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This PPT was for the figaro conference in London where about 300 people attended. The PPT is about how google is changing and how the only way to keep ahead of the search engines in seo terms is to get in and ply the online PR game....I also talk a little about zeo moment of truth and social proof online. This session was really well received (according to 3rd party feedback) and i think it came down to a combinaiton of useful ideas and insight along with some humor!

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Figaro conference

  1. 1. SEO: The Rise of Online PR
  2. 2. Nick Garner Nick Garner: Head of search Unibet Working across all Unibets 24 international markets, specialising in - SEO - SMO (Social media optimisation) - Refer a Friend - PPC - Online Public Relations (as a means of influencing SEO and social media)
  3. 3. Googles share isnt growing much
  4. 4. But its revenues are...
  5. 5. Information / Commercial Internet Mix in commercial with $15.62 per person per year in the UK* information as much as possible Rank (fairly) easy Rank (fairly) hard
  6. 6. Signals are changing OLD: Look for algo weakness NEW: Look for human patterns and exploit them > SEO in ranking sites, socially engineer them > Online PR
  7. 7. Conclusion $15.62 per person per quarter in the UK*Google is becoming an ads engine,cleansing the SERPS & mining dataabout you to be the perfectmiddlemanFor more of this thinking
  8. 8. Online PR(Social Engineering)
  9. 9. How does online PR cycle work? Share Socially Create share Earn a social worthy content rankings boost Win natural SEO: Rank on Extend your links due to relevant phrases reach the value of the content Earn more Amplify social network reach followers
  10. 10. Online PR poster boy!
  11. 11. Start with great content
  12. 12. Start with Great ContentNick Garner | Unibet | PRmoment SEO: The impact of PR and Google+ on search 2012
  13. 13. Add a little PR outreach
  14. 14. Spread across social networks
  15. 15. Spread across social networks!/dollarshaveclub
  16. 16. Spread across social networks
  17. 17. Rank in personalized search (while logged in to my account)
  18. 18. Win the InternetVia
  19. 19. A great case study for SEO If DSC had integrated SEO into their viral and social marketing plan, they likely could have earned rankings across search terms that would continue to send them traffic long after the launch.
  20. 20. Buzz is great for brand, but itneeds steering to work for SEO
  21. 21. G+ & SEO
  22. 22. He says its (kind of) connected "When someone recommends something, thats a pretty good indicator of quality," said Matt Cutts, Googles principal engineer for search. "We are strongly looking at using this in our rankings."
  23. 23. Core idea: Circles > Reach
  24. 24. G+: Connecting the network
  25. 25. Content / outreach (kind of) like G+Add another one in...
  26. 26. Resources
  27. 27. What resource is needed?The right person: That might suit me!● Journalist / blog owner ○ Has their own blog/site (ideally) ○ Not too hung up on being newsy ○ A bit technical● Personality ○ Creative ○ Funny! ○ Inquisitive ○ Persuasive
  28. 28. Introducing....James Our Online PR guy! ○ Make memes ○ Create link bait ○ Make our networks bigger ○ Tweet it up ○ Google+ it up ○ Be awesome
  29. 29. Im alynx, yall
  30. 30. MemesNick Garner | Unibet | PRmoment SEO: The impact of PR and Google+ on search 2012
  31. 31. Euro 2012 memes
  32. 32. More bleedin memes!
  33. 33. Shut up and take my meme!
  34. 34. Get users to do your work for you
  35. 35. Ta da!
  36. 36. Got digits?
  37. 37. Someones following me... July 2012 2,351 4,002 235 1,246 1,290 216 February 2012 1,105 2,712 19
  38. 38. Wanna Hangout?
  39. 39. Our Online PR footprint 34,000 citations of ""
  40. 40. Earn links like crazy 144,000 citations of "" The links are too new to show in link tools like OSE/Majestic, but they likely have 10K+ links from high authority domains in just a few days.
  41. 41. Good looking guys final thoughts Sharing is caring ● Meme a little meme of me ● Twitter is great ● Facebook is lovely ● Google+ is not so great Now what, folks? ● More memes ● Get users to help ● Lets Hangout more, yall
  42. 42. Nicks final thoughts Its time to shift our footprint from exploiting the algos weaknesses, to engineering human behaviour and harvesting the right signals i.e. Online PR with an SEO backdrop...
  43. 43. URL for the presentation
  44. 44. Thanks forwatching,holmes