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  1. 1. 15 International Youth Day th 2011 Theme: “Follow success, excellence will chase you.” Magis ComplexXavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines February 28, 2011
  2. 2. National Youth Commission Chairperson Hon. Magie Lood
  3. 3. UN Ambassadress to the Philippines Dr. Princess Lalwani
  4. 4. United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines President Ms. Sheena Abaday
  5. 5. Invocation and National Anthem Hon. Rugil Ferrer Sangguniang Kabataan Federation- National President
  6. 6. Masters of Ceremony Mr. Nicolas Arciaga (UNYAP Pres.-2008)Ms. Frances Karen Wong (UNYAP Pres.- 2009)
  7. 7. Welcome AddressHon. Sheena Marie Abaday UNYAP President
  8. 8. • United Nations Ambassadress to the Philippines – Dr. Princess Lalwani,• Natl Youth Commission Chairperson - Hon. Magie Lood,• Miss Teen Phil 2005 - Ms. Aira Pabualan.• Cagayan de Oro Citys mayor – Hon. Vicente Emano• Chairperson of the selection committee – Ms. Cathelyn Adajar• and to all youth leaders and delegates,Good morning.
  9. 9. • The commemoration of the International Youth Day in the country actually started after the Presidential Proclamation No. 229 signed on February 28, 1996 by His Excellency President Fidel V. Ramos declaring every February 28 as International Youth Day.• The actively growing participation of more student and youth leaders from the different parts of the country ,in schools or community, and from other parts of the world affirm the relevance and meaningfulness of the celebration.• The IYD events bring to fore the lively element of youth, a common spirit of concern for others and a desire to participate in addressing the problems confronting society.
  10. 10. • Today marks the 15th International Youth Day in the Philippines.• A day that we are going to award the best youth leader in the Philippines for the year 2011 and to recognize the youth’s potential and participative role in decision making and policy setting in national and local affairs.• It is equally a day to remind all that the youth has a valuable contribution and pivotal task in the development of their communities.
  11. 11. • Ladies And gentlemen Welcome to the 15th International Youth day.• May we all gain inspiration from all the great works of the youth leaders in our country. Thank you and Mabuhay ang Kabataang Pinoy!
  12. 12. Introduction of Guest Speaker Hon. Magie Lood NYC Chairperson
  13. 13. • The National Youth Commission and United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines, has chosen and are very honored to present a leader as well as an acheiver as its guest speaker for the 15th international youth day.• this half Indian and half filipina has finished her degree of Bachelor of secondary Education major in English at Xavier University ( ateneo de cagayan) in the year 2000.• on the same year, she also taught English Language and literature at the university of San Carlos-Cebu for two years.
  14. 14. • after that she enrolled in Ateneo de Manila University from which she got her masters degree last 2004.• and on the following year, she became United Nations Committee Chairperson on Education in the Philippines for 1 year.• afterwards, she went to Amherst College- Massachusets, USA and got her Doctoral degree last 2008.
  15. 15. • shes also advocating to have a good and quality education here in the Philippines,• she wrote a textbook entitled " todays Teacher in the Philippines“ last 2005 and became a reference book in Education in most of the Universities here in our country.• since she is mixed of two different nationalities, she also wrote a book entitled " Teaching English to Filipinos, a socio-cultural perspective last 2007.• Not only that, she also appeared twice as gust host of the multi-awarded youth oriented show, Y-SPEAK last march 2010.
  16. 16. • and also, her book entitled “Philippines more than a call center nation garnered an award as "best contemporary work in Education" from the Philippine National Book awards.• Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome our guest speaker for the 15th International Youth day 2011, the current ambassadress of United Nations to the Philippines.• DR. PRINCESS VELEZ LALWANI
  17. 17. Guest Speaker’s Message Dr. Princess V. LalwaniUN Ambassadress to the Philippines
  18. 18. • Thank you NYC Chairperson Hon. Magie Lood.• Good morning UNYAP President Sheena Abaday, Mayor Vicente Emano, Ms. Cathelyn Adajar, youth leaders and delegates.• I am very pleased to be here today and celebrate WITH you the day United Nations and the republic declared THIS day YOURS, “the International Youth Day”.• All over the globe, nations are celebrating to commemorate the youth’s value in society.• I tell you, amidst your presence, I feel young again. After all, “You’re never too old to become younger.” That’s what Mae West, a famous actress from my generation said.
  19. 19. • When I was younger, all I wanted to do was – EAT a lot, – SLEEP a lot, – WATCH movies a lot and – TRAVEL a lot...• I did want to study a LITTLE, work a little and lead a little.• No matter how unproductive that may sound to me now, I count those years as the best years ever.• I understand that behind all the responsibilities and duties laid on your shoulders by your parents, your elders and by the community,• You too, like how I was before get to have fun.
  20. 20. • So I tell you, it’s OK to have fun, have boyfriends or girl friends,• and eat all the oily and fatty food you can because when you get a little bit older, you may hear your doctor tell you about the matchbox diet.• Not so much fun huh?• Life is an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts, I remember that line from a famous Indian film.• But take caution too, because too much ice cream gives, what does your generation call it?• Yes, BRAIN FREEZE.
  21. 21. • But then again, we should also keep in mind that even if we live for today,• we would of course want to see a beautiful tomorrow.• We all would want to be successful, am I right?• So listen carefully for I am about to reveal a SECRET.• See this?• This is a triangle.• It has 3 points.• Are you familiar with love triangles?• Good, because your relationship with excellence and success is like that of a love triangle at first.
  22. 22. • When you follow excellence,• excellence will run after success,• success will then chase you• and when success reaches you, then embrace it• but don’t let go of excellence so that you may have your happily ever after.• This may not be a fairy tale but this is reality, you can only be successful when you keep aiming for excellence...• so young ones, I tell you,• Follow excellence, aim high, give your best.• When you do this, success will chase you.
  23. 23. • While you are doing that, let’s continue to celebrate today,• the mark to the truth that without YOU, there is NO future• and the failure to involve you in the community is the DESTRUCTION of the human race.• So, in behalf of United Nations, I congratulate all of you for being part of the community,• for helping build it• hopefully making it a better place to live in.
  24. 24. • As you award remarkable youth leaders today who have made a difference in school and community,• please remember that you are not only acknowledged• for what you have already accomplished• but also for what more you can do.• Follow excellence, success will chase you.• Good day and Happy 15th International Youth Day to all.
  25. 25. Token of Appreciation Hon. Magie Lood NYC Chairperson
  26. 26. IntermissionUNICEF Video Presentation for Recruitment of Volunteers
  27. 27. Presentation ofOutstanding Youth Leader Award (School-based Category) Ms. Aira Pabulan Miss Teen Philippines 2005
  28. 28. • This is a School – based award given to the best youth leader.• This has been passed on for 14 years and this was created to keep inspiring the youth to do their best on everything and for them to realize that leading may not be an easy task but it is a very honorable thing to do.• This award was judged through the accomplishments and the contributions that this person had done to his/her school.
  29. 29. • The criteria for judging is• 50% on involvement with volunteer services and peace initiatives• and the remaining 50% is on the academic, athletic, cultural and etc.• So the nominees for the youth leader award are Mecyll Jamila as the Head of Anti-vandalism organization,• she is exceptionally gifted, fascinating, and courageous leader.
  30. 30. • Romar Paghasian as the President of the Association for People with Disablities (Northern Mindanao chapter),• he maintained an open door policy to all students and most especially to the disabled ones.• And Marjorie Montesa for wanting equal rights for everyone• and she bacame the voice of all the heartaches from the youth.• To all the nominees, congratulations for accomplishing your goals and keep on inspiring young people.
  31. 31. • May I read the citation of this plaque,• United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines awards this plaque of recognition to…• Romar Paghasian• for his noteworthy and unfailing leadership to his school.• Given this 28th day of February, 2011 in the Magis Complex of Ateneo de Cagayan- Xavier University.• Signed by Ms Sheena Marie Abaday, UNYAP president, Hon. Magie Lood, National Youth Commission Chairperson and Dr. Princess Lalwani, United Nation Ambassadress to the Philippines.
  32. 32. • To award the Outstanding Youth Leader Award (School based Category), may I request UNYAP President, Ms. Sheena Marie Abaday to be assisted by NYC Chairperson Hon. Magie Lood.• So, congratulations to the person who believed that there is no impossible thing if you have the will and determination.• The youth leader (school based) award goes to Mr. ROMAR PAGHASIAN!
  33. 33. Acceptance of Award Mr. Romar Paghasian
  34. 34. IntermissionMs. Jasmin Faith Manrique
  35. 35. Presentation ofOutstanding Youth Leader Award (Community-based Category) Hon. Rugil Ferrer
  36. 36. • The Youth Leader Award for the Community-based Category has been honoring young and promising leaders within their own communities or on other communities whove shown a great level of responsibility, integrity, and service.• The award has been given along with the Youth Leader award for the school-based category since 1996.• Previous awardees include frances karen joy wong, united nations accociation of the philippines (UNYAP) president of 2009, and Nicolas amando arciaga, UNYAP president of 2008.
  37. 37. • Without a doubt, our nominees for this year have done an exemplary job of reaching out to those who need them.• Their talents, time, and faith on themselves and on their colleagues earned them a lot..• not only recognitions, but also learnings..• learnings that motivate them on becoming better servants and models to everyone.
  38. 38. • Our nominees are:• Ivy Estal for being the founder of the feeding program "piging sa nayon" which has been running for almost a year at Impasug-ong, Bukidnon,• Jasmin Faith Manrique for her outstanding service for thje community of Mampayag, bukidnon as a member of the rotaract club of bukidnon,• and melanie bolonggaita for being a social volunteer for the people of Palalan, Lumbia for 2 years.
  39. 39. • And so may i request Hon. Lood and Ms. Abaday to assist me on the presentation of this award.• Given this 28th of February 2011 at the MAGIS Complex of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.• Inscriptions here...• Signed by Ms. Magie Lood, National Youth Commission Chairperson, and Ms. Sheena Marie Abaday, UNYAP President of year 2010,• I now proudly present the Youth Leader Award to Jasmin Faith Manrique!
  40. 40. Acceptance of AwardMs. Jasmin Faith Manrique
  41. 41. Closing Remarks Ms. Aira PabulanMiss Teen Philippines 2005
  42. 42. • In behalf of the United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines or UNYAP,• I would like to thank first our honorable guests, Dr. Princess Lalwani, Hon. Magie Lood and Hon. Rugil Karla Ferrer for sharing their precious time with us.• To our very own UNYAP President, Ms. Sheena Marie Abaday.• To Mr. Nicolas Arciaga and Ms. Frances Karen Joy Wong who gave their best as Emcess for today.• And especially to the delegates and awardees for joining this gathering.• It’s a pleasure having you guys here and we would really like to see you on the 16th International Youth day next year.
  43. 43. MC’s Closing Spiel •Thank VIPs, youth, etc. •Acknowledge sponsors.•SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR FOR THE 16TH INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2012