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Online information conference 2011


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Brief tour of the mobile ecosystem with an emphasis towards "online information" professionals in order to understand the big picture.

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Online information conference 2011

  1. 1. 1Tour of the Mobile (UX) Ecosystem Sight (Camera) Touch (NFC) Motion (Accelerometer) Touch (Temperature) Direction (Compass) Sound (Microphone) Remote sensing (Bluetooth) @pgolding (#online11) November 2011 Copyright Paul Golding, 2011
  2. 2. The key theme of this presentation... 2 Mobile is“everyware” (thanks @m1ke_ellis)
  3. 3. 3 2012:“What’s our mobile strategy?”Mobile ecosystem is rapidly becoming the primary platform for engaginginformation consumers and producers across many sectors How many of you are tweeting right now?
  4. 4. We carry a computer all day long... 4 We always carry... Some metal... A computer! Some leather...
  5. 5. Tomorrow we carry this... 5
  6. 6. Mobile is everywhere.. from Islington to Iran... 6Mobiles areeverywhere
  7. 7. A device most of us have most of the time... 7 In 59 countries: >Sources:GSMA
  8. 8. Mobile is immediate... 8 32% adults prefer text Six Trillion Texts Response: 200,000 4 mins per second (48 hrs email)Sources:ITU, Ahonen
  9. 9. A lot of communications power... 9The average teensends or receives 3,339 text messages every month 15s per text ~ 14 hours of attention (15-24 yrs average 9 hours per month SN sites) Sources:comScore
  10. 10. Indoors and outdoors, they consume attention... 10 Average user attention: 150 times a day Once every 6.5 minutesSources:Nokia
  11. 11. Paying attention to what? 11 Milliions Minutes UK (Source: GSMA UK) 7 Most popular mobile destination?5.25 3.51.75 0 Google Maps Yahoo Weather Facebook Google M eBayVisiting e-commerce site to purchase: 1 month online, 1 day mobile 52% smartphone users change their minds in store Kodak CMO (Jeff Hazlett): “Photographs used to be why people ran into a burning building. Now it’s mobiles!” Sources:GSMA, IAB, Nielsen
  12. 12. Balance of influence tipping towards developers... 12Open... Experience Platforms Smartphones apps ~35% penetration (UK) ~70% growth Web 80% penetration 2013 OS comms Telco Manufacturers Internet Developers
  13. 13. Mobile software stack top to bottom... 13“Right-time” Post PC Computers Devices Social Media Gaming Money Health SME/Corp Family “Experience Platforms” HTML5 Android iOS ? Mobile Services Ecosystem SaaS PaaS “The Web Operating System” IaaS CaaS NaaS BIG DATA “Cloud Platforms” Telco
  14. 14. A new era of mobile... 14 Texting, talking Doing Organise lunch Detect offers Find a popular placeApp Share video clips Hail a taxi Locate “friend of a friend”Explosion Compare shopping prices Scan & Share the bill Pin feedback in mid-air Swap stuff Do everything? (Voice + Text + Data) Copyright Paul Golding, 2010
  15. 15. 15 U.S. Smartphone versus Market Purchase Consideration Factors Apps reflected in buying (1-10 scale, 10 = Most important) Source: comScore MobiLens, Dec-2010 Market Smartphone 6.8 Phone OS 8.0 6.5 Selection of Apps 7.6 6.4 Music/Video Capabilities 7.2 6.4 Brand Name of Phone 7.0 6.0 Social Networking Features 6.9 Purchasing influences... Sources:comScoreOEM Share by Market
  16. 16. We carry two of them... 16COMPUTER #one COMPUTER #two Inert
  17. 17. But it’s more than just a computer... 17 Sight (Camera) Touch (NFC) Motion (Accelerometer) Touch (Temperature) Direction (Compass) Sound (Microphone) Remote sensing (Bluetooth) A computer with senses
  18. 18. We can surf the real world... 18 AlphaPunk office N W E SMake sense of the world
  19. 19. Real-world connectivity 19 Security Sight Metering (Camera) Touch (NFC) Access Motion (Accelerometer) Touch (Temperature) Direction (Compass)Control Sound (Microphone) Remote sensing (Bluetooth) Engines Body Money Interact with the world
  20. 20. Connecting the real world... 20 http://paulg.stuff/car/245534462342 The Internet of Things /vitals/heart... Moore’s Law + 4G wireless + Materials science + Web/trainers/wear/.. /watch/temperature/.. Everything that can benefit from being connected will be /home/windows/.. connected by 2020
  21. 21. Streaming sensor data to the cloud... 21“Sensor Net” Big Data! (Cloud) real real real time time time storage processing output Distributed sensor gridsReal-time stream processing of unthinkable amounts of data
  22. 22. Right-time Web 22 “Real Right time web” Social stream Information stream Entertainment stream Event stream Sensor streamRight information in the right context at the right time
  23. 23. Connected to streams in the cloud... 23 The Sight (Camera) Cloud Touch (NFC) Social stream Motion (Accelerometer) Touch (Temperature) Information stream Direction (Compass) Entertainment stream Sound (Microphone) Remote sensing Event stream (Bluetooth) Sensor stream Cloud cognition
  24. 24. The shifting “nature” of information... 24 Docu-centric Distributed Online informationLinked and streaming real-time http://paulg.stuff/car/245534462342 Contextual Sight (Camera) Touch (NFC) Motion (Accelerometer) Touch /vitals/heart... (Temperature) Direction (Compass) Sound (Microphone) Remote sensing (Bluetooth) /trainers/wear/..
  25. 25. Some reading materials... 25 More details...
  26. 26. 26Thank @pgolding (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2010