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How to write a blog post


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Blog post for Work At Home Renegade.

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How to write a blog post

  1. 1. How To Write A Blog PostWork At Home Renegade
  2. 2. Sometimes It Is Difficult
  3. 3. Here is a simple guide to writing a good blog post.
  4. 4. Work within the parameters of your blog. Forexample, if your blog is about cooking, youshould avoid politics…Stay within your main subject area!
  5. 5. Get A Keyword Phrase• How about “write a blog post.”• Maybe you have keyword phrases that are particular to your blog’s niche.
  6. 6. Create A Great Title• Choose something that will catch people’s attention.• It is so hard to get and keep a readers attention, I am trying out Slideshare!
  7. 7. Use ImagesUsing pictures can help keep readersattention.Use pictures freely
  8. 8. Now, Write Your Post• You have a subject, keyword phrase, and an image:• Now write the post!• This process will help you to think through the subject before you write.• The writing will flow because you are prepared.
  9. 9. Finish It Off• Add a signature block if you use that.• Position you ad, if you do that.• Remember to read through your article.• You probably are your own proofreader!
  10. 10. Have Fun, If Not, Get A Job!