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E-learning Development of Statistics and in Duex: Practical Approaches and Their Tips for High-Quality Courses

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E-learning Development of Statistics and in Duex: Practical Approaches and Their Tips for High-Quality Courses

  1. 1. E-learning Development of Statistics and in Duex: Practical Approaches and their Tips for Low-Cost/High-Quality Courses Joe Suzuki Mathematical Science Division Statistical Mathematics Osaka University November 15, 2018 Conference on Education of Data Science at Shiga Univerity
  2. 2. Joe Suzuki Professor of Statistics, Osaka university Research Machine learning (graphical models and sparse estimation) Education Statistics for undergraduate and graduate students Management e-learning production at Duex
  3. 3. Data-related Human Resource Development (Duex) was established in October 2017 Duex consists of 3 Cources A. Data Science Basic Course B. Data Science Practice Course C. Medical Data Basic and Practice Course Universities Osaka U, Kyoto U, Shiga U, Kobe U, Wakayama U, Nara Institute of Tech Companies More than 10 including Apt, Intelligence, Aioi-Nissei-Dowa, etc. Others ISM, NII, AIST, AIP
  4. 4. Duex has been selected as MEXT’s Data related Human Resource Development Project Period Yearly Budget for each Institute 2017.10 – 2018.3 70 M JPY (= 0.65 M USD) 2018.4 – 2019.3 140 M JPY (= 1.3 M USD) 2019.4 – 2020.4 140 M JPY (= 1.3 M USD) 2020.4 – 2021.3 140 M JPY (= 1.3 M USD) 2021.3 – 2022.3 140 M JPY (=1.3 M USD) • Waseda U. • U. of Electro-Communications • Tokyo Medical & Dental U. • Osaka U. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mission: Develop leaders who take charge the statisticians around him. 棟梁 (August 2017)
  5. 5. 棟梁 is the leader of a specialist group 棟梁 should be a specialist as well as a manager
  6. 6. Kick off Meeting of Duex @ Osaka U. More than 100 participants (Oct. 7, 2017)
  7. 7. Machine Learning &Statistics Spring Camp @ Osaka U. 200 participants for each day (March 26-27, 2018 ).
  8. 8. • Hard to ask other to become 非常勤講師 (Part-Time instructor) while more faculties are asking us to teach Statistics (not just engineering, but almost all) • Almost impossible to commute to Osaka U. • The study material has been standardized Why e-Learning in Statistics?
  9. 9. How to make an e-learning video without spending money/time? • discussing with the members who develop materials • evaluate them in some steps: Joe Suuki Mathematics of Machine Learning and R Programming Sparse Estimation and its Application to Machine Learning
  10. 10. Make a Video Course by Yourself: Low Cost/High Quality • PC with Camera • Camtasia Studio (video generation software) • High-Quality Microphone (using PC microphone makes the voice quality low) • Music, Video, Image (a free version is available) • Narration Software reading texts (could be used) Without asking others to record voice and video Prepare
  11. 11. Possible Steps for making a video using PowerPoint 1. Make slides using PowerPoint 2. Make a script for each PowerPoint page 3. Record your lecture: choose one of the two 3 a. Speak in front of PC using a microphone and proceeding with the slides 3 b. transfer the script files to voice files, and embed them to PowerPoint 4. Add the recorded video/voice to tracks in Camtasia Studio 5. Add the starting/ending videos, texts, effects to the tracks. 6. Finalize and wait for Camtasia Studio to generate the MP3 format. 7. Upload the video to your LMS, Youtube, etc.
  12. 12. 2. Make a script for each PowerPoint page サンプル数Nに比べて、説明変数の 個数pの方が大きい状況を考えます。 問題点として、まず、2のp乗個の モデルを比較する必要があります。 ここでいうモデルは、目的変数が どの説明変数に依存するかという ことです。また、pがNより大きい と、最尤推定ができません。 Slide Script
  13. 13. 3. Make Voice Files using Narration Software Blue Microphones Yeti USB around 150 USD Low-Cost High-Quality Around 100 USD Standard JP /Kansai JPLeast Expensive JP Narrator
  14. 14. Why Script is needed even when you use microphone? Un-huh come on um・・・、ah・・・ let’s see you know Using narration software is reasonable: always clean voice is obtained even when you tired. A voice file (.wave) will be generated.
  15. 15. 4. Include Voice Files to PowerPoint
  16. 16. Each voice file is added to each slide page.
  17. 17. 5. Add Effects for changing the page
  18. 18. 6. Set up SlideShow
  19. 19. Camtasia Studio (200 USD/Licence)
  20. 20. 7. Camtasia Studio records • PC Capture (page change timing and pointer) • You (via PC camera) YOU Pointer
  21. 21. 8. Overlay Media in Tracks • Intro/Ending Video • Intro/Ending Music • Text • Other Video • PC Camera • PC Capture Add necessary Effects
  22. 22. Choose your media contains free media.
  23. 23. 9. Add further effects on the tracks • Changing the PC camera size • Music Fade-in/out • Add further texts • Add effects when changing between PC camera and PC capture Make one in your organization an expert.
  24. 24. 10. Make an MP4 format file Takes Twice as long as the video duration. For a video of 20 mins, it takes 40 mins to generate its MP4 file Using Camtasia Studio. You will obtain a video.
  25. 25. Where to Upload your video? Learning Management System (LMS) Vimeo • Password Protection • The video file cannot be downloaded • The uploaded file can be updated • Detailed Access Analysis • 70 USD/year
  26. 26. Tips for making videos • Make your Power Point as good as possible • Prepare Scripts • Use Media as much as possible To become a an expert: Make video as many as possible
  27. 27. What Statistic Courses are available? Machine Learning with R Mathematical Finance Finance with YUIMA R Package Sparsity with Statistical Learning Bio and Medical Statistics Mathematics for Statistics IoT and Statistics Social Statistics Multivariate Analysis Economic Statistics Information Geometry Causality Mathematical Medicine Modeling for Data Science (Basic) Statistics A-I and A-II for Human and Social Sciences B-I and B-II for BioStats C-I and C-II for Engineers Those courses are for Ph. D Students but the matrials are easy enough !
  28. 28. Concluding Remarks • Duex: an organization of Data Science Education • How to make an e-learning video: A Case Study new 2019 Machine Learning & Data Science Spring Camp will be held in Osaka, March 11-12, 2019