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NFPtweetup Feb09 Slideshow


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A slideshare crowdsourced via Twitter prior to the NFPtweetup event 5.30-8.00pm (GMT) on 25th February.

More information on this event can be found at:

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NFPtweetup Feb09 Slideshow

  1. 2. Personal & public supporter care 6 February 2009 = nfptweetup 25 February 2009 Fundraising UK Ltd
  2. 4. Twitter provides up to the minute information on issues affecting our current and prospective clients It also enables us to share information and links that may be of interest I find that sending a tweet is a much more personal and engaging form of communication than traditional e-mail We use Twitter to help our clients connect with their customers on an individual level
  3. 5. Twitter = disintermediated communication rmlondon Richard McKeever
  4. 7. Breaking Twitter Michael Grimes | @citizensheep Using Twitter to chat, crowd-source and publicise may be innovative within an organisation, but it’s not an innovative use Twitter. As organisations do we dare to test the limits of Twitter, which means risking failure? Jon Bounds’ Twitpanto tested Twitter as a defined – if ambient – online space. (
  5. 8. News Weather Events Classroom @benrmatthews
  6. 13. It’s not scary... Like all good tools, it’s about knowing which bit to use and when. @kevbaughen
  7. 14. scape @YouthNetUK – official voice + individual staff members Fundraising Yammer used for internal conversations Media & PR Editorial Marketing + Twitter search: OR OR YouthNet What else is being said about our brands?
  8. 15. Twitter is a conversation! Between people (about graphs) Between MPs in the Commons Between charities Between fundraisers and donors Between people…. Between people (about an event) @jon_bedford
  9. 16. What Twitter Means To Us @BullyingUK
  10. 18. @Bmycharity
  11. 19. A key to a world of infinite possibilities Connecting with people you don’t know … as well as people you do Two-way engagement Exchange & reciprocity A true connection Changing the world together