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Thank You Note - II


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Thank You Note - II

  1. 1. Dear Chief Commissioner and Members of the Executive Committee of SLGGA, This note serves to convey my heartfelt thank you and gratitude as my term as a member of the Asia Pacific (AP)Regional Committee of WAGGGS came to an end at the 11th Asia Pacific Regional Conference held in Tokyo, Japan, earlier this month. The AP journey, in this capacity, is over for me, the chapter is closed but definitely not the book (of my life)! The chapter was open for over six years, with many challenges and journeys, laughs and liaisons and I know (I can tell for sure!) it is one of the mostcolourful chapters of my book. I was a participant at the Juliette Low Seminar in 2005 (held at Pax Lodge, London). My event fees for this event was funded by the Asia Pacific Regional Fund and I hope, trust and pray that I have been able to give back by first serving on the Planning Committee for the Strategic Leadership Workshop in Cambodia in 2005/2006 and then as a member of the Asia Pacific Regional Committee from 2007-2013. All of it would not have been possible, if it was not for you all. I say a heartfelt BIG THANK YOU to all, both past and present members of Executive Committee, for giving me the wings to fly out of the shores of this island and half way across the world. Rest assured, that I will continue to give back, as I have before, in whatever capacity that I can serve. I take this opportunity to encourage you to “look WIDE; and even when you think you are looking wide - LOOK WIDER STILL,” as Lord Baden-Powell said and continue to support and give opportunities to girls and young women, at Local, National, Regional and World level. You never know, where a little opportunity and trust,will lead! I also wish to bring to your notice that my AP journey took to a different level at the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) gathering in Japan as I officially became a Silver Friend! My best wishes to all of you and for a successful EXCO meeting today, and thank you once again.