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Seeing Is Believing: Using Visual Content in Social Media Marketing


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Preso given at the Texas Brazos Trail conference June 1, 2012 on using visual content in marketing destinations.

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Seeing Is Believing: Using Visual Content in Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Seeing Is BelievingUsing Visual Content in Social Media Marketing June 1, 2012
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. About Me
  4. 4. Download a Copy:
  5. 5. Today We’ll Cover …• Overview• Flickr• Pinterest• Instagram• Foodspotting• Awesome Examples• Q&A
  6. 6. Social Media Review
  7. 7. Benefits of Social Media• It’s FREE!• Builds deeper relationships• Increases brand awareness• Broadens your network• Helps SEO• Increases website traffic• Can help reach journalists/media• Empowers fans to be viral ambassadors for your brand Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
  8. 8. Start a Flickr Group
  9. 9. Develop Group Rules If you agree to these rules, you can join the group Only post pictures to this group for which you own the original copyright or are in the public domain. All pictures posted to this group may be used by the Colorado River Trail in its various publications, both print or online (including social media). We will credit you as the photographer on any photo that we use. Only photos depicting the Colorado River Trail region will be accepted. We reserve the right to reject submissions to our Flickr group displaying content we deem to be inappropriate or offensive without prior warning. The Colorado River Trail reserves the right to update the Group Rules.
  10. 10. Facebook Weekly Features
  11. 11. Facebook Advertising
  12. 12. Twitter
  13. 13. Blog Content – Photo Posts & Slideshows
  14. 14. Create Custom Google Maps
  15. 15. Use in Print Publications
  16. 16. Use in Internal Documents
  17. 17. Colorado River Trail Photo Contest
  18. 18. Soul_Smiling
  19. 19. Results:• 95 contest entries• 5% avg. increase in Fans/followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr• 553% avg. increase in Facebook and Twitter activity (likes and comments)• 69,400 % increase in inbound traffic to the photo contest web page• Time on site ranged from :33 seconds pre-contest to 6:45 during peak voting Photo: watsoninelgin
  20. 20. Cool Flickr Ideas
  21. 21. Flickr Places –
  22. 22. Maps PhotosPhotographers Groups
  23. 23. Import KML File URL
  24. 24. Create Custom Google Map
  25. 25. You May Have Seen This
  26. 26. But Have You Seen This?
  27. 27. Pinterest Positives• Traffic, traffic and more traffic – Pinterest has grown 4000% in the last 6 months• It has SEO secret sauce – Each photo pinned can be linked back to a specific product or more information on your website or blog• Incredible engagement – Average user spends 88.3 minutes on Pinterest• Cross promote with other social media channels• So easy to use
  28. 28. Pinterest Bookmarklet
  29. 29. Pinteresting Possibilities• Use Pinterest as a focus group – Look at what your followers are pinning. They volunteer information on their interest, dreams, and passions.• Generate leads – Link to landing pages that contain forms for downloading content you want them to have (visitor guides, calendars, PDF documents, etc.)• See what’s been pinned from your website or blog
  30. 30. Photo: andyarthur on Flickr
  31. 31. Pinteresting Pitfalls• Remember Napster? – Some consider Pinterest to be an enabler of illegal activity.• Possible copyright infringement – Almost all Pinterest images posted by users were copied from other websites without permission. – Pinterest just released “NoPin” code that allows content owners to keep their photos from being pinned. – Flickr added “attributed sharing” – Others see it the same way as Xerox, VCRs, or DVRs.• Pinterest shifts accountability to the user
  32. 32. Cool Pinterest Ideas
  33. 33. Ultimate Austin PinTrip• Pinterest contest partnership between Four Seasons Hotel and Austin CVB • Four Seasons has – 63 submissions seen: – 1,272 views of the – 289 new fans – contest page compared to 115 in April of 2012 (increase of 151%) – 20% increase in people “talking about us” over April 2012
  34. 34. Pinterest Contest Board(
  35. 35. Apply Instagram Filters
  36. 36. From this … … to this!
  37. 37. Cool Instagram Ideas
  38. 38. Experience Grand Rapids Instagram Contest
  39. 39. Experience Grand Rapids Finalists
  40. 40. Statigram Web Viewer
  41. 41. Using FoodspottingSpot your own food Search for food nearby you
  42. 42. Cool Foodspotting Ideas
  43. 43. Foodspotting Guides
  44. 44. Visit Indiana’s Super 46
  45. 45. Resources• CVBs on Pinterest (May update) pinterest-may-update/• Engaging Foods via FoodSpotting ngaging-destination-foodies-via-foodspotting/• 5 Questions: Joe Vargo on Pinterest (ExpCols) joe-vargo-pinterest/
  46. 46. Questions?Old School:• Phone – 512.473.3513• E-mail – School:• Twitter - @ColoradoRiverTr (work), @pagetx (personal)• Facebook –• Flickr –• Foursquare –• Delicious –• Slideshare –