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How to create compelling online content


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This is the presentation from Pete Matthew's How-to session from the Monday afternoon of the IFP's annual conference 2012

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How to create compelling online content

  1. 1. How To create compelling online content with Pete MatthewCreator of Occasional blogger at Managing Director of
  2. 2. How(not Why)
  3. 3. Decisions, decisions
  4. 4. Decide on your medium Written Blog Podcast Video
  5. 5. Decide on your audienceClients / Prospects ProfessionalsNiche (e.g. Doctors)
  6. 6. Decide on your subjectChoose your passion Need expertise Stay focused
  7. 7. Practicalities
  8. 8. 50 topics?
  9. 9. Get started
  10. 10. Setting up your platform Blogs / CMS Wordpress,Blogger, Squarespace Tumblr, Posterous
  11. 11. Setting up your platform Design DomainBells & Whistles
  12. 12. Golden RulePost regularly
  13. 13. If writing, use a templateIntro / Lead paragraph Relevant image Personal experience Main body Discussion question
  14. 14. Keep posts short 500 words approx Short sentences Short paragraphsUse subheadings (H2/H3) Use numbers / bullets
  15. 15. Maintain a list of post ideas Tell a personal story Describe a historical eventBook / movie / software review Comment on a quotation Comment on a news story
  16. 16. Maintain a list of post ideasReport an interesting conversation Create a step-by-step guide Provide a list of resources Answer a reader’s questionMake an complex task seem simple
  17. 17. Maintain a list of post ideasExplain rationale behind a decisionWrite a guide to something popular
  18. 18. Avoid these common mistakes Not posting often enough Posting too often Posts are too long You don’t invite engagementYou don’t engage in the conversation
  19. 19. Avoid these common mistakes Your content isn’t accessible You create poor headlines Your posts are off-messageYou have a weak first paragraph Your post is about you
  20. 20. Spread the word Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest
  21. 21. Spread the word These are embassies Engage with people thereBring them back to your home base Brand them consistently
  22. 22. ToolsIf writing, use an offline editor Windows - Live Writer Mac - MarsEdit
  23. 23. Tools For images: iStockPhoto.comFlickr – CC License search
  24. 24. Great resources Michael
  25. 25. The Best Book on the subject
  26. 26. Thank YouMore on Wednesday Morning Session 1 – Track 2