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Junk food

  1. 1. SHETH N.K.T.T. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, KHARKAR ALI, THANE (W). Project On “Impact of Junk Food”Subject : Research Methods In Business.Class : S.Y.B.M.S. Div : A Semester : IV Prepared by Rishikesh Suryakant Garude Academic Year : 2010 – 2011
  2. 2. Junk Food…..
  3. 3. DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project title “Impact of Junk Food” which Iam submitting to SHETH N.K.T.T. COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, KHARKAR ALI, THANE(W). for the partial completion of Internal Evaluation of S. Y. B. M. S. Sem. – IVin the subject of “Research Methods in Business” is our own based on theinteraction with the people of the society and is not substantially the same whichhas been submitted to any other institution. I am thankful to all the concerns for their assistance and help received duringthe course of completing this project. Completion of a project properly balancing theory and practice is a difficulttask. Perhaps words would not be adequate in expressing a sense of gratitude andfeeling to the project guide. I therefore express sincere thanks to the guidingfaculty Prof. Nivedita Mukharjee for her valuable guidance, timely supportand encouragement. Sr. Name of the Student Roll No. No. 1. Rishikesh S. Garude. 01 2. Rutika Dani. 02 3. Achal S. Sakore. 08Place: ThaneDate: 18th Feb 2011.
  4. 4.  Hypothesis – 1) Junk Foods serve favourableness to the health of human being. 2) Junk Foods are substitutes to the traditional food items. Objective – 1) To study the variety of readymade/ Fast Foods items. 2) To study the impact of Junk Food on the Human Health. Scope – Since there are number of food items made available in the market, the project discusses about the impact of junk food on the health of human being. Thus, the project is restricted to the junk food and its impact on human health only and doesn’t cover other aspects.
  5. 5. CONTENTS –  Hypothesis.  Junk Food – An Introduction.  Types of Junk Food.  Observation.  Impact of Junk Food.  Need to avoid Junk Food.  Fast Food and Health Concerns.  Ways to Avoid Junk Food.  Suggestion/s.  Conclusion.
  6. 6. IMPACT OF JUNK FOOD Junk Food-An Introduction- Any food that has poor nutritional value is considered unhealthy and may be called a “Junk Food.” A food that is high in fat, sodium, and/or sugar is known as a Junk Food. Junk food is easy to carry, purchase and consume. Generally, a junk food is given a very attractive appearance by adding food additives and colors to enhance flavour, texture, appearance, and increasing long self- life. A junk food has little enzyme producing vitamins & minerals and contains high level of calories. When we eat these empty calorie foods, the body is required to produce its own enzymes to convert these empty calories into usable energy. This is not desired as these enzyme producing functions in our body should be reserved for the performance of vital metabolic reactions. Junk Food is also known as Fast Food, Processed Food, and Ready-Meals. Junk food refers to fast foods which are easy to make and easy to consume. They are zero in nutritional value .They have only fats lying in it causing ill effects on the health of the consumer. The taste is the most attractive feature in junk foods. Their contents are rich in sodium salts and/or sugar and fats which provide high calories yet useless in value. A quick look at junk food facts tells us junk food and diet does not go hand in hand. Perhaps this is the reason why junk foods are also called as empty calorie foods. Nevertheless, junk foods are popular because of their simplicity to manufacture, consume and of course, their taste. People have their own notions about a certain food being listed as junk. However, chocolates, burgers, pizzas, potato wafers and fries will surely find their way into everyones list. “Remember, junk foods are empty calories. An empty calorie lacks in micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, or amino acids, and fibre but has high energy (calories).”
  7. 7.  Types of Junk Food - - Burgers and sandwiches perhaps the most popular fast food items that might have attained popularity with the big-names but are now available at every nook and corner and every eatery or every single food joint. Burgers with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian patties are available however since most of the burgers available use deep fried patties, try and look for healthier options like burgers with grilled patties and lots of greens as well. Use of ketchup, mayonnaise, excess butter, fat, should be avoided due to the excessive amount of fat or sodium in some cases. Hot dogs are another popular fast food item available easily at negligible prices. Cold drinks and soda that often accompany these fast food items also belong to the same category. Even salads are a part of fast food but what matters are the ingredients of the salad and the dressing that has to be picked out wisely. Do not choose salad dressings with too much butter, oil, mayonnaise, cheese, yogurt or any other fatty substances. If you are using ingredients like fried chicken in the salad obviously it will not be as healthy as the green salads with grilled or roasted portions of chicken. Tacos, nachos, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian wraps are also some of the popular fast foods, which are very popular with the fast food generation. Another category in the fast food section is the Chinese fast food, which includes an mixture of noodles, Manchurians, Momos, Rice, and Crispy Fried Nuggets that are sold either at proper food joints or even roadside kiosks. India also has its share of fast food with samosa, vada pav, parathas and various types of chat. Most of the fast food items sold anywhere in the world have the same issues – lack or a relatively lower percentage of essential nutrients and presence of excessive fats. The habit of taking in junk food is seen particularly with children, teenage and young adult and in the long run it can tell on their health. The main factor that attracts people to eat junk food is their taste. This taste must be substituted with food that is cooked well and delicious, but at the same time healthy for the body while intake eating salads and fruits must be taken up and even increased.
  8. 8. Types of Junk Food……..
  9. 9.  Observation- In order to know the impact of junk food, a simple questionnaire has been prepared. The students-group has selected the respondents of teenagers particularly undergraduates and also some residents, both male and female. Some of them are habituated, where as some they have suffered a lot. The project is based on, face-to- face interaction and the information collected through the secondary sources of information such as publications and internet. Thus, in general, it is the study of 150 respondents and in particular, a sample of a group of 15 respondents and based on both, primary and secondary sources of information. About 86.66% respondents responded to the students group. Following are the significant observations from the information provided by the respondents- • Most of the respondents are aware about the junk food. They purchase it from the nearby stalls, hotels, restaurants, canteens etc. • The junk food experience by the respondents includes pizza, burgers, French fries, chat, pav bhaji, vada pav, samosa etc • They opinioned that it is oily, different from daily food, tasty, unhygienic, economical, unsuitable to health of Indian consumers as it causes many diseases like diarrhea, stomach-pain, food poisoning, liver pain etc. • The promotional strategy followed by the junk food providers includes massive advertising, free gifts, discounts etc both in quantitative and qualitative and in economic and kind forms. • They said that they have attracted towards junk food through advertisements, convinced by the friends and relatives, its takes, organisation/work culture etc.
  10. 10. • They experienced that the junk food is harmful the health of human being due to poor quality oil, improper combinations of the various ingredients, methodology of preparing; storing etc. • They also opinioned the junk food has good prospects as it cover a very small market segment. Impact of Junk Food – Here are some Junk Food Facts that help you understand the harmful effects of eating them. Some of them are long term while others are short-term effects. • Lack of energy: This is known as a short-term adverse effect resulting from eating junk foods. As junk foods dont provide you with essential nutrients, even though they can be very much sufficing, you feel weakened. Consuming deficient nutrients could be as a supplement. • Poor concentration: This is another result of junk food habit. These are traced to affect in immediate and medium term periods. When you have a sumptuous junk meal rich in oil you feel drowsy and fail to concentrate. Over sustained periods of junk food eating, blood circulation drops due to fat accumulation. Lack of vital oxygen, nutrients and proteins particularly can stale your grey (brain) cells temporarily. • Heart Diseases: Junk food diet is a major cause of heart diseases. Myocardial infarction (a severe heart failure) is due to plaque formation in arteries which demands heart to put in extra effort to pump blood on the downstream. On the upstream, there is lack of returning blood to heart. This causes two damages to heart - heart fatigues by the continuous extra effort it makes and it suffers oxygen supply. • High Cholesterol:
  11. 11. Apart from forming plaques and constricting arteries, cholesterol also affects liver where it is metabolized. High cholesterol from junk food and diet strains liver damaging it eventually. This is a long term effect. • Diabetes: Caused by high sugar levels that cannot be regulated by the body itself due to a lack of insulin of the bodys inability to make use of insulin, diabetes type too can occur in obese people due to excess of junk food. Need to avoid Junk Food – Junk food is very tasty and no one goes by not noticing it and wanting to bite into it. Resisting junk food is difficult, but with age, taking in junk food is something to be desisted as they do not have a healthy effect on the body. How harmful can junk food is exactly on human body? • Junk food is made using a lot of saturated fats. Such fats are unhealthy and on digestion can release a lot of toxins into your body. Human body gets food but not healthy food. • Junk food is sometime made using ingredients that are not very clean. This can in the long run spoil stomach, liver and intestines of the human beings. • Junk food does not contain vitamins and minerals and much of the nutrients seen in properly cooked food and in raw food. The body is not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary to have good health and immunity from diseases. • Junk food causes weight loss. People who have obesity or morbid obesity are those who have a preference for junk food and snacking.
  12. 12. • Eating junk food can make you prone to diabetes, because it contain too much of sugar. One can also become susceptible to heart disease and blood pressure because of the salt and high fats found in this kind of food. • Packed junk food contains preservatives and coloring, both of which contain carcinogenic substances. • In the long run, junk food actually fastens the effects of aging. People show signs of old age faster because of continuously eating junk food. This is because continuous eating of junk food exposes the body to long periods of bad nutrition. The result is release of free radicals which are the chief factors responsible for aging effect. Fast Food and Health Concerns- Most of these quick and convenient meals contain high amount of sodium, which increases and aggravates the risks of high blood pressure. Excessive use of fat, butter, in cooking, increases saturated fat intake as well as the calorie intake. Regular and excessive consumption of fast food often results in obesity, which is one of the gripping problems for children as well as adults. Obesity can also lead to other complications like increase in the cholesterol level, blocking of the arteries, the increased risk of coronary diseases, and physical discomfort. Fast food is not considered a healthy option, which is why you can hear all the doctors and dietitians advising people to eliminate or reduce the consumption of fast food in diets. Fast food and its ill effects on health are plenty. Be it obesity, diabetes, heart problems or any other chronic disorders, it is now a well known fact that regular consumption of fast food can have serious ill effects on a person’s health. Due to the
  13. 13. increasing awareness about the risks of fast food, more and more people are either trying to avoid the consumption of fast food or looking for healthier alternatives and modifications to it - which is one of the reasons why you see most of the fast food joints themselves coming up with a variety of non-fat or low fat foods to cater to the needs of the population of health conscious people who want to avoid fast food. Ways to Avoid Junk Food – Clever junk food advertising and the attraction of convenience in addition to taste get people to junk food addiction. Awareness on junk food facts is lacking dramatically in every corner of the society. Here are some useful tips to avoid junk foods. • Junk food and children have a strange affinity to each other. This is partly so owing to junk food advertising. Do not let children to get habituated to junk foods. • Controlling children from eating junk foods in schools is another step that helps in a long term. Schools administration along with parents has a responsibility to educate children about junk foods in schools. • Junk food, the name itself is tempting enough. Eliminating the temptation is one way to avoid it. Keeping good food nearby and having meals right on time may help in this direction. Controlling the temptation is not as hard as alcoholism can be. • Develop awareness for fitness. This helps you separate junk food and diet from your regimen. Suggestion/s- • They also opinioned the junk food has good prospects provided strong it is favourable to the health of consumers. • There should limited consumption of the junk food.
  14. 14. • Preference should be given to the traditional and home-made food. • The junk food providers should follow health care and safety methods /measures. • It is necessary to have strong awareness, education and guidance programmes. Conclusion – From the study, it may be concluded that the junk food are not suitable to the health of Indian consumers. It needs to be developed from different directions.