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Social Shares - The New Link Building. SMX London 2012


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Is generating social shares the new link development? A link works as a vote, social signals also works as a vote to your website. The search engines are serious about social signals. This is my presentation from SMX London 2012 about social shares becoming the new link building.

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Social Shares - The New Link Building. SMX London 2012

  1. 1. Social Shares - the new link building Lisa Myers CEO, Verve Search@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  2. 2. About Lisa Myers• 11 years experience in Marketing, 7 in Search & Social• Speaker at Search Conferences Worldwide (SES, SMX, A4U etc)• Regular contributor to on and offline publications and author of several SEO Best Practise Guides including eConsultancy and B2B Marketing• Heavily involved in the global Search Community, founder of and co-founder of European search blog StateofSearchAwards• “Search Personality of the Year” UK Search Awards 2011 + “Best SEO Campaign” for her agency Verve Search• Management Today “35 women under 35” list 2009• “Best Use of Technology woman under 30” BlackBerry Woman & Technology Awards (2008)• “B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year” (2007)
  3. 3. What is a link?
  4. 4. It is in essence a “vote” from awebsite to another
  5. 5. {some history
  6. 6. PageRankGoogle developed PageRank to measureimportance of pages largely based on incominglinking structure and quantity@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  7. 7. {then came quality andrelevancy}
  8. 8. relevance + strength = quality Site 2 link /Page Site 1 /Page k li n  Not just about page 1 linking to your site,Your Site but about the overall SITE and it’s relevancy  Also about Site 2 linking to SITE 1@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  9. 9. latent semantic indexing{ LSI }
  10. 10. Increased attention to anchor text relevance,and the concept of link "neighbourhoods“. LSIexpanded Googles ability to understandsynonyms and took keyword analysis to the nextlevel.@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  11. 11. FCUK SEO
  12. 12. In 2012 the algorithm issignificantly more sophisticated,but.....
  13. 13. {there are still weaknesses
  14. 14. A lot of spammy techniques still worksbecause the Search Engines aren’tthere ,YET. ....
  15. 15. INTENT
  16. 16. “In the beginning there wererobots” .....then they evolved...
  17. 17. “If your site is rather new and still unknown, agood marketing technique is to get involvedin the community around your topic. Interactand contribute on forums and blogs.”Google webmaster central blog
  18. 18. evidence?
  19. 19. SEOmoz 2011 StudyCorrelation between social signals andhigher rankings (this was pre G+) Source:
  20. 20. Tasty Placement – Test 2012 Does Social Media boost organic rankings. 6 websites used in the test. Source:
  21. 21. but...
  22. 22. Boost in rankings from social shares is likelyto be restrained by time.
  23. 23. Is Google serious?
  24. 24. @LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  25. 25. + My WORLD@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  26. 26. Rel=author@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  27. 27. }Google + evidence how serious+ my World Google is about Social signalsrel=author@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  28. 28. subtle hint
  29. 29. WAKE UP
  30. 30. Not just an SEO but an Social SEO
  31. 31. Our job as SEOs is still the same. Creating“votes” to a website.Whether it is links or social votes.@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  32. 32. Does not mean you need the concept of aMeerkat campaign or the budget of Pepsi.
  33. 33. Just need CREATIVITY and the ability toCOMMUNICATE.+ EXECUTION!!!!!!!@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  34. 34. intelligent provoking interestingfunny GREAT IDEA timingcompetitions newsworthy educational
  35. 35. examples
  36. 36. Day to Day Activity• Research/White papers• How to articles and blogposts• Breaking industry news• Infographics• Competitions• Interviews@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  37. 37. Longer Term Social• Creating a social community within your site• Blog• Hub for White papers, research etc• Build up the social authority of people that does work in your company@LisaDMyers #SMXlondon
  38. 38. Thank You! @LisaDMyers Email: Web: #SMXlondon