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Gunashrayamz Oct Nov,12


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Gunashrayamz Oct Nov,12

  1. 1. Gunashrayamz …I wish you great celebrations… Newsletter Volume: 1 - Issue: October - November 2012 FOR INTERNAL CIRCULATION ONLY A shelter under the virtues with zeal. Happy Festivals Energy is flowing Enthusiasm is at top Money is at speed Emotions non stop Sharing & happiness purpose Imaginations are on feather Traditions & trend be sibling Lets old & new together Age is not the matter Matter is not the place Celebrations & Colours invited Joy and fun on every face Happy Dushehra Diwali Carry bliss, prosperity & peace Be blessed the festivals are Evolve & Grow with ease Up Comings1. Communication - an art of speaking with self2. Decisions and Empowerment3. PTM - In an Effective way4. Leadership5. Teachings from Mythology
  2. 2. Gunashrayamz…I wish you great celebrations… FOR INTERNAL CIRCULATION ONLYPapa! Don’t we celebrate the festivals this time? point wise point.Who told you? I am asking about special new clothes, decorations, sweets of different kinds, home made dishes, visiting different relatives andEverybody in the family is saying that as we lost our dadu friends and their visit to us. I am especially asking about the fire(grandfather) this time and we won’t be celebrating any festival crackers.this year. I love to receive the special costly gifts and to give few of same kind.Dear, if they are saying it must be true. But, what do you want? I want to display the same to my friends.Please tell me. This is the time when we revive many of our relations left untouchedI am very small and nobody would allow my wish for the call of or not contacted during the year. We met many of our Deepawalirituals and they have a decision now. friends during this time.You are right my little angel that you are small; you are small We got a chance to understand our culture and rituals. Mythologymember of our family. As a member you are talk at home is at its to share and represent your feelings andemotions. Thank you again for reminding me so many things. Now we can discuss the things one by one andWhat do you want? Please tell me. agree to a common conclusion. The conclusion that helps in making you happy and your Star-I want to celebrate the festivals. My dadu’s Dadu happier.happiness was in our celebrations, in our laughand joy. Our tribute to him would be living the To start please help me to understand few morelife on his values and principles, not to be in things.the form of sadness and non-celebrations. Hemust be looking at us from the sky as a star; Ok. Please ask.his only choice would be to see us happy andjoyful. Why do we celebrate festivals?Holding the celebrations can’t express our true They are ritual connection between past andrespect for him, instead they can be taken as present. They provide us a chance to spendbinding by few. together with family, neighbours and relations. They inspire the life and reassure its enthusiasm.Ah! From where would you carry so much andso deep into your little brain? Thank you. What do you get after doing all this?Darling we are doing the festivals this time Happiness.also. Respecting our rituals and traditions,the celebrating would be in different form What gives you more happiness?this year. We might not be distributing sweets or gifts, but sharingsweet relations and true emotions; we might not be cracking the To be connected with people and get appreciated for my works, but cracking all the walls of grudges, guilt, greed, fear, Recognition from different people.insecurity and different complexes. Which relations are important? To whom did you want to beWe might not be decorating the huge lights outside but would be connected?acknowledging the flame of love and compassion inside. We willdecorate our lives with simplicity and bliss. The relations of emotions and dependability. The people of power.This time the festivals would be bigger and more meaningful as we How do you build them?will celebrate them in their true sense. We will celebrate them thistime in the memory of your dadu. We have his more connect now, By spending time with them. Expressing their meaning in our’s in our hand. We can’t expect his physical form to be with us now.Our happiness and liveliness is true celebration. Why do you want to carry the Deepawali friends?Thank you for guiding me on this all papa, but my query is still Because we need them or in reciprocation.unanswered. The meaning I could understand and develop fromyour entire reply means the same what others are saying. Do you enjoy meting everybody and attend them with completely?So, what do you need? What does it mean for you? Please tell me No. Not all.
  3. 3. Gunashrayamz FOR INTERNAL CIRCULATION ONLYDo you able to do justification with your and your You are one of the best gifts to me by yourpeople’s time? mother and almighty. I must tell you one more things that the happiness which grows withI don’t feel so. When we visit them, they are in appreciation, fades in its absence and givehurry or not available and the same with us also. birth to sorrow. The hunger for appreciation is much stronger than that of stomach.Please check your answers again and tell mewhat to do to make you happy and your Star We will do, No! No! We will celebrate theDadu happier? festivals with you, in your way this time. I wish you great celebrations, eternal happiness andI understand papa. Keep and celebrate the you being the true relative and friend to all.festivals in their true sense, sharing intangiblehappiness. Rituals are the connecting force.Relations can be best build with time; family andneighbours come first. We must decide, ‘where toTiny Frogsinitiate and where to reciprocate’ and ‘why’.There once was a bunch of tiny frogs… who reached the top!Who arranged a running competition. THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to know how this one frog managed to do it?The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. A contestant asked the tiny frog how the one who succeeded hadA big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and found the strength to reach the goal?cheer on the contestants…The race began… It turned out that the winner was DEAF!!!Honestly: The wisdom of this story is:No one in the crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reachthe top of the tower. Never listen to other people’s tendencies to be negative or pessimistic..You heard statements such as: Cause they take your most wonderful dreams“Oh, WAY too difficult! They will NEVER make it and wishes away from the top.”Or: The ones you have in your heart!“Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower istoo high!” Always think of the power words have.The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one… Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions!Except for those who in a fresh tempo wereclimbing higher and higher… Therefore:The crowd continued to yell ALWAYS be…“It is too difficult! No one will make it!” POSITIVE!More tiny frogs got tired and gave up.. And above all:But ONE continued higher and higher and higher… Be DEAF when people tell YOU that YOU cannot fulfill YOUR dreams!This one wouldn’t give up!At the end everyone else had given up on climbing the tower. Always think I can do this!Except for the one tiny frog who after a big effort was the only one
  4. 4. The Mindfood Chef Our Purpose: “Inspiring Smiles” We, at The Mindfood Chef, serve happiness, a sense of accomplishment, helping to live a worthy life, creating legacy to the names – the immortality, a decision for having an inspiring life. We support individuals for learning who they are, who they want to be and help in developing a success map to reaching potential. Earning money, recognition, fame, relations and achieving self. We support organizations for developing a common and perpetual organizational behaviour, refining outlook, developing a synchronized thinking, simplification in processes, creating responsibility centers and growing human capital.“He that has sense knows that learning Our Product Categoryis not knowledge, but rather the art ofusing it.” Parenting | Student’s Arena | Organizational Aids Personal Development | Chef’s Special Sir Richard Steele, Irish Writer At ‘The Mindfood Chef’, we facilitate 4. Adequate Supervision learning, development and evolution. 5. High and Inspiring Team Morale Under Organizational Aids, we serve the 6. Effective Communication solutions for following basic needs of the 7. Simplify HC (Human Capital) organisations: Procedures 8. Customer Delight #2519 First Floor, Sector 40-C, 9. Learning for Specific Skills & We all bound to evolve 1. Defining Vision, Mission and Values Chandigarh - 160036 2. Effective Organisational Structure Procedures 3. Effective Planning and control Phone: 0172-4636596 +91 92 16 38 39 40 +91 92 16 79 80 81 Evolution is the only purpose of religions, and teachings. Buildings are more powerful than must be. The philosophy which works as a light the aura within them. house in the storm of thoughts and conflicting interests. Connecting human to human and so The number count can never let any one sleep!/mindfoodchef as human to nature. for the unending influence of above. If this is not in any The solution lies religion, its fanaticism within and can be and power game in the seen clearly in the cloak of religion. light of self talk and self image. Deletion The challenges to the of outside relativity, religious belief to impart degeneration of evolution are many and complexes of any TDH 9780313737 are not kids by the age. kind, development as a human - a part of The rituals in their-selves nature... are becoming challenge to the existence of Smile to all and belong religion and confusion to all... in societies. People haveThe moment I have realized God sitting followed the rituals as it is, Live in the light, notin the temple of every human body, the but not the philosophies with the light...moment I stand in reverence before behind them. In any newevery human being and see God in him acquaintance and challenge trust and belief We all bound to evolve, be it today or it- that moment I am free from bondage, are not getting their place. tomorrow...everything that binds vanises, and I amfree. “ People are more attached by the prophets, Swami Vivekananda gurus, mentors and guides, not by their