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Walmer's Own is a group of journalists that love to write about things that are hip and happening in Walmer Township. We cover every single Masifunde summer camp and have a magazine that comes out in the second and third term of the school calendar. Our facilitators, Racheal and Alice, teach us about the different things that we need to know to be a journalist in the modern world. If you would like to learn more about Walmer‘s Own just contact the Masiunde office on 0415812543.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Summer Camp news!

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  • The Walmer's Own crew says'thank-you Jacob, we wish you were there too :)'
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  • Dear Walmer's Own Crew,
    this Summer Camp News is great. While reading it, I would wish to have been part of the Summer Camp!! The stories show all different aspects of the Camp and at the same time one can see what great and important work Masifunde is doing!

    Keep up the good work, Masifunde and Walmer's Own!
    Warm regards from cold Germany: Jacob
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2011 Summer camp news

  1. 1. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND, THE FIRST IN NEWS & THE FIRST IN WALMERSUMMERCAMPws 2011 NeVOLUME 5 • December 2011 •South Africa • Zuurberg www.masifunde.comLeadership Learning how to lead from the front and the backTalent in Walmer Showcasing who‘s got itTeam work Playing together, working together to reach our goalsYOUNG LEADERS rock the camp!
  2. 2. EDITORIAL ONCE AGAIN WELCOME TO OUR 5TH EDITION OF SUMMER CAMP NEWSBack left to right: Racheal Chikadaya (facilitator), Ziphopethu Gavu, Samkela Myoyo, Bongiwe Chuna, GcobisaMambuka, Alice-Cathérine Mackenstein (facilitator)Front left to right: Lihle Kutase, Sesethu Zide PROFILE WHO WE ARE GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT WE DOWalmer‘s Own is a dynamic group of young journalists that loves to write about things that are hip and happening inWalmer Township. We cover every single summer camp and have a magazine that comes out in the second and thirdterm of the school calendar. Our facilitators, Racheal and Alice, teach us about the different things that we need toknow to be a journalist in the modern world. If you would like to learn more about Walmer‘s Own just contact theMasiunde office or approach any one of us at school. We are always looking for new members and ideas for articles.We hope you enjoy this edition of the Summer Camp news!2 I Editorial
  3. 3. CONTENTVOLUME 5 • December 2011SUMMER CAMP NEWS 04 Leaders for tomorrow 12 Rocking talent show How the grade 9‘s shared the Campers compete for best act knowledge By Ziphozethu Gavu By Bongiwe Chuna 14 Keeping fit with fun 06 Joining powers Outdoor activities keep campers on Cooperation between the facilitators their feet and the learners By Gcobisa Mambuka By Lihle Kutase 16 Paper or plastic? 07 Talent in Walmer What littering does to our planet Show casing who’s got it By Sesethu Zide By Ziphozethu Gavu 17 Presentation Day 08 Brains behind the camp Showing off what we‘ve learnt By Lihle Kutase Getting to know Chris and Zingi By Ziphozethu Gavu 18 Teamwork 09 Leading from the front Playing together, working together What does it mean to be a leader to reach our goals By Lihle Kutase By Sesethu Zide Layout and design was done by Racheal Chikadaya and Alice-Cathérine Mackenstein. 10 Walmer‘s Own and me 20 Painting the camp Why I joined Walmer‘s Own yellow By Gcobisa Mambuka The Masifunde arts group makes their mark on the camp 11 The perfect venue Samkela Myoyo All pictures were taken by Sarah Halbauer during the summer camp. Zuurberg as the perfect campsite All articles are the original work of the Walmer‘s Own members. By Bongiwe Chuna 22 Snap shots Creativity from our photographer By Sarah Halbauer ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Content I 3
  4. 4. LEADERSHIP WE ALL KNEW THAT OUR GRADE 9’S AND 10’S WERE YOUNG LEADERS AND ROLE MODELS BUT AT THIS YEARS SUMMER CAMP THEY SHOWD OFF THEIR FACILITATION SKILLS AND REMINDED US THAT THEY ARE IN DEED ...It’s not very often that you LEADERS FORfind a group of young adultsmaking an impact on the TOMORROWlives of their younger peers.At this year’s summer role models that can share gained that they are the leaders for tomorrowcamp, the grade 9’s and knowledge with their peers. by practicing those facilitation skills10’s showed that they have that they got during the pre-campwhat it takes to make a dif- At the pre-camp, the 30 grade 9 and 10 when they facilitated the outdoor ac-ference in the lives of oth- learners were split into 3 groups each tivities of the younger kids. The activi-ers by being role models choosing names relating to leadership: ties included games that taught trustand facilitators at the camp. The Path Finder’s, the FRT’s (The Fo- and team work, obstacle courses and cused, Responsible and Talented) andIn October, the ’Learn4Life!’ sports. the Future Leaders. Each day they prac-grade 9 and 10 learners tically learnt about topics of reading, We are looking forward to seeing whattook part in a leadership research, presentation, facilitation and these bright stars will do in the future!workshop. The workshop leadership skills. The learners did ex-prepared them for the sum- tremely well and more than deservedmer camp, where they co- the certificates that they received atfacilitated outdoor activities the prize giving ceremony on the lastfor the younger learners. night of the camp.This was very exciting andwas done to fulfill Masi- The topic for this year’s summer camp By Bongiwe Chunafunde’s aim of developing was ‘Leaders for Tomorrow’ and the grade 9’s and 10’s really showed us4 I Leadership
  5. 5. LEADERSHIP Grade 9‘s lead from the front futut r e lead ers gi ving i n struc tions team workgroup work at the pre-c amp me s ups oor ga y gro outd stud Leadership I 5
  6. 6. TEAM WORK NO ONE IS TOO SMALL TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND AT THE SUMMER CAMP EVERY ONE CONTRIBUTED. THE LEARNERS AND FACILITATORS JOINED POWERS TO MAKE IT ALL WORK. JOINING POWERSOn the 9th of December 2011 the Summer Camp kicked The basic foundation of a family is learning to workoff at the Zuurberg Campsite just behind Addo. After all with others as a team and considering each and everythe sweating from planning and organizing, the show individual´s needs. This was put to practice when differ-was finally on the road. More than 100 people took ent groups had to take turns on helping with kitchenpart and covered plenty of kilometers on a long jour- duties as well as to be there for a team member in out-ney. Like the other Summer Camps, this camp de- door activities. Since the main topic of the camp ispended on the hand-in-hand cooperation between the leadership, the games enforced this concept. Duringfacilitators and the kids. kitchen duties the kids had to collect the dishes andWhen the kids stepped out of the bus they were cups, bring them to the kitchen, wash everything andawaited by huge smiles and thunderous applause from also wipe the tables. During the outdoor activities,the facilitators which by the looks of things promised a these were challenges and games like trusting yourfun and exciting time. At the arrival and welcome with team-mates while jumping to land on their arms. Onecheers, the kids were dragging their heavy luggage and of the games was the robot game where two membersloaded it off on the new surroundings making their way had to wear blindfolds and stand inside a circle withto a summer camp to remember. only their listening skills to help them maneuver around safely.This spirit of working together to ensure every personwas a happy camper carried on and it did not disap- In every respect of what made this camp a mission ac-point. Combining the different efforts between the fa- complished, there would be an overall feeling of to-cilitators and the kids was a daily mechanism and it getherness that everyone would have witnessed andtook place during workshops, at the obstacle course, in been a part of. A place of belonging and a home for afree time activities and during meal times. As one big family comes together when everyone contributes ateam and family, daily struggles were looked as at step- share which will form one super force.ping stones to achieving a deeper connection with oneanother. By Lihle Kutase6 I Team work
  7. 7. TALENT IN WALMER THERE ARE SO MANY TALENTED YOUNG PEOPLE IN WALMER AND SOME OF THEM WERE AT THE CAMP THIS YEAR. ZIPHO TOOK SOME TIME TO FIND OUT MORE. TALENT IN WALMERWe did not know that we have such amazing talent in so they were ‘born free’. “We have got a very specialWalmer. The kids from the children´s choir, for exam- gift and a wonderful talent. We want to inspire othersple, sang beautifully at the camp with their many differ- to let their talent be heard”, Ntosh said.ent voices and tones. Born Free started in June 2010. Every Tuesday theyThe choir started in October 2011 because there was have rehearsals from 3 to 4:30 PM at the Xolelananitalent recognized in Walmer. That talent must be Youth Centre. So far they have produced a play calledshown and be seen by the community. “I enjoy singing “Walmer Side of Love” about teenagers against alcoholvery much and I love being watched by my family and and peer pressure. At the moment they are performingthe audience”, said choir member Nomfusi. The par- a play called “Leave a Legacy – Not a Mess” which isents surely are proud of their young singers. against polluting the environment. “Your future is in your hands”, said Andiswa. Soon they will do auditions for new members to join the group.We do not only have singers in Walmer, but we alsohave actors, dancers and artists among us. The actorscall themselves Born Free. The reason why they call It is such a wonderful thing to see the kids showcasingthemselves that is because they were born after 1994, their talent. So let your talent shine as well. By Ziphozethu Gavu Talent in Walmer I 7
  8. 8. BEHIND THE SCENES WHERE? WHEN? WHO? WHAT? AND HOW? — GUIDING QUESTIONS FOR THE ANNUAL SUMMER CAMP. WE WANTED TO GET SOME INSIGHT FROM THE TWO DRIVING FORCES BEHIND THIS YEAR´S CAMP, ZINGISA SOFAYIYA AND CHRISTIAN SPECKEMEIER, INTO THEIR ROLE AROUND THE CAMP. INTERVIEWS WITH THE BRAINS BEHIND THE CAMPZingisa Sofayiya has worked for Masifunde since Decem- Masifunde has camps is because it gives the opportu-ber 2010. She is the “Learn4Life” coordinator. Her job is nity to reward the learners for their good participationto ensure that the “Learn4Life” sessions run as envi- during the year.” Zingisa said that the most rewardingsioned, that the learners have relevant lessons which are thing about her job is seeing the kids in the programmefun and educational. learning and sharing her knowledge and wisdom with them.All the work she does, she does not do alone. She getshelp from facilitators. She tries her best to reach her Christian Speckemeier is from Germany and has been ingoals and when she fails she always tries her best to try South Africa since August 2011.again. She coordinates because it is something she al-ways wanted to do and it is something she enjoys doing.She even studied psychology. “Helping people, educating His hobbies are soccer, tennis, sailing, travelling, and hepeople is truly the greatest thing I ever did”, Zingisa said. likes to hang with friends. He describes himself as loyal to others and he likes to listen to music. He is a trainer for community and behaviour learning processes.She chose the Zuurberg campsite because she figuredthat there would be more than 100 kids joining the camp.The campsite is a very open space that has many rooms. “I am a volunteer for Masifunde as a co-ordinator for“I came here early in 2011 with Jonas and Msikeleli to the summer camp. I set the content for the pre-camp incheck out the campsite and accommodation. I loved this September and I have been briefing the facilitatorscampsite because it is surrounded by nature. It has got a about this camp´s structures”, said Christian. First, henice view and it is outside of Port Elizabeth with a moder- got an overview of the kids´ learning needs. Then heate distance between PE and Zuurberg.” She had already wrote content structure plans for the facilitators, e.g.started in January looking for campsites. It takes hours the daily plans of activities and time tables. He does itmaking phone calls and looking on the internet. It even- because he wants to support the kids who do not havetually took two to three months. “It was very difficult to a chance to higher education. He wants to give some-find a perfect campsite”, she said. “As we are a big group thing back to the community and lead the grown-upswe found either expensive sites or sites that were too towards a proper way.small for us.” Christian said that the most rewarding thing about his“There are visions behind the camp. job is looking in the eye of the kids when they sayDuring the years we have had “thank you” and when they show learning outcomes‘Learn4Life!’, Walmer´s Own, Arts Group that make them happy.and much more. The camp helps us toactually reach our highest potential, tohelp the kids with problem solving and By Ziphozethu Gavuleadership”, Zingisa said. “The reason8 I Behind the Scenes
  9. 9. LEADERSHIP SUMMER CAMP 2011: „LEADERS FOR TOMORROW“ LEADING FROM THE FRONT Looking at the political his- role models. Some of these leadership qualities are pas- tory of South Africa, it is na- sion, confidence, courage, positivity and determination. tionally and internationally rich when it comes to great Learners like Manelisi Billy who have only joined theleaders who all helped to shape up what this country is Summer Camp this year but have made an impact andtoday. With leadership as the main topic of this year´s lead with bravery. Andiswa who felt scared on the ob-summer camp, everyone got the opportunity to learn stacle course and wanted to quit managed to calmwhat leadership is really about. down. Through all that she continued to climb further, showing the elements of a leader: when times are tough as a leader you have to pull through.When asking who a great leader is, the names of Nel-son Mandela, Steve Biko and others come to mind. Aleader needs to possess leadership qualities and when No change comes if you sit and do nothing about prob-one is a leader he/she has to lead by example and has lems but when you show signs of a leader and take ac-to have discipline. As an example, Mandela was re- tion, nothing would stand in your way. Change comesleased out of prison after being imprisoned for 27 at a time when people need a system that will re-years. When he was released, he liberated a free de- arrange and shift the mindset for the better. With goodmocratic country. In Biko’s story, as a part of his rebel- leadership and leaders standing united, it is guaranteedlion against the Apartheid Government he co-founded a that there would be a change that would impact a lot ofmovement called Black Consciousness which stood to people positively. True leadership in everyone promisesuplift the pride that each person should have in the to demolish walls of stigmas and then construct newcolor of their skin. developments like Masifunde which would stand tall and be shining beacons of light.The main topic of leadership was what the grade 9’sand 10’s “Learn4Life!” groups focused on for the dura- In order for a country to succeed and have its dreamstion of the camp. Since they had already been briefed become a reality, it will need leaders to own up to re-on the topic at the pre-camp to which they went in Oc- sponsibilities regardless of age or gender. As an effecttober, both these “Learn4Life!” groups were allowed to of this leadership camp, true leaders will surely de-go out and implement the skills of leadership by guiding velop.and assisting the smaller kids during the outdoor activi-ties. Leadership entails a lot of responsibility, ownership and taking action. Leadership is about leading from theSince great leadership comes from within, leadership front but not leaving your base behind.also comes with a price. A person needs to literallyhave a vision and set goals for themselves that would By Lihle Kutaseone day carry you to a position where you look back atyour journey and say ‘I made a difference’. Sometimessurvival instincts and staying true to yourself at alltimes allow you to see the bigger picture.Amongst the learners there are those who have quali-ties of leaders and those individuals are looked up to as Leadership I 9
  10. 10. PERSONAL A PERSONAL ACCOUNT ON WHAT THE JOURNALISM TALENT GROUP “WALMER’S OWN” MEANS TO ONE OF ITS MEMBERS WALMER‘S OWN AND MEI am Gcobisa Happiness Mambuka and I am a go-getter, I have experience in working with a computer, I havenot a loser. I am 17 years old and a learner at Walmer typing skills and know how to google when you need in-High School. My Hobbies are netball, travelling, spend- formation. I know how to keep eye contact with an au-ing time with friends getting to know how they feel and dience when you are dealing with presentations. Youjust being happy. must make sure that everyone is be able to hear you, don’t be shy, have confidence and do your best.I joined Walmer’s Own in March 2011 because I was in-terested in writing and I liked every magazine that Wal- There are many changes that have taken place in mymer’s Own had produced. I was their best customer. life. I know how to manage my time working with aEvery time they sold a magazine, I always bought one team, how to interview people, how to share and listenfor myself. I had a dream that one day I would be part to their opinions. I have self-confidence, computerof the Walmer’s Own crew – and I had confidence skills, writing skills and presentation skills.enough and worked on my dream. Since I have been part of Masifunde, I have learnt howIt was on a Wednesday when I went to Masifunde’s of- to show respect. I am giving my peers respect, so thatfice to meet with the Walmer’s Own facilitator, we can work together as a team. I am blessed to beRacheal, telling her that I wanted to join the Walmer’s part of Walmer’s Own.Own staff. She asked: “Why?” My answer was that Iwas interested and willing to play a big part in themagazine. Then I was selected. I was very excited to bea part of Walmer’s Own. I joined because I wanted todo something that would keep me busy avoiding wast-ing my time doing nothing during my free time and I am By Gcobisa Happiness Mambukaexpecting to learn more about journalism.10 I Personal
  11. 11. THE SETTING THE PERFECT VENUEOnce again, Masifunde has managed to take the kids on a seven-day summercamp. This year´s camp, which is the 5th of its kind, was held at ZuurbergMountain in Addo. So as usual, “Walmer´s Own” Magazine was on board andinterviewed one of the coordinators of the Summer Camp, Zingisa Sofayiya.She said, the camp site was chosen because it has eleven sleeping facilities, itis surrounded by nature, has got huge sport fields and could accommodatean army. It was also chosen because it is not far from home in cases of emer-gency.In the camp, the kids were divided into three groups: the juniors, the inter-mediates and the seniors. Each of these groups were divided themselvesagain into different workshop groups. “With the juniors we wanted them todevelop interpersonal skills and to teach them how to work within a team.They are still kids and do not have much experience with that”, Zingisa said.“With the intermediates, the grades six to eight, we trained their self andtime management skills. We also teach them about peer pressure so thatthey would be able to cope with its challenges.” The seniors were taught tobe leaders, to share their knowledge, to be able to stand in front of crowdsand to implement what they have already learned.So far all has gone according to plan with a few challenges here and therebut nothing that could not be handled. “We expect the kids to return homewith knowledge. We know that all work is process, but we expect them to beon the right path and not lose their time management and self managementskills”, Zingisa concluded. By Bongiwe Chuna ADVERT The Setting I 11
  12. 12. OUR TALENTS THE YOUTH‘S VERY OWNMore than 145 Masifunde learners showed their talentat the Summer Camp talent show. They were enjoying ROCKINGthemselves in Addo last week and it was impressive tosee them shutting down the stage. The talent show is TALENT SHOWan annual event at each summer camp and this yearthe usual suspects were present. The road to success islong and big talent is often spotted at such small Here Bhajo tells his story about his dance talent:events. “I started dancing when I was 10 years old in 2006 be-Talent is the ability to showcase the creativity of the cause I was watching dance shows like ‘You think youmind, body and soul. It is imperative for the young stars can dance’. So, I got interested. I started to develop myto show their talent in the society because it might re- dancing skills when I joined a group called ‘African An-sult in the development of a future career. Masifunde gels’. Khanyi Mbau also gives me power, she inspiresstarted the talent show because they wanted the kids me a lot. Every time I see her on TV performing I just goto show their talent and abilities and to work on their mad. Every time I dance, I picture myself in Los Angelescreativity using their strength. The talent show started dancing for Beyonce. Dance gives me strength and it’sat last year’s summer camp. Before there was a talent like exercise for me. It helps me with my body shapeshow, there was another show that happened outside and my muscles get active and healthy. I like to work asthe camp at Walmer High school. a group because we share moves for the dance. I don’t have to think alone, we all come up with different ideas and views.”Msikeleli, Kwande and Siphe organized the talent show:“this talent show boosts the learners’ confi-dence because they manage to stand on By Samkela Myoyothe stage alone”, said Msikeleli. The showfeatured a variety of acts from the gumboot dancing by Thobela and Abongile, tothe beautiful singing of Sarah and some ofthe hilarious comedy acts by the facilitatorstoo. n di va?‘ ‘You think you ca ‘You think you can braai?‘12 I Our Talents
  13. 13. OUR ‘Yo TALENTS ut hi n ky ou ‘r e fun ny ?‘ u can dan ce? ‘ yo ‘You think‚ You think you can sing?‘ ‘You th ink you can act ?‘ ‘You‘re quite a poet, aren‘t you?‘ Our Talents I 13
  14. 14. SPORT Keeping fit with funWhat a day, on the 14th of December. The sun was shin-ing, you could see the clouds smiling, the trees gavefresh air and the kids went into the pool on the camp-site of Zuurberg. netball, pool and also racing which they enjoyed a lot. The life savers were there to watch over them.Swimming is one of the enjoyable sports which tookplace at the Summer Camp 2011. Gunar was the facili-tator in charge of guiding the kids and teaching them Kinga is one of the outdoor facilitators who facilitatedhow to swim. yoga sessions. She started doing yoga nine years ago and in the past three years she has been doing it every day. She enjoys it because it is important for her to doThe Summer Camp is not only about learning it also of- yoga as it helps her body to be relaxed and fit.fered sports as we all know that sport is the most im-portant hobby for kids. The kids enjoyed being in theswimming pool and they liked swimming. They played games14 I Sport
  15. 15. SPORT Yoga is the body exercise where you stretch your body Sport is important and Masifunde has given us the and bend it in different positions. Most of the kids had chance to play which is good because it helps your a chance to see how flexible they are because they did mind to be fresh, to think positively and your body will not think that everyone could be able to do yoga. They be relaxed. thought that only flexible people could do it. By Gcobisa Mambuka Summer Camp gave enough space for yoga and the kids do not get a chance to do yoga at home. Some of the kids did not know that they are flexible and that they can stand on their head. Kinga is glad that the kids en- joyed it and her next step is to continue with yoga at Walmer Township. oga e y ac l o bst e co urs g hi kins Sport I 15
  16. 16. PAPER OR PLASTIC? GLOBAL WARMING, CLIMATE CHANGE, OZONE LAYER, RAINY SUMMERS AND MILD WINTERS? CAN YOU FOLLOW THESE BUZZWORDS WHICH ARE CON- STANTLY ON THE NEWS? SESETHU ZIDE BREAKS DOWN FOR US WHAT ALL THIS “GOING GREEN” IS ABOUT AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT FOR OUR COMMUNITY. PAPER OR PLASTIC?Rights go hand in hand with responsibilities. We all have Global warming is the destruction of the ozone layer,a right to life but do we know our responsibilities? The which protects us from harmful sunrays. The paper youprevious generations fulfilled their responsibilities by throw on the ground can take years to decompose andensuring that we have a place to live. Global warming is disappear from where you tossed it. When companiesan international crisis affecting all of us. With more than manufacture paper or plastic they use chemicals which130 people at the Summer Camp we can make a change. can destroy that protective layer. When the sun heats upHave you ever thought about how the paper or rubbish the paper you threw away, all the chemicals which wereyou throw on the floor could destroy the world? used when producing it, go back to the atmosphere de- stroying the ozone layer.Earth, our planet, is about 4500million years old. We have nineplanets in the universe and out ofthe nine planets Earth turns out When you throw one paper on theto be the only planet where ani- ground, you are destroying the world.mals and human beings can sur- We have to remember that an injuryvive. Earth is not only a habitat to one is an injury to all. Your actionsbut also a heritage site. The peo- will not affect only you. It is not onlyple who lived before us were your life at stake but the people fromclever and kind enough to make Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa,sure they preserve this precious in fact, the whole world.place for us.Some of us might wonder what is happening to the Nobody is too small to help”, the summer camp coordi-world. The seasons are changing, the weather is chang- nator Zingisa once said. Play your part: do not litter. Bying. We either have a very hot summer or a cold sum- not littering you could make a difference. You could ful-mer, sometimes a freezing winter which is not supposed fill your responsibilities. We only have one earth and ifto happen in this region. The reason for that is the cli- we destroy it, where will our children live? So be wisemate change which is happening because of globalwarming. and remember that the paper you throw on the ground could destroy the world. By Sesethu Zide16 I Paper or plastic?
  17. 17. PRESENTATION DAYPRESENTATION DAYLIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!Starting from the grade 3´s up to the senior group, the By Lihle Kutasespotlight to shine hung over everyone.Lights, Camera, Action! - It was Presentation Day inZuurberg!After all the hours spent on workshops and sweatingfrom learning all day, the presentation day was athand on this 15th of December 2011. This was the dayfor the different groups to showcase what they havelearnt and also share the information they had gath-ered from the workshops they had attended.These presentations werenot done the old tradi-tional way. Some groupstook acting to express At the end of the presentations,their creativity and others Mr. Jonas Schumacher, who alsoalso incorporated singing became known as “grandinto their presentations. daddy”, shared a few words ofThe grade 3´s to 5´s which appreciation to the facilitatorswere learning about and everyone for being part ofteamwork in their work- “the best Summer Camp so far.”shops put together a shortsong about their workingtopic. Whilst the grade 6´sto 8´s presented a minitalk show to spice up theirpresentation for the oth-ers. Pressentation Day I 17
  18. 18. TEAM WORK Team workA week filled with joy for the grade 3-5. All the young the blind one through the obstacles without touchingminds were assembled at the Addo Zuurberg Resort, all the mine (the objects). The activity required trust be-with a common goal. To find a useful tool in life, to be cause your safety depends on your partner. They reallyable to work in a team. were a team. Msi, their facilitator said that they haveA person can be beautiful, but that is not all that counts accomplished their mission and they worked well to-in life. Most of the things that we do in our daily life re- gether.quire team work. They use the talent of each member To bake a good cake you need a good recipe. To make ato the best of its capabilities. There are so many teams successful team work you also need a recipe. Here arelike football, rugby and cricket teams. We also have a some of the ingredients. I learned from the grade 3-5’s.powerful team, which are our bodies. Each of the or- 1. Use the best skill of each membergans somehow depends on another to function prop- 2. Remember that you have one common goalerly. For instance, if you want to move your legs it is that you can only reach together.one of the brain muscles which transfer the message to 3. Be aware of each other’s differencesthe leg to move. 4. Work together and not against each otherThe children focused on different things to make sure 5. Solve conflicts without insulting each otherthey achieved their goals and work in a team. They had The grade 3-5 worked together throughout the campsubtopics and to mention a few, they dealt with 5 ele- and yes, the recipe really did work for them even whenments of cooperative learning, 5 stages of team work they did obstacle courses. If the youngest group on theand goal setting. camp did it, why not learn from them and be united.They also had an activity called Mine field which re-quired them to work as a team. They were divided into By Sesethu Zidepairs. One was blind folded and the other had to guide a team catches you when you fall…..18 I Team work
  19. 19. TEAM WORK a team puts all the pieces together and every member counts team members support each other !! ork s it w m ake m eaat Team work I 19
  20. 20. THE ARTS GROUP e help th y dec ided to epand the p to ke THE MASIFUNDE ARTS GROUP LEAVES THEIR MARK up by grou er.kids gro d in ord k going an the wor PAINTING THE CAMP By Samkela Myoyo YELLOW In life we have different things that we are good at. When you are good at some things you need to The Arts Group did a wonderful job during show it off. The Masifunde Arts Group showed what is called this Summer Camp where they created t- Art. Art is a form of expression, its production is fine work. Art shirts with everyone. Starting on day two has some value in society like to appreciate life and the way of the t-shirt workshops became a daily rou- living and discovering more in life and about yourself. tine. The arts group did the t-shirts be- cause they have wanted to show off what At Masifunde they decided to start an Arts Group. Actually, they have and it was their plan to do there were Learn4Life kids who were asked to help paint the something nice for the other groups at the hall at Xolelanani Youth Centre on a holiday in December 2009. camp. Many of them enjoyed painting and making drawings so they It took long to make the t-shirts because said they would like to do more of it. Then Masifunde decided there were 135 shirts that needed to be to start an arts group because there were kids with artistic painted. How many t-shirts were done de- abilities and they should not be left behind by Masifunde. pended on how many people were help- These kids had talent and Masifunde wanted to foster that tal- ing. The Arts Group has got nine members ent. “We wanted their dreams to come true”, said Jonas Schumacher, and there were two international students who helped a lot to start the group. 20 I The Arts Group
  21. 21. THE ARTS GROUPThe t-shirts are yellow intheir basic colour. To cre-ate the drawings theyused paints, pens, stencils,sponges, brushes, stampsand paper templates withdrawings. Most kids likedthe red paint becausemany of the t-shirts arepainted in red. When do-ing the shirts they firstpainted it and then put itin the sun to dry. Afterthat they ironed it tomake the paint stick be-fore the first washing.They came out as beauti-fully printed t-shirts.Many people believe that colours and pictures can describesomeone´s emotions and feelings. Some use their favoritecolour when they are happy in order to show so. “The coloursI use depend on my mood,” explains Zanele. Sometimes weuse certain colours when we are proud of something and wewant to show it: “I used the South African colours because Iam proud of being a South African. I admire my country,” saidAmanda.The Arts Group also has got regu-lar lessons and they work on atopic every term. Last term´stopic was self-portraits. “The ideacame up with one of the learn-ers”, said their facilitator Xola. Asa group they discussed andagreed upon the topic. Xola ex-plained that “we came up withthis topic because we need kidsto look into themselves and todescribe to the world who theyare in pictures.” The topic took sixmonths to complete. “It was in-teresting and changed the kids´life, behaviour and personalities,”said Xola,” It is great when wework together, because then weare at our best.” By Samkela Myoyo The Arts Group I 21
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