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Lo kuu razissue7

  1. 1. IMAGE2 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  3. 3. contents Kimberly Goncalves 10 Music Artist KImberly talks about her music experience. IMAGE 12 Cape Verdean Authors by Alice Monteiro p.5 Cape Verdean Beauty 14 Sara DePina p.20 DMD by Mimi 05 Designer Josefa DaSilva Showcases her beautiful designs IMAGE 09 “MY LIFE” Poem by Ymez Silva p.14Behind the music with Cleudir Cardosoby Claudina Silvainterview by Jose Silvap.18 Cape Verdean-American Fashion by Maritsa Barros aka Kriola Beleza LOKuuRAZ Magazine Team: p.23 President, Graphic Designer: Jose C. Silva Chief Editor: Claudina Silva Writer, Fashion Coordinator: Maritsa Barros Photographers: Bruno DePina & 337 photos Models: Anice Brandao, Tossan Alli, Sara Depina & Sher Ece 4 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  4. 4. DMD by MimiAnice Montrond BrandaoProud Cape VerdeanBorn and raised in BostonLoves dancing, acting and modelingStudent at Westfield State University“The most important thing to me is my family”http://www.facebook.com/anicebhttps://twitter.com/TSanice
  5. 5. Tosan Alli AKA Susan “Tosan”Loves to model, sing, dance, write, read, and help others in anyway possible.Born in NigeriaWorks in Executive Management Support at a Telecom Corp.“I value hard work because it allows success to taste that muchsweeter.”Via Email: susan.alli@yahoo.comTwitter: @NaijaSueTweet
  6. 6. Photographer: Bruno DePina Designer: Josefa DaSilva Make-up and Fashion coordinator: Maritsa Barros Models: Anice Brandao & Tosan Alli DMD by MimiJosefa DaSilva“DMD stands for Designed by Main Dore (Main means hand, and Dore means Black in french) Designed by blackhand. In this shoot these garments were inspired by my brand name which was inspired by the nature of Africa and itshistory. I thought of Africa and visualized all of the goodness, and the richness from the mother land and what it has tooffer. I pictured a girl in a gold lust dress wondering about her roots. I chose black because black represents Africa andthe whole collection is called Black and Gold Diamonds.”“I was born in Fogo, Cape Verde and I am a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston graduating in December2012. I am inspired by everyone. Whether I am walking down the street or sitting at my house I always get inspired bywhat people are wearing or not wearing. Even my own furniture in my house can give me inspiration.” Contact me via my email at josefa@bfwtac.com On facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/DMDbymimi-Action-In-African-Fashion My website is DMDBYMIMI.COM April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 7
  7. 7. DMD by Mimi8 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  8. 8. “My Life”by Ymez Silva My Life Is a ship, stranded In the middle Of a Tempestuous sea; Torn between The past and An uncertain future.... Sadly, The present Is a coward, Hidden behind Failures of fairy-tales; Much too frail To face reality... Beneath a sky Of blind stars I sleep with open eyes Trying to find Secrets; But the night Is just too wise; I always wake-up With a broken heart... Relentlessly, I chase after something; Though I can’t tell What it is, I Know it is missing; Time does not wait I pray for a miracle A sign of hope And freedom; My greatest sin Is to live in suffering; I don’t know if I deserve it But please have mercy; Faith is slowly fleeting Rescue me, From my existence.... April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 9
  9. 9. Kimberly Goncalves Music Artist by Maritsa Barros “My strongest influence to keep singing is my dad”LOKuuRAZ Magazine had the pleasure and honor of sitting down I was inspired and started liking Cape Verdean music more. Onewith an amazing vocal and lyrical artist, Kimberly Goncalves. Kim- day I went to the studio and I fell in love! All the buttons, all theberly is creative, multi-talented and describes herself as “Jill of all lights, just the magic of the mic, the aura, I fell head over heels.traits.” She was born in Brockton, MA on July 17, 1981 to parents I knew this is my home, this is where I belong! Soon after that Iwho migrated from the Cape Verde islands. She is one of 14 sib- got a chance! A producer by the name of Julio asked me to singlings in total, and grew up in a very cultured home with influences for him and he gave me my big break; he changed my life. I im-from many of the islands of Cape Verde. The music, dance, food mediately became more dedicated to my music. I started writingand ethnic dialects consumed and molded her in her upbringing. poems and songs, and I am so proud to say that I have writtenFor the ‘80s babies, you may remember her from her first album almost every song on both of my albums.Distancia with hits like Lembra and Distancia. Her sophomorealbum has dropped and Kim is all grown up. She is bringing us Thinking back to early childhood, what was your first experiencea more mature sound, and taking us deeper into her life. Being with music like? What song do you remember most as a child?involved in every bit of the process has allowed her to deliver us aproduct she is very proud of. I can remember very young holding myself up dancing to the beat of music. Singing for the first time, I remember listening toTake a stroll with me and learn all about the sounds of what Kim- Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. I would hear their songsberly calls “Zouk-Pop.” and I’d want to mimic them and be just like them. The one song I remember singing as I grew up was “I believe the children areHow would you describe your music for the public audience who our future.” That was my song! (she goes into song)has never heard your music before? What was the first song you ever sang? What did it feel like?I would describe it as eclectic because it is so many different styles.I would describe it as Americanized, Cape Verdean. I bring so The first song I ever sang was at a talent show in Jr. High School.much of the soul/R&B singing to my Cape Verdean singing. I feel I had never told my peers that I can sing and I sang GrooveI bring the pop to the zouk, it’s kind of like a zouk-pop. Everyone Theory’s Tell Me. I actually won first place and it felt amazingmay not get it but I’m funky, I’m different. (she chuckles) that everyone recognized I can sing. It made me realize it wasn’t just in my head, and I just took that energy to start learningWhat made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music? about Cape Verdean music and build my talent.Wow, actually I used to dance with a group a long time ago, and Does anyone in particular influence your musical talent?one day we had a rehearsal for this band and they needed a leadvocalist. I’ve always loved singing and used to sing in church and There are a lot of influences really. As far as old school Capeschool, but I never really sought out singing like that until I started Verdean, Cesaria is a big inspiration for me. I am crazy about herhearing Dje Dje, Stacy, Timmy and other people from here singing. 10 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  10. 10. but other than her, a big inspiration for me was a gospel singer. Her like her.” It was amazing and made me even more motivated.last name slips my mind but Helen was not famous or even someone A lot of people remember and were influenced by your firstwho made a CD. She was a singer in our church and she could sing! album Distancia; tell me about the evolution to your nowAnd when she sang you would just get this feeling over your body sophomore album Let’s Dance.and I would think wow, that’s how I want to sing.How much creative control do you have over your own music? The evolution actually took a long time, about ten years. From Distancia to Let’s Dance, it was a long road. A lot of things hap-Well, on my first album I didn’t have as much creative control be- pened between those years, some tragic and some happy, a lotcause I had someone who told me, hey this melody is better than this of traveling and definitely a lot of growing up. That has been theone or do this instead of this. This was good because I got to learn evolution that is reflected in my new album.as well, but it didn’t allow me to express my own creativity like I didon my second album. On my second album, I got to go wild and do What is your favorite song on the new album?whatever I wanted to do, and work with whoever I wanted. I was apart of every step of the process. My favorite song on the new album is Track 4, “When I’m with you.” I had so much fun with that song and it’s my favorite for aHow long does it take you to write a song? number of reasons. To mention a couple, it was produced by Elji and written by my younger sister, when she was 12.Oh, it all depends. I can write a song in a second; I can see some-thing that inspires me and it gets me going. I hear a beat and the Where can old and new fans pick up or download your newmelody and boom, I already have the lyrics and a chorus. And album?sometimes I can hear a song and it can take a long time, but really ifthe song is taking a long time it’s because it is not a good song. I just Fans can pick up my album in Brockton, Dorchester, Pawtucketscratch it out and move on. and on-line, using the keyword “Kimberly Tchada Records”What has been your strongest influence to continue performing? What advice would you give to young aspiring song writers/ musicians?My strongest influence to keep singing is my dad. (she sighs) My dadpassed away in 2004, he was murdered and it was a crazy thing. Atfirst it made me shut down but soon after, it gave me the motivation I’d say to go for it. Don’t wait for it, go after your dreams. Haveto sing even more because he is now far away. I knew that when I did the mentality to make yourself a star and don’t wait for someonesing he would be hearing me. else. Also, don’t be afraid to step out of your box and collaborate with others as well. It’s about owning your craft and showingDo you have any fan comments or stories on how your music has others what makes you unique.affected or changed them? Be sure to pick up or download Kimberly’s new album Let’sYes. I hear from older people to younger people. They tell me about Dance and check out her new video for her remake of Tonithe songs they love and encourage me to keep singing. But it hit Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart.”me one day when a young girl came into my dental office and said,“mommy, mommy it’s her, I saw her on TV, it’s her. I want to be just IMAGE IMAGE April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 11
  11. 11. Cape Verdean Authors by Alice Monteiro IMAGE I am a native of Marion, Massachusetts, but I currently reside in Greenville, South Carolina. You could say I stumbled upon becoming an author. I didn’t always aspire to write; however, after my children and I were miraculously deliv- ered from a cult-like organization, I began journaling to feel normal again and, hopefully, gain insight on the events we endured. In the midst of my writing, I realized that I was, in fact, composing a book. Some twelve years later, in 2007, I had Saved by Grace, A Gift from God published by Xulon Press, thus, an author was born. Although it was initially not part of my plan, it was a part of God’s master plan for me, and it manifested right on time. The year 2007 served as my “coming out”, as I also won a contest for a short story I wrote, titled Jesus’ Sav- ing Arms. The prize? My piece was published in Xulon Press’ Praise Reports, Inspiring Real-Life Stories of How God Works Miracles Today. I have acquired a profound appreciation for the written word; so, in April of 2010, I started my own publish- ing company, A. Monterio Publishing. At the prompting of my mother, the first book I authored and published under my new company is Pep Stephen, I Live with My Mom. In the summer of 2009, my nine year old son, Colby Harrison Brown, and I collaborated on this fun to read, colorfully illustrated, children’s book. In May 2010, the book became a reality. Pep Stephen is about a little boy in a single-parent home who does very well despite his adverse circumstance. He is an “A” Honor Roll student and a great help to his mom. Essentially, the characters in this book reflect us and our lifestyle. We plan to write an entire series of this little fella, and each will have a P.S. message on the back. Our hope is that it will encourage other children who live with one parent. We hope that they realize they are equal to everyone else, and that they can be great achievers with a little hard work. Colby is an “A” Honor Roll student in the fourth grade and the youngest of four children. His siblings are in their middle to late twenties and have their own homes. Colby has lots of ambition for such a young boy and hopes for a bright future. I’ve been through many difficulties in my life, but have always come through victoriously; that, I attribute to our Heavenly Father. That is why I love writing inspirational books about “real stuff ”. Please keep reading and look for more books by me and Colby. Also, look for the new Pep Song, soon to come! I believe that people can overcome the most adverse situation with God’s help. I believe that all things are pos- sible through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. Love and Laughter. Bless You All.12 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  12. 12. April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 13
  13. 13. 14 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  14. 14. cape verdean beauty Photographer: 377photos Dress designed by: Celina sara Depina Is 23 years old. She is from Fogo, Cabo Verde. She has lived in the US for the past five years. She has the potential of becoming a big star. Check her out on the new movie “Bon Vida” based on a Cape Verdean family living in the April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 15 USA.
  15. 15. designer: tenstar16 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  16. 16. April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 17
  17. 17. Behind the Music with Cleudir Cardoso by Claudina Silva interview by Jose Silva Cleudir Cardoso is a Cape Verdean music producer. Being an eclectic musician, he has also been known to wear many other hats in the music industry including arranger, producer, keyboardist and recording/mixing engineer. Born in Fogo, Cleudir moved from island to island very often, first to Sao Vicente where he lived for a while, next to Sao Nicolau where he spent two years, then Sal for another 3 years and finally returning to Sao Vicente when he was 9 years old. He came to the US at the age of 18, where he has been living since. Arriving here, he immediately went to work, enrolling at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and ultimately obtained his degree in CIS (Computer Information and Science). “Once I graduated, I pretty much hit the ground running doing what I do now,” Cleudir said. His music career started at the mere age of 12 when he DJ-ed with his uncle in Cape Verde. At first, he would play in small house parties. Eventually, he started working with Platinum Recording Studios in Boston, which was operated by Kiki Mendes, one of his close relatives. Having already fallen in love with music at this point, particularly with the production area, Cleudir started to build his network and released his first full length recording song, “Dinheru,” featuring Zeny and Elida. Soon after, he was introduced to Silvino (Nefariouz Records) and Filinto DaRosa with whom he began collaborating on several tracks. Before he knew it, Cleudir’s work was being recognized around the streets of Boston, becoming especially popular among the community’s younger crowd. Still in school, he kept his dream alive running a small workstation in his college dorm and getting to know other big names in the industry. He was now producing a few tracks with Djedje (rapper), Temblessed, Niecy and others around the New Bedford area. Initially, he worked free of charge in various studios to get his foot in the door and work on his networking and experience in the field. Cleudir’s music career took off and he became a trusted recording/mixing engineer, a highly demanded keyboardist and an adored producer. His engineering experience ranges from working at Rolling Tracks Studios, Kreation Studios, Chacha Music, and NexGen’s Music Lab. In addition, along with Puto Lopes, another bright upcoming young producer, he is running NexGen Music, a production company that has produced many well known songs and projects with various artists, as examples we have “The Feeling of Love” (New Faces Ft. Tania), Ban D’Agu (Ja & Boia). Currently, he is also preparing for shows and tours with his band “New Faces” for the promotion of their recently released album, “New Faces Ft. Tania” (March 2012). All in all, collaboration with others in the industry has been a major bonus for Cleudir, as he has worked with many pro’s in the industry including Beto Dias, Jorge Neto, Nando Da Cruz, Vargas, Izidora, Sandro, Ze Delgado (X-Treme), Ferro Gaita, Lo ( Promessa), Suzy Fernandes, Delano Barbosa, Tania DeBarros, Juceila, Sandro, Feel Bass, Gilyto, Gau Salgado, Galvao, Kabo Kenti Boys and Nelson Jr., just to name a few.18 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  18. 18. “Music to me is as important as water, food or anything that I need to live,” saidCleudir. “I don’t think that I would be able to go on without it in my life,” he added. One of Cleudir’sgreatest musical influences is the Cape Verdean band Splash. He was introduced to Manu Soares fromthe group on one of their tours to the islands, and his love for keyboards only grew from then on.Splash’s album “Simplicidade” is one of his all time favorite albums. Around the same time, he also fell inlove with the work of Grace Evora and Beto Dias. The producers who have impacted Cleudir most areDjoy Delgado, Klaudio Ramos and Manu Lima. However, there is one who stands out among these greatproducers, and that would be George Rosario. “I admire him greatly for his momentum and creativity,”Cleudir said. Some other influential figures in the industry include Dabs Lopes and Mark G, as well asPolo Da Don, Red One and Timberland, from an international standpoint. According to Cleudir, the greatest inspirational drive in music is the joy and happiness he feels everytime he plays the piano. “It is such a healing process for me,” he stated. “Many people think of musicwith a business mindset but I think of it primarily as art,” he affirmed. Another major motivating factor isseeing how his work can positively impact others’ lives: “It is truly a blessing,” Cleudir said. “When youlove something so much and it is dear to you as music is to me, you barely need any motivation at all,”he added. Nowadays music has become second nature for Cleudir. He plans to keep doing what he does,and is eager to get started on projects that are lining up. Cleudir also plans to open hisown professional recording studio, where he hopes to welcome other upcoming talented artists andexpects many magical moments to take place, at least musically. “The best advice that I would give to someone who is trying to pursue a music career, whether it besinger, producer or any other title in the industry, is to work as hard as you need to in order to becomethe best that you can become,” Cleudir stated. “It’s important to keep an open mind because most ofthe time knowledge will come from where you least expect it,” he affirmed. Based on his experience, hehas found that as with businesses in general, knowledge is a significant factor; however, the musicindustry also relies a lot on creativity. Most of the time, success is measured on that alone. Aspiringartists should do their research and look to get involved as much as possible with the availableopportunities. “What I’ll say to anyone pursuing music is to be very dedicated to your craft and preparedto encounter many obstacles,” Cleudir said. He added that “being strong and staying true to who youare and what you love is key; but in the mean time get ready because you may be entering one of thebest rides of your life!” April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 19
  19. 19. Summer is coming...what’s your summer look?With Model Sher Ecephotography by 337 photos20 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  20. 20. April 2012/LOKuuRAZ 21
  21. 21. Picture by IMAGIX Studio W.Lee Thurston Jr. 337PHOTOS Boston, MA 337photoslee@gmail.com www.337photos.com22 LOKuuRAZ/April 2012
  22. 22. Cape Verdean-AmericanFashion byMaritsa Barros aka Kriola BelezaDress designed by CelinaC ape Verdeans are becoming more prevalent in the Fashion world. Cape Verdeans from the homeland and descendants of Cape Verde are influenced by American and European Fashion in creating their own unique style - Cape Verdean AmericanFashion (CV-AF). Cape Verdeans locally are making greatstrides in the area of Fashion Design. For instance, Celina Loffis originally from Santiago, Cape Verde but was living in Por-tugal when she decided to move to the United States in 1981.Celina graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from New-bury College and opened Celina’s Tailoring & Dry Cleaningin Stoughton, MA in July 2010. She has hosted and/or beeninvolved in a number of fashion shows. One time she made17 bridesmaids dresses in one week! You can visit Celina on 4Porter Street, Stoughton, MA 02072 for tailoring, dry cleaning& custom designs. Another great example is Josefa Da Silva,a 25 year- old Fashion designer, whose fashion line is called International! She was crowned out of 24 women represent-DMD. DMD stands for Designed by Main Dore (Main means ing different West African countries. Thus far in her reign ashand, and Dore means Black in French) Designed by Black queen, she is living out her humanitarian objectives. She is aHand. .She is originally from Fogo, Cape Verde and is now founding member of the WEDOCARE group that has a strongcompleting her Bachelor’s Degree this December at UMass mission to build character and a social framework, targetingBoston. As founder of The African Chapter @ Boston Fashion in particular the most vulnerable sections of the populationWeek, Cape Verde Fashion Week, Josefa is breaking ground in in Cape Verde. Their main purpose is to promote culturalthe Fashion world. Josefa created Cabo Verde Fashion Week activities, academia and recreational sports, in order to raise(CVFW) “to help facilitate the growth of the fashion industry money to assist those most in need. “The best way to changeon the islands, and support the emerging designers & model- our world is to change the world around us,” said Vanny.ing talents.” “We will be accomplishing this goal by connect- Vanny is not a typical pageant queen / model. She receiveding this unique city with fashion resources in NYC, Boston, LA her undergraduate degree in physical education from Uni-and Europe,” Josefa stated. Get more information about Cabo versidade Estadual Da Paraiba, Campina Grande-Brasil andVerde Fashion Week by liking them on Facebook. her graduate degree from Universidade Integradas de Patos, Campina Grande- Paraiba , Brazil. She has played forward forA Cape Verde Senior Basketball National team in Lisbon (2009) nother area of Fashion that is also blooming in and managed 35 plus shows in Europe, South America, and the Cape Verdean community is in the area of Africa. Two years ago, she teamed up to start Vaiss Models modeling competitions. Miss West Africa is a Inc. in Praia, Cape Verde. To get more information about unique competition with contestants from all Vanny’s reign as Queen, like her page on Facebook- Vanny over the world. Miss West Africa International Reis (Miss West Africa Cape Verde 2011). For information2012 is in fact a Cape Verdean native. Ms. Ivanilda “Vanny” about the team behind MWACV, visit the Urban InternationalReis was first casted and crowned in Cape Verde as Miss Media Group at http://www.UIMG.wordpress.com. The searchWest Africa – Cape Verde (MWACV) in July 2011. She then for the 2012 Miss West Africa –Cape Verde is set to take placewent off to compete in the internationals, December 2011, in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde this summer. Like you, I am excitedin Gambia, Africa where she triumphed on her own (with the to see who will be the next Miss West Africa-Cape Verde. Willsupport from family and friends around the world) and was she follow in Vanny’s footsteps and bring the crown home?crowned in Gambia, Africa. She is our queen, Miss West Africa Only time will tell. April 2012 / LOKuuRAZ 23