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Junk food


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Junk food

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION What is junk food? What is junk food? Junk food is the foods that are not nutritious and no beneficial to the human body. It has been developed to meet the needs of some people without thinking of the consequences if the meal is taken a lot. It might be delicious but it is not nutritious foods. It may cause various types disease such as diabetes, high blood, tooth decay, obesity and etc. In Malaysia, there are many people who have chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Have we ever thought that junk food is also one of the causes of the disease? Many of us ignore the question of food especially junk food. There are parents who encourage their children to take junk food every day. Why do people like to intake junk foods? Some of the junk foods are called processed foods canned foods. We can get the foods from the groceries nearby our house. It is simple to buy and prepare the foods. Within a few steps the foods are ready to be served. For examples, canned sardines can be prepared in just 5 minutes. Some people like to eat fast foods such as burger, hotdog, French fries and etc. This is because fast food can be bought easily in fast food outlets such as Mc Donald, Kentucky Fried Chicken and others. By driving a few minutes to any of the fast food restaurants, the foods will be ready to eat through the window. As for canned or frozen, the people can buy them in bulk at the wholesale of hypermarket. If they have no time, the food can be opened and eaten directly or heated just for a few moment. In less than two minutes, the food can be directly eaten. In contrast to the usual way possible, we have to take more than half hour to prepare or cook the foods. The foods will be ready to eat after spending a lot time in preparing the meal.
  2. 2. The effects of junk foods for health Nowadays, the problem of obesity or obesity complications has become a new syndrome of our society that have been attributed by excessive intake of junk foods that contain high fat and sugar. The food such as ice cream, soft drinks, snacks, pickle and fast food are among the favorites of children and adolescents today. Furthermore, the studies by nutritionists shows that junk food can harm the function of brain. This is because the human brain needs glucose to function properly, but too much fat can interfere the role of glucose It may cause damage the level of concentration and memory In addition, excessive intake of fast food will also threatening inflammation of the lungs that can lead to chronic asthma. Based on a study of nutritional science found that of 100 children who consume fast foods indicate that they are easily face the risk of asthma persists since less having nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish , meat and others. Fast foods do not contain vitamin A which is needed by the body. This vitamin is essential for building new cells, in addition to work for skin and eye care. Fiber, which helps digestion and prevent constipation is not found in fast food. As a result, excessive consumption of fast food can cause digestive problems.
  3. 3. The effects of junk foods for psychological Among the effect of fast food on one's psychology is the person like to be alone. This is because he or she tend to sit and eat the junk foods. Most people who like to eat junk food do not like physical activity. They have set in their mind that exercise is burden due to their body composition factor. Besides, diet with a high content of additives, preservatives and excess sugar can cause an inability to concentrate, hyperactivity and too aggressive. This is because foods with sugar content and high nutritional additives that can cause loss of nutritional chromium. Chromium substances are needed to stabilize blood sugar levels. For example, the people who like to eat fast food are willing to have fast food during lunch or dinner. It will cause them hate the nutritious foods and lead to unhealthy food intake. Another effect of junk food for psychological is less focused. The people who tend to eat junk food a lot might face this problem. For example, students who like to eat junk food are easily lost their focused in the class. Furthermore, the effects of excessive consumption of junk food causes children especially young students will be in the sleepy, tired, lifeless in the classroom, unable to concentrate on his studies and quickly forgotten. While a student they should always be healthy, fit and able to devote full attention to their studies. Some of the advertisements of the junk foods will influenced the children to unhealthy diet. The children always attracted to these type of advertisements. The effects of junk foods for social effect Uncontrolled junk food intake could affect the social. Among the effect is people like take it easy on something. For example, they would throw garbage or food wrappers everywhere. In addition, children and teenagers will also lose the Asian value due to their belief that the eastern snack is healthier and better than food cooked or prepared at home. Some of the children refused to accept command due to the influence of having snack. For example, if the children are having snack if front of the television, the refused to do anything as asked by their parent. Sometimes, they can also be aggressive if their wish not be fulfilled. Some cases shown that
  4. 4. children tend to spend their pocket money for buying junk foods. They like to buy junk food rather than healthy foods. At the same time, it will arouse wasting of their pocket money. Moreover, if their parents do not care of their children food consuming, it will lead their children to unhealthy life. Conclusion In conclusion, it is noted that fast food has a bad effect on health if we do not choose wisely and take excessively or frequently. Although fast food is delicious, but the content is hidden in it enough to invite the unwanted diseases if we take it to extremes. Some people have limited information of the nutritious foods. It is better if the government can provide more information of healthy food. In order to deliver more information of healthy foods to public, it is hope the government through the Ministry of Health promote the healthy food to all. Meanwhile, the survey found that nearly three million Malaysians who are mostly children and teenagers suffering from obesity or obesity in 2000. 25.6 percent of the survey consists of Indians, Malays 22.4 per cent and 19.5 per cent Chinese. Thus the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Education prohibits food and snacks containing sugar, salt and excess fat is not allowed to be sold in school canteens. Research shows 10,000 primary and secondary schools across the country involved. The rules involving 5.3 million students in primary and secondary schools.