Evaluation Q4 and Q5 Presentation


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Evaluation Q4 and Q5 Presentation

  1. 1. AS Media Evaluation By Rachel Black
  2. 2. Question 4• Who would be the audience of your media product?
  3. 3. • My target audience for my media product would be 14-21 year old females, as these are typically the types of people who are looking for alternatives to typical media products and are trying to find a career in music or are just looking for undiscovered artists/bands. However this is just my target audience, and I believe that my media product would be appealing to an older age range and male audience, as I have found from doing my audience research that there are people out there who look for undiscovered artists/bands and would be interested in buying/subscribing to my media product.• I have made my media product a reasonable price so that my target audience could afford it as, people from my target audience wouldn’t really have a lot of money to spend on luxuries like music magazines.• Despite my media product being different to other media products, I have tried to keep to media conventions, so that my target audience would notice my media product as a music magazine they would enjoy.
  4. 4. Question 5• How did you attract/address your audience?
  5. 5. • Before starting the production of my media product I decided to get some audience feedback (http://rachelblack2496.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/audience-research-and-analysis-of-data.html) so that I knew what I was putting into my music magazine would attract to my target audience.• I also tried to keep it similar to other music magazines so that they knew that it was a music magazine, however changed some conventions as my music magazine has a unique selling point and I also wanted it to stand out against other music magazines.• In my music magazine I have also artists/bands who my target audience may know and may not know so that it intrigues my target audience into buying my media product.• For my music magazine I decided to use websites so that my target audience would be able to use digital media to get parts of my magazine online, rather than buying it on paper as my age group are interested in and like to use the Internet. I will also have a link to YouTube so that my target audience can see where their favourite bands and artists started or just listen to their music.• I believe that I have attracted my audience just by having my unique selling point; a music magazine, which is dedicated to undiscovered artists/bands so that they can become discovered without the aid of talent shows and so that my target audience would become inspired to get into music. Also from doing my research (http://rachelblack2496.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/institutional-research_10.html) I already knew that there was already a market for my media product.• I have also included enough information into my music magazine so that my target audience would feel satisfied with the information that is inside the music magazine, as 14-21 year old females want details about their favourite artists/bands and how to get involved into music. However I haven’t wrote a lot on the page so that my target audience don’t get put off, but also so that it keeps to music magazine conventions.