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What a truly special 2013 we have had!

I am touched by the many opportunities given to us to facilitate change in our challenged communities in South Africa, I experience so much love, so much joy and a deep connectedness. I am grateful for a very special team of Change Agents that selflessly reach out to touch and teach, simply because they know deep within what it means to both laugh and cry, to rise and fall and experience life in and through its seasons. What makes the difference is the understanding of that each season has its own teaching and once we tap fully into the lessons it comes with we can taste the sweetness of its fruit - deep within us - and we can trust that nothing is there without a reason.

2013 has reminded me of meeting in our shared humanity and that we are not here to do it on our own. Let us travel together! BE together. Nelson Mandela and his legacy inspires this in us - to keep living true to our hearts, that inner deep calling, voices that truly cares, voices that heal and reach out to each other, voices that builds a healthy nation on equality and love. And as we say our goodbye to one of the greatest leaders of our time we also embrace the opportunity to fuel each of our steps with greater awareness and a much broader "WE Consciousness".

May you enjoy our newsletter and tune into the energy of an inspiring season in our SmilingOne Foundation.

We look forward to share much more with you in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Love & Gratitude

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SmilingOne monthly Newsletter Festive Edition DEC 2013

  1. 1. Turquois The SmilingOne Foundation MON MONTHLY NEWSLETTER October/Nov /November/December 2013 The Festive Issue
  2. 2. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the inspir imagination and brings eternal joy to the al soul – by Carova Beach Crafts Our Values LOVE In our experience of Love we fi ourselves in a place of unconditional sh find sharing, holding no judgment or expectation. As we embrace Love within, we embrace Love in ALL. LEARNING We enjoy the process of learnin We are Students and Explorers of life, widening our arning. horizon and adding to our portf portfolio. ADDING VALUE We enjoy adding value to indivi individuals and whole communities. Adding value to the human g val potential is a privilege and assis the process of building bridges, breaki down the most assists reaking resistant walls. ONENESS We believe in UNIQUENESS and UNITY. ‘It is about understanding oneself and the role one eself plays in the bigger ‘puzzle of lif - the greater purpose. On one hand being tiny compared life’ nd be to the whole – teaching us humbleness – and on the other being highly valuable as each hum ly va piece of the puzzle is of inestim estimable value to the wholeness – teaching us worthiness.’ ing INTEGRITY We enjoy working with our clients and each other openly, honestly and sincerely. We walk r clien s the talk and deliver what we pr promise. OUR ENVIRONMENT We care deeply for our environm vironment and inspire change by our own living example
  3. 3. Letter from the CEO OUR SUPPORT NETWORK NETWORKING The ‘bag lady’ OUR PROJECTS SA Prisons – Worcester Youth Project Nyanga Development Program Outreach Guiding the Youth WORKSHOP Mind Body and Soul workshop Session in nature – C.O.C C.O.C on ice FUTURE PROJECTS AND EVENTS OUR FAMILY CONTENT FOREWORD
  4. 4. Hamba Kahle We say good-bye to a legend who inspired millions to look at the world wit different eyes and a wh ith vision of kindness, reaching to the future, believing that education is the most powerful key to o e m change the world. An icon to his era, and a hero to his times. The future was what you have drea oh eamed of. Tata, we hold your values near to our heart as w work towards the change of a healthier S s we South Africa. We value your vision, that inspires us to rea for the impossible. You are truly a great m reach t mentor. Met liefde en respekt se ons totsie Hamba kahle Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Man siens. andela! For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Nelson Mandela
  5. 5. Letter from Franklin’s desk Fra As a boy I heard many stories of th sea, ocean and beach, coming from the elders. The legacy of ries the m e mermaids heroins, who save fishe fishermen from drowning in storms. My uncle who lost his two y fingers saving a fellow fisherman from a shark. To just recapture a few of these dramatic stories. erman fr w thes As many of such stories I was inspired to share from my own story book as a cit as inspir k citizen of Cape Town. A city that situates itself at the tip of Africa with its beautiful stretches of beache o beaches. My recent adventure on the beach was surely one to remember and I would never forget, as my he n friend and brother Malcolm told m that he has not been to the beach in years and would love to me just wet his feet... I did not ask him why but my mind instantly focused on the myth of the waves t d washing our sins away. The most popular belief among Capetonians (Cape T e Town citizens), that after a bad ordeal you need to visit the beach to let the waves wash away all that has been badd visi luck for you. For me it is a differen story though. But whatever we believe th sea means to us, different lieve the we can all admit that along with its aqua coloured water, cool sands and white waves touching our d feet, there is more than just what m t meets the eye. Never did I realise that nature allows us to build these kind of stories along wi HER, giving me so ure allow long with much pleasure to write to you from Franklin’s desk – On the eve of publishing this news his newsletter, we lost a great man who changed the world through his courage, endurance and ideals. Nel eals. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. So we decided in hi mourning that we ded his shall not release this newsletter. Instead we will await publishing and give you a double dose sletter. nd (three months) of adventure and workshops as we reach out to change. re w We bid a legend farewell in this months edition. Our CEO’s letter greets you to a new season; m reets networking to find the C.O.C in action with Rachel; our prison process, ‘Cha O.C ac Change Agents’ in the making; the youth that is in session with ‘The Responsible Individual’; and w nd workshops that guides us through nature. This is a special edition that joins summer and festivity toge together, where I gladly invite you to enjoy the festive issue of Turquois, the SmilingOne Foundation’s monthly newsletter. ation’s m From Franklin’s desk, I give you war wishes for a year filled with happiness and health. warm iness Love Franklin
  6. 6. What a truly special 2013 we hav had! e have I am touched by the many opportunities given to us to facilitate chang in our challenged ny op change communities in South Africa, I experience so much love, so much joy and a deep connectedness. I a, ex nd d am grateful for a very special team of Change Agents that selflessly reac out to touch and cial t reach teach, simply because they kno deep within what it means to both laugh and cry, to rise and y know fall and experience life in and through its seasons. What makes th difference is the an es the understanding of that each season has its own teaching and once we tap f seas fully into the lessons it comes with we can taste the sweetness of its fruit - deep within us - and we c trust that nothing e swe can is there without a reason. 2013 has reminded me of meetin in our shared humanity and that we are not here to do it eeting t on our own. Let us travel togeth BE together. Nelson Mandela and his legacy inspires this in ogether! d us - to keep living true to our hearts, that inner deep calling, voices th truly cares, voices that that heal and reach out to each other, voices that builds a healthy natio on equality and ion love. And as we say our goodby to one of the greatest leaders of our time we also embrace the odbye opportunity to fuel each of our steps with greater awareness and a much broader "WE ou nd Consciousness". May you enjoy our newsletter an tune into the energy of an inspiring seas in our SmilingOne ter and season Foundation. We look forward to share much more with you in 2014. uch Happy New Year! Love & Gratitude Karina WE UNLOCK POTENTIAL THRO THROUGH THE CIRCLE OF CHANGE ACTIVATIO ATION FOREWORD Letter from the CEO
  7. 7. We establish and nurt nurture relationships with existing and new isting partners in community building. We all own a share in the unity shaping of a healthy society! lthy s Sponsors 2013/14 Sponsors monthly: GM Childlife - RUC - Dave Thorpe - Aslam Bava - David Watson Sporadic sponsors Karen Sorbo & Francelino Zau - Shawn McGee - Koos & Ilse van Niekerk - Howard Rosenberg – Robin oward Ropp Sohnen - Louw van Eeden - Cathy Carstens - Sue Gillespie - Sally Saunders - Chiara de Siena Peter Gilder - Leigh-Ann Arendse dse Lotsa Love OUR SUPPORT NETWORK TOGETHER IS BETTER ETTER!
  8. 8. Rachel came to South Africa from Zimbabwe looking for work. She was employed by Original T-Bag Designs as a cleaner and lunch maker for the other staff. When her work was up to date she was asked if she could help out with production. One day she helped out in the newly formed sewing department. It was obvious that she had the talent in this direction so we decided to employ her as a trainee seamstress. Rachel soaked up the knowledge and has now become very accomplished. She has design two styles of hand bags which we buy of her and sell in our shops. With her regular monthly salary and the additional income from sewing her own bags and other items she managed to send money home and build a house in Zimbabwe. Rachel hopes that one day she will be able to return to Zimbabwe with her sewing talent and make a living there. I came across Rachel in the process of designing a C.O.C Adventure Workshop for the PET Team Stars – I was looking for ‘Travel Workshop Bags’. SmilingOne (both our foundation side and business side) is all about assisting the unlocking of potential as we activate and implement Circle’s Of Change (C.O.C’s). Contracting Rachel to do 20 Travel Bags became part of a combined SmilingOne/PET Team C.O.C Caring Practice and for Rachel it was part of her C.O.C ‘I am a Resource Practice’ towards sustainable livelihoods. NETWORKING C.O.C IN ACTION Featuring Rachel’s story
  9. 9. Thank you so much Rachel for your contribution! Love Karina OUR CHANGE APPROACH – CIRCLE’S OF CHANGE (C.O.C’s) • • • Sharing Practice Caring Practice I am a resource Practice ………………………… CTICC – Motivational Talk by Franklin The Cape Town International Convention Centre invited me as a guest speaker at their Annual Staff Conference, where the themes were future, ethics and balance. It was indeed a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful occasion. The atmosphere were light and intimate, making me feel at home. It felt so comforting meeting the staff, I thought I was part of the staff for a moment, sharing in humour conversation with nice refreshments. But it was the sense of togetherness that I felt. Inspiring me to motivate them, to inspire each other as they inspired me. Thank you to CTICC for a lovely experience and great inspiration. NETWORKING It was part of her puzzle piece to the mix and it became incredibly meaningful for the C.O.C Adventure workshop and its unfolding – illustrating the C.O.C in action.
  10. 10. SPONSOR
  11. 11. OUR WORCESTER PRISON PROCESS – C.O.C. IN FULL ACTIVATION "November 28th 2013: Luyanda Mboniswa and Collin Duda just returned from Oudtshoorn prison where they had been tasked by DCS to facilitate a bead making workshop for female offenders in their capacity as Group of Hope (GOH) action committee members. The bead making is a GOH skills development workshop. The beads are made from recycled material and sold in shops (like the T' bag project in Hout Bay) to assist the GOH project and the aids orphans that the GOH project supports. Both Luyanda and Collin are driving forces in the GOH project inside Worcester Prison. Today they are back attending our SmilingOne session. Luyanda shares how the foundation he operates from today roots in a deepened awareness of himself and through himself of others – an awareness he has build on consciously since he joined SmilingOne in 2008 – activation this personal Circle of Change (COC). He has allowed The Responsible Individual journey to become a valuable puzzle piece on his journey of self discovery – an enabler for his GOH tasks – a platform from where he today practices being an incredible resource. Luyanda was amongst the first eight coach students we took into TRI training in 2008. He qualified his two first coach educational modules in 2010 and operated as our internal project monitor in Brandvlei Maximum Prison. He took the TRI process with him as he and fellow inmates transferred to Worcester Prison. Here he continued his COC practice both within SmilingOne and GOH (Sharing, Caring & I am a Resource Practices). Daniel Davids was one amongst many that were inspired by Luyanda and Collin to start a personal TRI journey. Today Daniel has trained with us for three+ years and is internal project monitor of our SmilingOne Worcester Process. He is adding tremendous value as he guides and supports many fellow inmates on their TRI journeys. One of his great strengths is assisting the HEALING PROCESSING: Daniel invites his fellow inmates very deep into the healing, opening doors to separating emotion and action – taking it back to ‘where was it born’….feeeeeeling it, releasing it and understanding it. Every single TRI (1) participant expresses how he now is able to use a challenge and the reaction he experiences to go deeper into the emotion/healing. This is KEY in changing behaviour. OUR PROJECTS Ripple effects by Karina
  12. 12. I am in awe of how change travels…. multiplying… one seed turns into hundreds. Daniel, who was guided by Luyanda and Collin has guided TRI Participant Marco Simons the past year through TRI (2). Today Marco passed his interview and was enrolled to start his TRI facilitator training. One of the elements that touched me deeply in Marco's Personal Balanced Profile (PBP – a recording of daily practices) was: "I always remember that friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of the world together". I have no doubt that he will add even more momentum to the process and that we will see many more seeds spread through another truly loving and kind heart. I feel incredibly privileged to journey with these special Men, who have gone beyond themselves to serve humanity by their own living examples. None of them are 'talkers'… they walk the path with great humility. Each one of them a Change Agent for a safe, dynamic and healthy SA." ……………………………………………. The Responsible Individual MOMENT OF SILENCE Challenges Symptoms of Challenges Mirror Wind Reactive Patterns The Survivor Pleaser Victim Awareness Spectrum Trust Acceptance BALANCE Allowance Affirmation Personal Balance Profile Understanding Identity Directions Values CHOICE the observer PURPOSE key roles Mission Vision learning BODY MIND SOUL Relationships ENVIRONMENT social responsibility
  13. 13. Meeting up with Pastor Freddie Warries, after my release from prison was very amazing as he was interested in what my experience was, being in such a place for so many years. I shared about the people I met and the challenges I faced while being in prison. Telling him about The Responsible Individual and what it did for me had him amazed. And how I would love to share my experience with the youth so that they wont make the same mistake I did. Pastor Warries told me about the youth at their church and I felt so delighted to get the chance to meet them. [How I would love to share my experience with the youth] After a couple of days I was introduced to the youth leaders, who explained to me how they work with the kids of the community, asking me what it is I can bring to the table, to spice up their flavour. Introducing the book ‘The Responsible Individual’ and the journey Karina travelled leading up to the book, had them very amazed. On a Friday night I met the kids and they were so inviting! I shared some of my journey with them and they could not believe that I was in prison. I took them to the concept of challenges in the book and what it means to them. The kids were so eager to share their meaning of the word and how they opened up was inspiring. We had another session the week after where we made charts and spoke about what we as kids love and hate about our parents. They were placed in groups and the results was so much more than what I was expecting. Leaving me amazed how open they have become after I shared about some of my experiences with my parents. I am so humbled to be a part of their lives and journeys. We have so much still planned and I'm excited about how much we're still going to learn with The Responsible Individual. A journey of a lifetime begins with one step, one smile and one Responsible Individual. • OUR PROJECTS Youth Project by Malcolm Booysen
  14. 14. OUR PROJECTS Nyanga Development Program A sound cloud of laughter, joy and playfulness overwhelms me as I enter the Ivy Nyovane Creche, I fail to see where it comes from. I’m guessing that the kids are playing inside, trying to imagine how they are having fun. My first encounter is with the caretaker, I am explaining that I am looking for Vuyiswa or Ma Esther. He is very stern so I share with him jokingly it is maybe one of the characteristics you have from working around kids. I am learning that his name is Wiseman as he directs me to the office where I find Vuyiswa. ‘Catching up on paperwork before the crèche close’ I joke to her. I’m getting a blushing smile, as she admits to hard work. As we walk to meet Ma Esther, Vuyiswa shares with me why there are less kids attending the last week of crèche. Most of them are looked after by their siblings when it is school holidays, saving family members a buck. This is the reason why only 20 of the 115 kids that normally attend are attending today. ‘Eish’, Ma Esther starts her conversation to express difficulty of not knowing where to start telling me how hard the year has been for her. She feels she has a duty towards the kids by not declining their attendance but some times the parents do not pay crèche fees in full. She then pays it out of her own pocket. However - her list of appreciation is longer, thanking SmilingOne first. She is so glad that SmilingOne has chosen to walk the journey with her. I am ensuring her that SmilingOne feels the same.
  15. 15. Lastly she expresses her gratitude of being a Montessori student - she and V titude nd Vuyiswa both will miss the learnership till next year whe they continue. when Ma Esther admits that the year has been tough as much as it was beautiful but she is so glad for utiful the people that walks the journe with her. Yes she did run the crèche alone for a very long time journey but it has been much easier since wonderful people came along like Smiling r ilingOne, General Motors, Thorp and Shoprite. So it is a great pleasure to work with the community on getting the crèche s gr nity where it is today. Ngiyabonga (t ga (thank you)! • Franklin .............................. .................... The waves in my life are very overwhelm verwhelming at times. Which narrows my vision from seeing the light Learn to accept the light. waves no matter how wet it may be, just reach for the surface. The words I tell myself. After you dive, you will be surprised at yo what you will find which will broaden the spectrum, to l broade embrace the light. • Franklin OUR PROJECTS She expresses her gratitude for the renovations done so far to renov the crèche the beginning of 2013 by General Motors (Ute Force & Childlife Foundation) and Smilin SmilingOne. She takes me through the kitchen and its open plan, that makes feeding the kids much easier. There are still s some touch-up’s that needs to be done in the kitchen. The bri he bright pink of the toilet walls gives me an animated feeling – a kiddie playful vibe. After that Ma Esther shows me beautiful bright coloured beau blankets that the kids sleep under. Bef r. Before I can admire the lovely colours Ma Esther gives her gratitude to Shoprite not only for donating veggies and s d blankets but also toys for the kids. She is giving much praise to the Nyanga hawkers community he kid anga and members of church for their aid in a lovely outing with the kids to the beach. b
  16. 16. After release by Franklin The biggest question that the parole board asks an offender who applies for parole is, “ What will you do after you are released?” Along with the community, the actual offender asks the same question. The reintegration of ex offenders in the community is of great value for a parolee to find his/her feet to balance. That is why SmilingOne is focusing to help parolees reintegrate back in to the community. One of our tools is to introduce the ‘ The Responsible Individual’ a coaching manual that will take them through a life changing experience. Jonathan Tabalaza, a referral from the Rondebosch United Church, has been walking his life journey with ‘The Responsible Individual’ for six months now and loving it. Sharing how he loves the learning of new concepts to help him identify what he is going through in life. “I thought it was going to be easy working with the manual but you must experience the manual. Making your way from prison to the outside is not easy, you have a plan but then life gives you what you never had expected and you got to deal with it the best way you can. I am just glad that I am still alive to get a second chance, to look after my kid.” Robert Steiner minister of the church expresses his gratitude for SmilingOne, being there with Jonathan on his life changing journey, believing that being released from prison is a fragile stage but it makes such a huge difference when there is great support. Like Jonathan, many parolees and ex offenders will reintegrate back into communities. SmilingOne and our team of ‘Change Agents’ aids in the reintegration of parolees and ex offenders, to add support, value and openness to their life changing journey. Guiding them through a rehabilitation process, discovering the self identity, learning behaviours and creating a vision.
  17. 17. We as the youth decided to take on a challenge where we go into our community Ocean View and make a difference in the lives of the kids, activating our motto. We planned an out reach with various sport and fun activities. The acceptance was amazing, as kids came from all over to join in on the fun. We played soccer, rugby and even a dance competition. It was so funny when one of the kids returned a prize, so we had to let him know he won it. The kids loved it, and so did we as the youth of SmilingOne. There was so much love going around and the reaction of the kids was more than heart warming. We had a fun day and there was so much we learned. It opened our eyes to how important it is to give unconditionally. We have so much more to look forward to in the new year. More learning, more giving of our souls and more love to share. OUR PROJECTS Outreach by Malcolm Booysen
  18. 18. Guiding the youth by Franklin A very gentle breeze greets me as I step out of the taxi to view my destination that is in front of me. Spots of green and brown grass on my right and a wire fence that keeps it all on premises. I have to walk around to enter by the gate as kids from Grade one and two exit school. Today is particular sunny so I decided to wear jeans and sneakers, with a shirt to have more of a casual look. Upon entering I greet the secretary and principal, before making my way to the class-room. Upon entering I am greeted by another class that is suddenly quiet by my appearance as if they are amused by what I really can not put my finger on. But I get my cue from one of the girl students that says “sir look so cool today”. I am half an hour early so it gives me time to wait for my class to arrive. The kids from the class that is scheduled before my actual class are begging me to have sessions with them too but I’m afraid they have a tight schedule on Mondays. One of the boys steps up to me, telling me that I may think I look cool but that is cheap sneakers that I have on. I ask him why he is telling me about sneakers that are cheap. And he replies that ‘he is just saying’. Again, I am asking him if he realizes what he just did? He ignored the question. So I asked about his family and friends and what he was doing after school, realizing that in the conversation he seems to be very brand conscious for someone his age. It gives me the idea that he has a very strong material influence. Our conversation leads to how I started doing loads of illegal activities to keep up with my material influences, as I thought that expensive branding is the way that I get recognition from friends. Truth was that as a kid, no one can afford that sort of expensive branding because kids do not have jobs, to earn an income. Mommy and Daddy could only get me the necessities. So I did crime to get money to access these expensive branding, walking the path to prison. Being away from friends, family is hurtful when you think you are never going to see them again. And many guys do not tell you this because we are groomed to be tough in prison but we all cry. You may not see it in our eyes but our hearts cry. Folks may make prison interesting but I want him to think of it like this. The class we are in now, I want him to have a clear look at it, then he must tell me how many hours are in a day. It was never my intention to scare him, I just wanted to be as honest as possible but after he looked at the class and answered 24 hours, I asked him to imagine the door being closed and spending 23 hours of the day in this space. He tried to oppose the vision that was in his mind by telling me I’m playing with him. But I just looked at him, affirming by nodding. And not all of us gets a second chance at rewriting our future. Some die at an early age, some get locked up for a lot of years. At the end of the day my school work went behind. I thought I was getting smarter but I fell behind. When all of my friends were completing their matric (completing school) I was locked up in prison. Now all of them got good jobs, nice houses, some of them are married, raising a family. Because a good job means you have to get good education. I did not know that. But I know now, that is why I can tell you. Upon my conclusion I told him to decide which route is he taking. Is he going to join a gang to get what he wants? Is he going to do crime to get what he wants? Or is he going to learn as hard as he can in school, to one day have a beautiful job and have finance that can get him all that he wishes? The choice is his. But I would like to advice him to think about what is important, getting branded clothes or completing school the best he can. OUR PROJECTS Influences on kids
  19. 19. WORKSHOPS MIND BOD & SOUL WORK BODY ORKSHOP by Ilse Van Niekerk I joined a Mind-Body & Soul W oul Workshop during November – with the em e emphasis on body. Our group consisted of our host Karina, Hannlie (from Johannesburg), Alfred, Chr Malcolm, Franklin, Karin d, Chris, Malik and I. We were all greeted with love, acceptance and a cold glass of carrot juic – with a touch of ot juice ginger. There was fresh fruit on the table. We spoke about food… t th • • • • • • • • • • The relationship between mind, body and soul. ween What does it mean to eat healthily and why? What is healthy food? (So many different opinions, obviously!) ? Our food patterns. When we eat and why! What does it mean to be hungry…really hungry. The role of food in our lives. ur liv Food memories…Franklin went on a trip down memory lane! nklin The smell, taste and textu of food. texture The feelings we expect food to cake care of. ct foo
  20. 20. The lunch table groaned under butternut soup, fish and greens, rice cakes, quinoa salad, dates, nder akes, beetroot salad, squash with a f h filling, individual quiches, baby potatoes, macadamia nuts and oes, m and and… The food was prepared with love, presented beautifully and eaten with gratitude. We were ith lo given so many new and differen food options – healthy nutritious deliciou food alternatives – ifferent elicious once I sampled the food, I was keen to try it out at home and share with others. I wanted to e change some food patterns – not driven by guilt, but by curiosity and enthus nthusiasm. WORKSHOPS After our discussion we made a body-minde b soul poster that we presented to the group ed during lunch. It was interesting to see each ing pair’s perception and learning.
  21. 21. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gratitude Think about what you feed your body. ou fee Instead of concentrating on “not gaining weight” I could choose to concentrate on what ting o con my body needs. And wha is good for my body. what I understand my craving for sweet stuff better, but I still have a long w to go! ving way I understand a bit more a ore about the false comfort I get from eating. I realise there is a differen between wanting and real hunger. fference I know about more food options and am excited to try new healthy r lthy recipes. I realise that I expect too much from sweets – they are not able to soothe the pain and t soo heal the wounds – they can only fill the thighs! hey c Celebrate with food, present it beautifully and enjoy alone or with fri , pres ith friends and family. Really enjoy the food – a away with guilt. Moderation and balance lance Enjoy food, but do not expect what it cannot fill – it can fill your stomach, satisfy your ot ex r stom taste buds, but cannot he your wounds and calm your heart. ot heal Share! WORKSHOPS My learning?
  22. 22. WORKSHOP Session in nature – C.O by Franklin C.O.C A journey to discovery starts with one step, is what I have found out ove the years. And the rts wi t over people you meet along the journ makes it so special. journey Ilse, Karina, Malcolm, Chris and myself was heading for the mountains on an adventure to tains discover a deeper learning of what the ‘ Circle Of Change’ (C.O.C) mea to us. Connecting w means ourselves to natures beautiful vie ful views, getting a richness and energy that flows along with us on the route to self discovery. My Journey: • My first pillar ‘sharing’ – when we walked up the mountain I was constantly sharing with as co the team what I think the journey should be like. I even barked sa ink th ed safety tips, like a true instructor. Truth is it is no for me to give my view all the time, som not , sometimes others do not want your view and some sometimes they do. The workshop teaches me to give them a chance to invite my view and not impose it on them. d • always seems easier to look outside and see other people’s journey’ ot My pillar ‘caring’ – it alw and reflect on what the can teach me. How often do I learn fro the way Malcolm t they rn from always explores a beaut eautiful view from the mountain. How Karina always capture the arina plants and animals. What are their journeys revealing to me as I walk with them. And at Wha s wa the same time I am glad to have brought along my tools of guidanc on the path to our idance session. So that I can guid the team and the team can guide me. guide
  23. 23. • My third pillar ‘I am a resource’ – suddenly it hit me that I should open myself up to be more than what I percieve myself to be. Make room for more than what I think is a resource, in order for opportunity to find me. And along the way stick to my values. As we share our journeys on our COC maps a little friend cames out to say hello and then leaves again. We could not have chosen a better place in nature to discover more. And when our hands went up…it could only have been for accomplishment. For now I know my journey in CHANGE better than I did before. • WORKSHOPS “Walk with others to learn from them.” “Add your special ingredient.”
  24. 24. SmilingOne family is looking at a delicious healthier diet which sparked the idea of a recipe book that will contain healthy, easy to make, delicious recipes. We would so love to have your piece of the puzzle...... as together is so much more. So tell us what you consider as healthy food and what you would like to see in a healthy recipe book. Regarding the bazaar event published in our previous Newsletter, we posted that we are looking for a venue. We are still looking. If there is anyone that can assist us in getting a venue, please let us know. .................................................................... C.O.C on ice – a question of balance The question is do we have balance, or how can we get to balance. “Aaaaagh”, might be what your sports confidence is saying that any athletic challenge can be overcome. Pulling on our background to compare similar situations – when out of the bag comes your teenage roller-blade, knee bruising experience. Confidence up! But you can not stop thinking about falling on the ice! Confidence down. Luckily you are going to have someone to hold your hand. Bulie shares her experience: “It was horrifying at first and very difficult. I thought I couldn’t do it and the fear kept me from trying. I overcame it by breathing and relaxing. Then I started to walk... i couldn’t believe that I could walk on ice. I was excited that I accomplished it... its all in the mind. if you say that you can not do this is how it will be. I showed my mind differently. I’m going to do it again.” Bukiwe shares her experience : “the ice skating session for me was another learning coz sometimes I have been the kind of person that has issues when it comes to trusting. Me not being able to skate and having to learn to trust on the ice as well and find balance it showed me that sometimes you just need to let go. Stop wanting to be in control all the time. Learn to trust. Get someone that is willing to walk with you and hold your hand. I learned that whatever challenge I am going through I am not alone. I carry TRUST into 2014. The question is can you find balance between not wanting to fall and falling. Do you give up after falling so much, so hard. Overcome your fear, it will guide you to get where you want to be – balance. • Franklin FUTURE PROJECTS AND EVENTS Food for the soul…the mind and body as well.
  25. 25. EVENTS A get together in December It is 29 degrees Celsius and the cooling breeze at six o’clock in the morning gives the idea that we are going to feel some heat through the day. So you have to make sure that you dress comfortable for the weather. And when public transport is on time today, you know your day is starting off on a high note. It is Jonathans first time he will meet the SmilingOne family after being in the programme for six months. I sense his excitement as he shares that he has not been to a Christmas party in years. Same for me, even if it is my second one in eleven years. On arrival I see how beautiful the place looks to fit the theme. I surely love it! As a little Father Christmas greets me as I look to my right. A sock hanging over the fire-place feels so classic, I am running towards it to feel if there is any sweets in it. The colourfully wrapped soft candy of different flavours was next to the sock. The star on top of the Christmas tree caught my attention and the two pretty girls playing around it. I am asking Karina to pose for a picture for me, even if she did still have her apron on. Her smile is so warm to the camera as the kids just brings joy to the lens. Me and the boys wanted some more chocolates but Karina said we must wait till more guests arrive but the chocolates was so good I felt like crying for more. In awaiting the presence of some more guests I took some beautiful pictures to hold the moment, Karina sure have the pleasure of being host. A table full of wonderful treats could not have been resisted by my sweet tooth for long, but I am remembering that I must eat food first before jumping to the treats and that I have a diet menu. But do not most of us forget our diet through the festive season?
  26. 26. Christmas ballads are playing softly in the laying background and giving a nice touch to the atmosphere, mixed with the kids playing. By the e time I do my second piece of mil milk-tart, I feel my energy rising, believing that I’m getting a sugar t rush. But it does not stop me from getting p m strawberries and whip cream, ooh I love it. Joy m, o and laughter fills the air, what a wonderful time hat we are having. Dancing to our own rhythm ou makes it even more pleasurable even if I can’t rable, compete with the little one. W have danced e. We two routines but she is not even sweating. After I ven cut out of dancing, she still goe for two more ll goes routines. She is beautiful. SmilingOne only The family I have found at S gives me the greatest pleasur to spend an easure awesome ‘get together’ with them. A world of ith th fun and a smile that can lighten up a sad n ligh day...what a special way to sp spend the festive season. • Franklin
  27. 27. We all have a personal journeys that we travel which makes ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho an international bestseller. A journey in to the unknown, curiosity of our hearts. As the book depicts a road less travelled...the map that is written on our hearts that is so intangible. Yet, we believe that the true affirmation lies in each step we take into the adventure. Love, disappointment, and a lot of other factors may accompany your journey but at the end of the day it is all to prepare you for your destiny. ‘The Alchemist’ is a true reflection on our journeys that it may be unknown but it is written in your heart, truly being discovered. ................................................................... OUR CHANGE AGENTS REACH OUT TO INSPIRE CHANGE IN LOCAL CHALLENGED COMMUNITIES. BOOK A CHANGE AGENT TODAY AND ASSIST ACTIVATION OF OUR MULTIPLE PROJECTS AND LET US PROGRESS TOWARDS A SAFE, DYNAMIC AND HEALTHY SOUTH AFRICA. IT STARTS WITH ONE, INSPIRING MANY. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS TAX DEDUCTION & BBBEE POINTS All donations are eligible to receive a section 18A Tax Certificate enabling the Donor to claim a deduction from personal or corporate taxable income. Read our website for more.
  30. 30. It is with the loving support of many fellow community members such as yourself that we can truly succeed. Each one of us a valuable puzzle piece! THE SMILING ONE FOUNDATION NPO: Registration 080-470 PBO: 930034417 18A Tax Certificates Earn BBBEE Points Change Agents: Chris Plam +27 (0) 84862 6578 Franklin Esau +27 (0) 76701 5378 Malcolm Booysen +27 (0) 84777 9516 Alfred Jacobs +27 (0) 84286 8034 Contact us: Phone +27 (0)21 837 1741 Fax: +27 (0)86 617 5020 Email: Board of Trustees: PO Box 31153 Tokai 7966 Contact: Karina Andersen Email: Cell: +27 (0)83 235 6555 DONATIONS Trust account: The SmilingOne Foundation First National Bank Tokai Branch 200409 Account 6225 925 3898 SWIFT: FIRNZAJJ Email us for our PayPal details CONTACT US WE WELCOME YOUR SUPPORT