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Liveblogging, Live Tweeting & Chats


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A guide to reporting live using online tools, including Twitter and liveblogs.

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Liveblogging, Live Tweeting & Chats

  1. 1. Live Reporting & Breaking News Mandy Jenkins @mjenkinsNorCal Social Training, April 2012 #norcalsoc
  2. 2. Why We Go LiveImmediacyTracking a long-term storyTrafficCommunity engagementSaving time writing for variousformats
  3. 3. Liveblogging SituationsBreaking storyMeetingEvent (festival, march, concert)TrialDaylong (Election Day, weather)Sporting eventReporting long-term stories
  4. 4. Liveblogging prepGet names, titles in advancewhen possibleSet scene & your roleDescribe your circumstances,vantage point: At event, watchingon TV, curating tweets
  5. 5. Try It Now:#NorCalSoc
  6. 6. Live TweetingMix play-by-play with context, backgroundPass on quotes, who is there, add inphotosUse tweets as your notes for laterNote significant pauses and stopsCheck facts before you hit “tweet”Take questions, respond when possible
  7. 7. Why Use #Hashtags?Group tweets by keywordFind other sourcesExpand your audienceOrganize content for display and archiving
  8. 8. Before You HashtagSearch for hashtag(s) already in useIf a hashtag is already in use, adopt itIf not, choose one that’s simple & uniqueGeographic abbreviation helps(#ChicoStorm)Geographic better than branded (#CApoliticsbetter than #CETpolitics)
  9. 9. What Livetweeting Can DoFeed tweets into your site in place of abreaking storyServe your audience on social media –and reach a new oneHelps staff communicateStart writing a story in-office fromreporters’ live tweets
  10. 10. Say what you don’t know
  11. 11. Link to fresh content
  12. 12. More Live Reporting FormatsUpdates in (time-stamp, reverse-chronorder) in your blog or story template
  13. 13. CoveritLive
  14. 14. CoveritLive
  15. 15. Livestream/Video Chat
  16. 16. QIK (Mobile LIVE video)
  17. 17. Video/Chat Options Ustream Livestream Qik Google+ HangoutCouple it with a liveblog or chat format totake questions or include text
  18. 18. Think Beyond TextVideos AudioPhotos TweetsSlides SourceGraphics documentsSocial Media Maps
  19. 19. Tips, techniquesShort, frequent takesLiveblog becomes notebook for storyPromote before, during and replaysCurate live tweets to be viewed later
  20. 20. Managing liveblog & storyLiveblog is notebook: cut, paste, write,editNote when you know you’ve written goodlead or passage for storyNote questions to pursue laterDoes summary work for print?Plug “complete coverage” in liveblog
  21. 21. Live Coverage TeamDevelop a hashtag (if there isnt one) andbe sure everyone uses itIf your staff is tweeting, pull in their tweetsto your siteDetermine who posts and edits the liveblogGet photogs aboard early
  22. 22. Team Liveblog RolesPlay-by-playCommentaryLive-tweet (#nocalsocial)Find & add links for contextPhotos and videoModerate questions, comments
  23. 23. Points to rememberStandard of completeness changes;commitment to accuracy remainsAttribute, hedge, verify, seek verificationSay what you don’t know, tooConversation, not a monologue
  24. 24. Live Chat ToolsCoveritLive/ScribbleLiveYour existing blogging platformTwitter
  25. 25. Live Chat TechniqueGive some questions to guests in advancePanelists need not be in personYou approve questionsAdd in polls, links for background(prepare in advance)Group related questions togetherPreview questions coming up
  26. 26. Live Chat IdeasNewsmakers, politiciansHost chat w/ community bloggers (dining,sports, entertainment)Reporters on recent big stories, recurringissues, topics of expertise
  27. 27. Twitter ChatsSet time, promote it to followers long inadvanceTake questions in advanceUse a hashtag to tie tweets togetherChoose questions to answer, retweetthem with order ID. Ex: Q1Preface answer with correspondinganswer (A1)
  28. 28. THANKS! Mandy @mjenkins Blog: These slides & more at