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Poster deconstruction for newspaper

  1. 1. Poster
  2. 2. When looking at real-life research I noticed that there are few newspaper posters. • Layout I especially like this poster as I like the layout of the poster as the Evening Standard (masthead) is at both the top of the poster and at the bottom of the poster which helps people looking at the poster know what the newspaper they are advertising for and that is exactly what a newspaper poster is for - to advertise the newspaper. I would like to use the masthead for my newspaper to appear twice on the poster just like this as I want it right at the top of the poster and at the bottom as I feel that when you read something you read from the top to the bottom and so having the name of the newspaper located at the top and bottom it will help audience find the poster better. I like the layout of this product as they have a image located in the middle of the poster and the text located to the side of that image which shows that the story and text relate to each other which keeps the layout of the poster very simple. When creating my poster product I also opted for a simple design as the poster is used to advertise all the products collectively but it has to stand out and make people want to not only read the poster but also my other products so I don’t want to give the impression that the layout of my products are going to be cluttered and too confusing to understand. • Colour Palette I like that the background for the poster is in black and and white which is keeping to the colour palette for the newspaper which will also help their audience recognize there poster as they use the same colour palette as the newspaper. I like that they have kept to the same colour palette as this will be something the audience will become accustomed to and look out for when looking for other products of the same brand and so when creating my products I will like to create a colour palette that will be used all my products as the colour of my products aren’t a conventional colour used for magazines and so I would like to try and keep to the main conventions of the products I am going to create.
  3. 3. • Audience Appeal For the Evening Standard’s poster they have used the special edition to appeal to the audience and I like the idea of using an appealing element to my poster and as it is my first local newspaper I feel that it would be fitting for that to appeal to the audience by advertising that this is going to be the first ever edition of the newspaper and as this is the poster of the newspaper product I can advertise this on there. I think that they have used audience appeal with the storyline as Michael Jackson is a very iconic pop star and using this type of status to attract people however I would like to use more the storyline to pull people into my product than star names in the newspaper and I feel that many newspaper rely on who the person is rather than what is their story and I feel that this would be another element that would make me stand out from the competition. They have used rich colours in the poster with the orange strips along the bottom of the poster which is a symbol of happiness and wealth and with the location the newspaper is printed (London) for it will appeal to the people living in the local area. As I am using yellow for my colour palette to represent happiness for my product I feel that my product is similar in the use of colours for this newspaper poster. • Image Use I feel that only using one image for the poster is risky as a wide audience for the first edition for a newspaper, it would have to be something impressive and eye catching but looking at how using one image for a poster can help make the poster look professionally presented. I also like that the newspaper has opted for an iconic dance pose for the poster as the image along will help to attract readers into reading more into the poster. I would like to use an image that would attract readers into reading not only the poster but also the newspaper.
  4. 4. • Text For the Evening Standard they have chosen to use small pull-quote which is used to attract people into reading more into the story by the eye catching or interesting pull-quote. I would like to use a pull-quote from the story to attract people into the product. I like that they have used text that match the colour palette and I like the font they have used as it gives the impression that they are sleek and professional just my using the correct style of font. I would like to create a product that would give the impression that it is a professional product and although it has just started to print still understands the needs of the audience and the conventions of a newspaper product. Main Differences The main differences for this poster is that I would like to use lighter colours as the colour palette for my product includes yellow which is quite bright and so I need to soften the colour to make it appeal to my audience. I will probably not be using a story in my newspaper as this is going to be a the first ever edition of my newspaper and I don’t want to be selling the stories in the newspaper on my poster I want to selling the newspaper and if people like the design they will then go to my newspaper and other products that I have created to read my articles. I will also only be using one image of a masthead rather than the two that is displayed here.
  5. 5. I really like this poster as it is a graphic design and from what I can see posters don’t seem to be this brightly coloured and this cleverly thought out as the other that I have gathered in my research seem to be stand text and images and when trying to create something that is new you want it to be a stand out poster, you want people to remember it and if you need to use colour to do this I think The Guardian have the right idea. I really like the use of the mixtures of colours and although there doesn’t seem to have been much though been put into the colour of which colours goes where you can see that from the three posters I have collected they all follow the same colour pattern and they look to have used the same shades of colours on each poster and when creating posters to advertise your product you need to have something that your audience is going to recognise and if your posters are bright and colourful you are creating something for your readers to look for. The layout in each poster are completely different and yet every poster seem to have the same niche ideas. For example the first poster: opinion, facts , best told separately, they could have just wrote that on one straight line and creating a poster but no they had to have the two words opinions and facts separating from each other to reinforce that they are separate. Another example: No need to shout every day, again they could have just wrote it, but instead they have written each word in a exclamation mark and with each word each exclamation mark get small until it becomes a full stop, giving the point that you don’t have to shout about news otherwise if you keep shouting everyone will start to not listen the same type of thing for the boy who cried wolf because if you shout that all storied are bad when it comes to the real crisis nobody is going to hear. The message applies to the last one however they have told you the reason why they have used the full stop instead of the exclamation mark and they have shown that they have chosen a small full stop rather than a exclamation mark.
  6. 6. This poster is completely different from the other posters that I have researched and I have decided to use this in my research as this shows that how one product ‘The Times’ can advertise other products in one poster and that might be something I can use when it comes to my poster as when advertising it is sometimes good to pair up with another company or a sister in your company as you get to sell your product and also advertise the rest of your company. This is tricky thing to get right as 1 mismatched newspaper/magazine and it could potentially put off your target audience/your reader’s. I do like how simplistic this poster looks as it is simple 6 posters stacked structurally in a cream room with text around ‘THE SATURDAY’, ‘Enjoy 6 new sections. Only in The Times.’ and a logo in the top right hand corner although it looks simple it takes time and concentration to be able to arrange something so it looks neat and uncluttered. I like that they have gone for a calming vibe however in contrast to the previous poster I can’t help but think that this is a little dull as there doesn’t seem to be much colour in the poster except for the front covers of the newspaper/magazines and I suppose this is there intention as they need to sell the product and as they are using actual images of newspapers/magazines rather than just text and so its probably best that there are no bright colours as this will distract from the product. The content when looking at the product seem to be geared towards the younger generation with what look be Amy Winehouse on the front cover of one of the magazine not something an older person would want to read about but the colours seems to attract the slower more relaxed pace of life.