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Social Media Marketing for Downtowns - Tips, Tricks & Cool Ideas To Share


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Presentation given at the 2010 Texas Downtown Association's annual conference in El Paso.

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Social Media Marketing for Downtowns - Tips, Tricks & Cool Ideas To Share

  1. Social Media Marketing for Downtowns Tips, Tricks & Cool Ideas To Steal Texas Downtown Assn. El Paso – November 11, 2010
  2. You’ve Heard the Strategy … Now What?
  3. Today We’ll Cover … • What to say • Best practices • Some new things to try • Q & A • Live demos
  4. Source: Brian Moore Media on Flickr
  5. What To Say
  6. Share Helpful Information
  7. Share Helpful Information
  8. Attaboys
  9. Things To Do Downtown
  10. Things To Do Downtown
  11. Highlight Downtown Biz
  12. Highlight Downtown Biz
  13. Promote Downtown Events
  14. Make Exclusive Offers
  15. Tie Into Holidays
  16. Share Photos & Videos Clifton shopping video
  17. Share Photos & Videos
  18. Share Photos & Videos
  19. Polls and Contests
  20. Be the Concierge
  21. Ask & Answer Questions
  22. Discover & Track Issues
  23. Best Practices
  24. Have a Compelling Bio
  25. Have a Compelling Bio
  26. Link To Everything …
  27. … on Everything
  28. Create a “Terms of Use” Statement
  29. Create Group Rules If you agree to these rules, you can join the group Only post pictures to this group for which you own the original copyright or are in the public domain. All pictures posted to this group may be used by the Colorado River Trail in its various publications, both print or online (including social media). We will credit you as the photographer on any photo that we use. Only photos depicting the Colorado River Trail region will be accepted. We reserve the right to reject submissions to our Flickr group displaying content we deem to be inappropriate or offensive without prior warning. The Colorado River Trail reserves the right to update the Group Rules.
  30. Use Personality
  31. Use Personality
  32. Use Personality
  33. Use Dynamic Content
  34. Use Dynamic Content
  35. Promote Downtown Events
  36. Use Favorite Pages
  37. Tagging on Facebook
  38. Contests & Promotions
  39. Get Great Photos with Flickr Groups
  40. Get Great Photos with Flickr Groups
  41. Get Great Photos with Flickr Groups
  42. Create Twitter Lists
  43. Create a Social Media Directory
  44. New Things To Try
  45. Social Couponing
  46. Social Couponing
  47. Social Couponing
  48. Social Couponing
  49. Location-based Apps
  50. Location-based Apps
  51. Location-based Apps
  52. Location-based Apps
  53. Gowalla Contests
  54. Gowalla Contests
  55. Where To Find Me Old School: • Phone – 512.473.3513 • E-mail – New School: • Twitter - @ColoradoRiverTr (work), @pagetx (personal) • Facebook – • Flickr – • Foursquare – • Gowalla – (personal), (work)
  56. Possible Discussion Topics • Barriers to using social media • What tools to use • How to engage audiences • How to “listen” • How/what to measure • How to manage time • What if they say something bad? • Do we need a social media policy? • What else ….?