Newspaper flatplan and rationale


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Newspaper flatplan and rationale

  1. 1. Image use I am planning on using 2 images for the front of my newspaper and the reason for this is because with the addition of text an advert, there is a not going to be a lot of space to fit in all the articles. I plan on using images in my adverts however understand that this could be distraction and so will look at how other newspapers use images in their adverts. I think the best way to add an image into the advert would be to use a graphical image. Colour usage I have decided to use blue, grey and white and I have decided to use pastel colours to make newspaper look enticing to readers. Another reason why I have chosen to use blue is because the colours symbolize happiness and relaxation which is what my newspaper is all about – making my readers happy. I plan to use blue for the main elements of the newspaper. Text Usage I plan to use text that is informative and helps the reader to relax from their worries as this is again something I want my media product to help my audience to do. Layout and font I plan to put the masthead at the top of the newspaper and this is not only the conventional thing to do but also by having it here it will help audiences quickly recognize what the newspaper is called. I plan to use the same font throughout my newspaper which is Times New Roman as this is one of the more conventional font types. I want to add the date, website information to help promote the rest of my media products, the price to help people know how much my product is worth as I know that the correct price will entice readers as they will see it as value for money and I might even put the temperature on the front because I plan to use a weather feature on the second page of the newspapers.
  2. 2. This is my old flat plan however after creating this style of newspaper I found that it wasn’t very good and didn’t seem to attract an audience as it certainly wasn’t enticing me and so decided to change the flat plan.
  3. 3. Image use I am planning to use two images for the main article of the second page of my newspaper as I feel that one big image would feel more like a front page convention and one single image I feel is not enough for a main article on the second page and so plan to display the images side by side each other. I would like to add images of the local weather for that day and I would also like to have a lottery image and as the lottery graphic is so recognizable I would like to use it for that particular section of the page so that it will entice people into reading the results and hopefully if they buy a lottery ticket they may be inclined to buy a paper to find out the results. I don’t want to use images for the sub-articles as I feel that I need something to distinguish between the main articles and the other articles and have decided that they shouldn’t have images Colour usage I plan to use the same colour palette as the front page as I would like to have continuity throughout my products because it is conventional for your product to look similar throughout and it will also make it easier for the audience to read the newspaper if the colour and the layout is similar which means that if they were to regularly get the newspaper they will know where things are depending on the colour of the text/background and because of the layout. Text Usage Again I plan to use the same text usage as the front page as I don’t want to right informative for the front page and then for the second page have write unprofessional as if I were talking to my friends – using slang etc. Layout and font I plan to again use Times New Roman for the font and for the layout I want it to continue from the front page as the front page should be easy and simple to follow. I want to arrange features in a way that doesn’t look too cluttered and I also don’t want smaller items to have a bigger impact on the page as this is not conventional and it also wouldn’t look accurate on the page.