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A Moment in Time: Telling Your Story Using Photo Contest and Flickr


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Presented at ActionCamp San Antonio on Oct. 28, 2011.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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A Moment in Time: Telling Your Story Using Photo Contest and Flickr

  1. 1. A Moment in Time:Telling your story using photo contests and
  2. 2. Why Flickr?
  3. 3. Promote the destinationthrough photography Photo: Soul_Smiling
  4. 4. Provide content for other socialmedia channels, websites, andprint publications Photo: JustinPratscher
  5. 5. Create awareness about thescenic beauty and fun activitiesin the destination Photo: shewhopaints
  6. 6. Spend little or no money doing it Photo: mattdil
  7. 7. Oh yeah? Show me.
  8. 8. Agree to terms …If you agree to these rules, you can join the groupOnly post pictures to this group for which you ownthe original copyright or are in the public domain.All pictures posted to this group may be used bythe Colorado River Trail in its various publications,both print or online (including social media). Wewill credit you as the photographer on any photothat we use.Only photos depicting the Colorado River Trailregion will be accepted. We reserve the right toreject submissions to our Flickr group displayingcontent we deem to be inappropriate or offensivewithout prior warning. The Colorado River Trailreserves the right to update the Group Rules.
  9. 9. … or, ask each time
  10. 10. Facebook – “You Pick”Weekly Feature
  11. 11. Facebook – “Tripod Trivia”Weekly Feature
  12. 12. Facebook – “Make ‘em Jealous”
  13. 13. Facebook – Advertising
  14. 14. Twitter
  15. 15. Blog Content –Photo posts & slideshows
  16. 16. Blog Widgets –Flickr badges
  17. 17. Website icons
  18. 18. Print Publications
  19. 19. Internal Docs
  20. 20. Colorado River Trail Photo Contest
  21. 21. Photo: JustinPratscher
  22. 22. Photo: accent on ecclectic
  23. 23. Results:• 107 contest entries (84.5% increase over 2010 contest)• 15.85% avg. increase in Fans/followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr• 12.3% avg. increase in Facebook and Twitter activity (likes and comments)• > 11,000 % increase in inbound traffic to the photo contest web page• Time on site ranged from :58 seconds pre-contest to 4:21 during peak voting Photo: watsoninelgin
  24. 24. PollDaddy for Voting Photo: joannamarieharris
  25. 25. 2010 Contest Winner Photo: Soul_Smiling
  26. 26. 2011 Contest Winner Photo: David Stall
  27. 27. Photo: EggMasterDuke
  28. 28. Questions?Old School:• Phone – 512.473.3513• E-mail – School:• Twitter - @ColoradoRiverTr (work), @pagetx (personal)• Facebook –• Flickr –• Foursquare –• Gowalla – (personal), (work)• Delicious –• Slideshare – Photo: 13snap