time presenting toa group of students this age; in the past wehave always presented to elementary kids. Itwas a great experience! The elementary kidsreally enjoy the presentation but presentingto the middle school was a completely differ-ent experience, they really grasped the ideaof being a global citizen. When we handedout a passport and photo to each studentyou could see their faces light up. When weasked if any of them had plans or dreamsto travel to different places in the world andlearn about different cultures, they all raisedtheir hands screaming out “yes!” It wasamazing and exciting to see such passion.Global Citizenship Program is still in it’sinfancy, but just in it’s short four monthsof existence, we have seen it grow and getcloser and closer to it’s full potential witheach chance we get to present it. The ideaof being a global citizen is huge and thereare so many options for where each travelercan take it. Brenton and I are really excitedto see what creative activities, games, andideas other travelers come up with.Shannon Cooper“The kids in Tierra Lindawere very impressiveand I can’t waitto see what thesesmall-town heroes doin and outside of theircommunity in theyears to come.”Brenton Cooper
  22. 22. Brenton and Shannon leveraged theirhealth care knowledge to diagnoseand treat children for pneumonia andto teach a group of youth CPR ba-sics. They also were very excited andproud to help Mayan Families with aprogram they have that installs new,safe and health conscious stoves inthe rural homes in the area.“Mayan Families certainlywas a rich experience”Brenton and Shannonhealthand Science
  23. 23. “Around here they say, every person putstheir grain of sand in, this is how we builda great sand castle.” Leidy Johana Urueña Ruiz, 16 y/o“We continued our Highwire mission inbridging the cultural gaps through lessonsof hope and love with the children of thevillage, and learned so much of their dreams.It was a powerfully moving trip with opennessfrom grandparents to children as young as 6.”Danellart therapyand Photography
  24. 24. PhotographyWorkshop“A couple weeks in PanamaCity doing a photographyproject with some kidsfrom Casa Esperanza,was “an experience aspositive and rewardingas any that we’ve had intwo years on the road.”Andy - Earth Circuit
  25. 25. “I often think of the world we live in: the violenceand the drugs, with everything that has bad inworld. But I love Rocinha because it has a lot offun places, like Tio Lino’s. It really is a fun placebecause I get to do many fun things there forexample learn about photography, take pictures,draw and do art projects. I wish this year is withmuch love and peace with full of happiness.”Stephanie, 11 y/o
  26. 26. “We had a photo exhibitionin Rocinha. This project andthe exhibition had a big goal:to show the children thatthey can create somethingthat they are able to gainrecognition in society. Wehope to have the childrenbegin to show that successand recognition can beachieved not only throughthe possession of a weapon.All of the children with whomwe have worked showedintelligence and character.All they need is the chanceto develop them and tocarry them outside.”Jacob Cranz
  27. 27. Photo CreditPhoto CreditStreet PhotographyCapturing Life as it happens...Photo Credit
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  31. 31. AfricaEthiopia, MalawiKenya, and South AfricaAfrica is known for its rich culture, hospitality and diversity inthe different countries and across the continent. The MuskokaFoundation in Africa inspires smiles and hope in the life of theyouth and teams in our partner organizations. There are fourpartners spread across the east and towards the south of Af-rica: The Ethiopian Children’s Fund (ECF) in Aleltu, Ethiopia, TheMustard Seed in Mombasa, Kenya, The Kuunika Foundation inBlantyre, Malawi and The Lonely Road Foundation in Ga-Dik-gale, South Africa. Where else in this world can you wake up tothe sound of animals and a brilliant sunrise? It is on the Africancontinent.Photography, Gardening and Entrepreneurship workhops havebeen held at two locations during the year. During this period,friendships have been created and cultures have been ex-changed.Ethiopian Children’s Fund (ECF) seeks to use a holistic ap-proach through Education, Healthcare, Conservation and Nu-trition to help improve the life of the people in the village. TheMuskoka Foundation partners with them through Entrepreneuri-al, Photography, and IT programs.The Kuunika Foundation (KF) aspires to improve upon children’srights and welfare through an integrated approach in activitiesincluding education, community empowermentand involvement, nutrition and family health.The foundation operates a care center for or-phans and vulnerable children in the society.“The purpose of our trip is to experiencevarious cultures and help children whodo not have a fair chance in life”The Currins
  32. 32. PhotographyOn-siteWe had a filmmaker and actor teachthe youth of Aleltu, Ethiopia aboutcreative photography and inspirethem to interpret and express theirperspectives on what surroundsthem. The imagination and creativ-ity of the participants led to amazingphotos and ideas for big projects.Even with only one camera beingshared between the youth that par-ticipated, they all had the opportunityto showcase their individual visionand abilities with the camera.
  33. 33. “It was an absolutepleasure and honor tohave you with us at ECFAleltu. Thank you for theexciting and innovativeprogram our childrenwere able to learn,appreciate and becomeso engaged withthe program.”ECF“I spent one of the mostinteresting times in mytrip at the ECF Village:amazing children withlot of power and talentand fantasy. The schoolis wonderful … and thepeople are beautiful.We did a great job. It washard to leave them.”Husam Chadat
  34. 34. EntrepreneurialWorkshop“We were pleasedwith the enthusiasmof the volunteers whoreally appreciated thefact that we had madethe time to share ourknowledge with them.”Larry and Sharon Currin“A million thanks toLarry and Sharon, theyhave made a hugedifference and weare looking forwardto welcoming moreoverland volunteers!”The Kuunika trusteesMembers of the Kuunika Foundation community were taken through the basics ofentrepreneurship and preparing business plans to increase the business opportuni-ties of the members of the community. This was the first led workshop in Africa leadby Larry and Sharon of “Bushbabies” and the beginning of greater collaborations withthe community in Blantyre.
  35. 35. GardeningOne of the main objectives of the KFis growing vegetables and food foruse in the center. Sharon helped toprepare the ground for a gardeningsession that involved all the mem-bers and families in the community.The volunteers together with thewhole community built a compostheap and planted vegetables to sup-plement what they use at the center.“We benefited from these visitors because money isnot as useful to buy a relish like vegetables, becausewe already have it in our garden! Secondly, we canattract others to help us now. Because we know howto use our soil or we can find money easily throughour garden when we are selling. In addition to thatwe can teach others how to making a garden orhow to work together to cultivate our garden.”Emmanuel Kalako
  36. 36. “The experience we goton how to take photoswithin this short time wasincredible. I am very happywith the way Mr. Hussantaught us how to takephotos and I won’t forgethow impressed Mr. Hussanwas with our pictures.In the future, I want tobecome a pilot but I am sointerested in photographythat I would also like totake pictures sometimes”Muluken Masresha, 13 y/o
  37. 37. Photo CreditSeeing our world differently...Black & White Photography
  38. 38. Photo CreditPhoto Credit
  39. 39. ASIAChina and ThailandAsia is the world’s largest and most populous continent. Over30% of the world’s landmass is in Asia. Over 60% of the world’spopulation call Asia home.Muskoka has had a long relationship with Asia, although ourwork in Asia was only started in mid-2012. The idea of “Do Goodas You Go” was born when Jay and Alice, founders of Muskoka,were living in Asia.The first partner we had in Asia was Choice to Choose in China.At the moment, we have two active partners in Thailand, TheMercy Centre and The RainTree Foundation. Muskoka is alsofortunate to have a wonderful ambassador in Bangkok, Thailand,that has been instrumental in our communication withour local partners and travelers alike in Thailand.“Incorporating volunteering into mytravels has provided me with so manyopportunities to experience Thai culturein an in­‐depth way, learn some of thelanguage and have a richer experience.”Kristal
  40. 40. CHINAPhotographyChoice to Choose in Dali, China. Theirmission is to equip orphans with skillsets that would be helpful as they aregoing into the “real world”.They also give the orphans connec-tions needed to get their foot in thedoor as they are searching for theirfirst jobs, as relationships are vital tothe Chinese.
  41. 41. Pat and Alison Wilson decided totake some time to do good as theywere traveling in China. In collabo-ration with Choice to Choose, theywere able to teach some of the chil-dren basic photography skills. Con-sidering most of the orphans hadnever operated a camera before, thephotos they took are quite amazing!“Igniting the latent curiosity thatexisted in these bright and buddingminds through a continuous dance ofobservation and adaptation was by farone of the most humbling and privilegedexperiences of our lives. We will neverforget the faces of Pai, Xiong, Zhou,Sha, and LiChun and that (literally)speechless week we spent together”Pat and Alison
  42. 42. thailandEducationThe Mercy Centre in Bangkok, Thailand works to help thechildren and communities of the many slums of Bangkok.They build and operate schools, improve family health andwelfare, protect street children’s rights, combat the AIDScrisis, respond to daily emergencies, and offer shelter toorphans, to street children, and to children and adults withAIDS – always together, hand in hand and heart to heart withthe people they serve.Kristal has been a weekly volunteer at the Mercy Centre sinceOctober 2012. She has been teaching English to preschoolchildren, as well as assisting Mercy with its funding initiatives.“Every Tuesday morning I’ve walked intothe Mercy Centre never really knowingwhat to expect. It’s been both dauntingand exhilarating. The only thing I reallyknow is that I will see the smiling, laughingfaces of a bunch of three year olds.”Kristal
  43. 43. “ I had a proud momentrecently when Nancy, oneof the 7th grade studentswho I work with, told me herteacher said that her essaywas one of the best in theclass. It’s moments like these,seeing the proud smiles ontheir faces, that really makeseverything worthwhile.”Mike WelchThe RainTree Foundation in ChiangMai, Thailand, is a grassroots socialnon-government organization, op-erating in Thailand among rural andunderdeveloped communities. Theiraim is to help people through edu-cation, appropriate technology andself-help projects, to improve theirliving standards.Mike Welch has been a volunteer for overtwo years, working with students who attendthe Redeemer International School in Bang-kok. Originally, Mike started working withtwo Mercy Grade 8 students, Ton and Kwan,assisting them with their English languageskills. The group of Redeemer students hasnow expanded to up to six kids at any giventime. Mike focuses on encouraging andhelping them to improve their reading andwriting skills, as well as assisting them withtheir homework and test preparations.JOINCOME ANDUS!
  44. 44. Playing with Perspectives
  45. 45. Photo Credit
  46. 46. NORTHamericaCanada and USAIn North America we have Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consec-tetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Donecpede justo, fringilla vel, aliquet nec, vulputate eget, arcu. In enimjusto, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a, venenatis vitae, justo. Nullam dic-tum felis eu pede mollis pretium. Integer tincidunt.Aenean vulpu-tate eleifend tellus.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aeneancommodo ligula eget dolor. Donec pede justo, fringilla vel, aliquetnec, vulputate eget, arcu. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a,venenatis vitae, justo. Nullam dictum felis eu pede mollis pretium.Integer tincidunt.Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aeneancommodo ligula eget dolor. Donec pede justo, fringilla vel, aliquetnec, vulputate eget, arcu. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a,venenatis vitae, justo. Nullam dictum felis eu pede mollis pretium.Integer tincidunt.Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus.“It was inspiring to be included withinthe tribe of travelers that Muskokaconnects throughout the world.”Jay and Sharon, volunteer
  47. 47. PhotographyOn-siteChinle Jr. High serves children primarily from the Navaho Na-tion. The aim is to provide holistic educational experiencesusing physical, spiritual, social, aesthetic and cognitive learn-ing processes. Students have Access to the tools they needto live in harmony with themselves, their society and theirenvironment.“The most rewarding part, however,was hearing the pride in my students’voices when they showed off their workto their classmates. In five days two ofthose handicapped with sharing camerashad gone from taking fuzzy snapshotsof each other to actually producing fineart worthy of being hung and enjoyedby all. The part of the story that leavesme both speechless and honored tohave worked with the boys? Prior to thisworkshop, only one of the original nineboys had ever held a digital camera.”Ann Lockley, volunteer
  48. 48. “It was awesome to see the kids startusing some of their new knowledgeto critique each other’s photos or todecide which of their own photos werethe best. I enjoyed the chance to sharesomething I am passionate about andreflect on my own photography.”Jay and Sharon, volunteerThe Napi Friendship Association exsists asa community based, culturally sensativeAboriginal organization located in PincherCreek, Alberta, Canada. The primary goalis to improve the life of Aboriginal peopleliving in or transitioning into mainstreamsociety through programs, activities andpartnerships. However, the association isalso focused on delivering and promotingcross-cultural awareness, advocating bet-ter communication between Aboriginals andNon-Aboriginal people.
  49. 49. The Songhees Band Youth Center is a safeplace for Songhees youth in Victoria, Van-couver Island. The Songhees and Esquimaltpeople, part of the Coast Salish family, aredescendants of the Lekwungen groups. TheLekwungen have hunted and gathered onthe lands and waters surrounding Cah-mah-sing, now known as Victoria’s Inner Harbourfor an estimated 4,000 years, making themone of the longest surviving communi-ties still residing today on their traditionalgrounds.
  50. 50. “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetueradipiscing elit. Aenean commodoligula eget dolor. Lorem ipsum dolorsit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor.”Jon Doet, volunteer
  51. 51. globalLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetueradipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligulaeget dolor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aeneancommodo ligula eget dolor.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetueradipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligulaeget dolor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aeneancommodo ligula eget dolor.Impact
  52. 52. We Would Like to Thank ourSponsors
  53. 53. Colectivo T.A.N. 473www.colectivetan473.comGuanajuato, MexicoInuvik Youth Centrewww.inuvikyouthcentre.orgInuvik, NT, CanadaWe Are Honored to Be Workingwith These Amazing OrganizationsOaxaca Street Children Grassrootswww.oaxacastreetchildrengrassroots.orgOaxaca, MexicoCentro de Esperanza InfantilOaxaca, MexicoMayan Familieswww.mayanfamilies.orgPanajachel, GuatemalaCasa locations: Panama City, Colón, Chiriquí, Ngöbe-BugléComarca of PanamaFundación Construyendo SueñosSan Javier and San Joaquin y el Munucipio de la Mesa nearBogotá, ColombiaKuunika Foundationwww.kuunika-foundation-malawi.orgChirimba, Blantyre, MalawiThe Mustard Seed, KenyaThe Lonely Road Foundationwww.thelonelyroad.orgPolokwane, Limpopo, South AfricaMercy Centrewww.MercyCentre.orgBangkok, ThailandRainTree Foundationwww.raintree-foundation.orgChiang Mai, ThailandQutekcak Native Tribe’s Youth CentreSeward, AK, USAEthiopian Children´s Fund
  54. 54. our youngPhotographersGUANAJUATO, MX: Carmen, Cinthya, Ma Isabel, Jesus, Lorena, Dulce, Vicki, Andrea, Dorain, Axel,Giovanni, Christian, Enrique “Amarillo”, Jadzet, Yosseline Monserrat, Cassandra, Melani, Juan Pablio,Maite, Anel, Vania, Luis “Higuil”, Karla, “Bebe”, Daneli, Montse, Jocelyn, Daniela, Fatima, FernandaOAXACA, MX: Salma Daniela Ramírez García (14 y/o), Luis Eduardo Ramírez García (16 y/o), AlmaJudith Ramos Pacheco (17 y/o), Miriam Itandehui García Sanchez (16 y/o), Erick Ricardo ContrerasAlarcón (18 y/o), Diego Angel Cervantes Pérez (16 y/o), Maria Nicolasa Cruz Galban (23 y/o)PANAMA: Cristina, Diana, Ivonne, Janessy, Jose, Roxana, RubielaCOLOMBIA: Andrea Varela Garcia, Freddy Varela Garcia, Natalia Florez Cortez, Vanessa Florez Cortez,Luisa Fernanda Gaitan, Daniela Gaitan Juan Diego Cuervo, Jose Gabriel Cuervo, Maria Fernana CuervoLeidy Johanna Urueña, Blanca Lorena Urueña.BRAZIL: Stephanie, Gabriel, Daniel, Rafael, Brenda, Joyce and Raiane. Gabrielle, Derek, Thiago, Yan,Lucas, Larissa, Rafael, Jorge, Marcelo, Yan, Jonathan, Gabriel, Cristliayne, Fernanda, Lucas, DereckETHIOPIA: Adisu Ayele, Ashenafi Endeshaw, Beza Bekele, Frehiywot Negash, Meseret Dagne, MulukenMasresha, Nebyu Shimelis, Rediet Asnake, Samrawit Mesfin, Sisay Bogale, Tarikua Zewdu, TizitaTerefe, Yohanis Ayelu, Zebider AsnakeCHINA: Olivia, Sha, Pai, Xiong, Li Chun, ZhouUSA: Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photogra-pher Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer NameALBERTA,CA: Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name,Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer NameVICTORIA, CA: Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name,Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name, Photographer Name“I was floodedwith tears of joyknowing theseboys have a betterplace to be a kid.”Tad and Gaila (Overlandnow)
  55. 55. “I was floodedwith tears of joyknowing theseboys have a betterplace to be a kid.”Tad and Gaila (Overlandnow)“I was floodedwith tears of joyknowing theseboys have a betterplace to be a kid.”Tad and Gaila (Overlandnow)VOLUNTEERSThank you!This year has been a wonderful time of growth and new relationships, with partner organizations, youthand volunteers themselves.Thanks to:Jeremy Edgar, Aren and Serafina Kernberger, Brenton and Shannon, Danell Lynn and her mother,Lainie and Miro, Marc Noonan, Greg Denning and family, Ferdinando Marotta, Ilse de Los Santos,Berenice Borunda, Andy Dunia Sinclair-JulioAndrew Roper, The Dangers (Bryan and Jenn), Bryon Dorr,Anthony Sciola, Monica and Jeff Yaeger, Tad Haas and Gaila Gutierrez, Chris Smith and Liz Peel andBeth Thenhaus, Margaret Day and Jacob ____________. (MEXICO & LATIN AMERICA)Anton Crone, Anne & Mike Collins, Sherry Ezhuthachan, Jay Kannaiyan, Larry and Sharon Currin,Husam Chadat. (AFRICA)Mike Welch, Greg Goodman, Adam Pervez, Pat and Alison Wilson, Kristal (ASIA)Jeremy Edgar, Aren and Serafina Kernberger, Brenton and Shannon, Danell Lynn and her mother,Lainie and Miro, Marc Noonan, Greg Denning and family, Ferdinando Marotta, Ilse de Los Santos,Berenice Borunda, Andy ________ and Dunia _____________, The Dangers (Bryan and Jenn), BryonDorr, Anthony Sciola, Monica and Jeff Yaeger, Tad Haas and Gaila Gutierrez, Chris Smith and Liz Peeland Beth Thenhaus, Margaret Day and Jacob ____________. NORTH AMERICA)