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How SEO Blinded Me, Then Opened My Eyes


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Rand Fishkin's keynote presentation from SMX Munich 2012.

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How SEO Blinded Me, Then Opened My Eyes

  1. How SEO Blinded Me, Then Opened My Eyes A story about the seductive power of search, and the truth about marketing channels & why people buy Rand Fishkin | CEO
  2. SEO
  3. But, SEO Also Blinded Me.
  4. I Used to Believe…
  5. #1: Gets 30% oftraffic and sales#2: Gets 12% oftraffic and sales #3: Gets 7% oftraffic and sales #4: Gets 5% oftraffic and sales #5: Gets 4% oftraffic and sales
  6. Step 1:Get Here Step 2: € € € €!!
  7. I Used to Believe…
  8. Most users see these same results in the same order.
  9. Reality: Thedays of standardSERPs are over
  10. I Used to Believe…
  11. #1 and #2;I’m winning!
  12. Reality:Rel=author + great branding means Aaron’s probably winning
  13. I Used to Believe…
  14. >
  15. I Used to Believe…
  16. If a source doesn’t send convertingvisits, it’s useless.
  17. Reality: Visitorsusually have lotsof ways to get toyour site before they convert.
  18. Hey Look! A Tree!
  19. Oh… This is a forest.
  20. Thankfully, SEO Evolved
  21. No More 10Blue Links
  22. Today…
  23. Snippets are Surprisingly Sophisticated
  24. Visuals CanDominate the SERPs
  25. Advertising Occasionally Overwhelms Organic
  26. More and More, Google’s Putting Themselves in the Results
  27. No More Lengthening of the Long Tail“20 to 25% of the queries we see 15% of the searches we seetoday, we have never seen before” everyday we’ve never seen before.– Udi Manber, June 2007 - Google Facts, March 2012
  28. Today…
  29. Searches are Suggested
  30. Or Presumed
  31. And Influence-able
  32. No More Dominationwithout a Brand "Brands are the solution, not the problem," Mr. Schmidt said. "Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.“ - Eric Schmidt, October, 2008
  33. Today…
  34. Many Searches Biasto Established Brands
  35. Others Suggest the Brands Directly
  36. Brands ReceivePreferential Treatment
  37. Penalties and Filtersare Designed to Target Unbranded Sites
  38. No More Manipulative LinkBehavior That Lasts at Scale
  39. Today…
  40. Big, Famous LinkNetworks Get Hit
  41. Small, SingleSites Get Hit
  42. Blog Networksare BeingShut Down
  43. Directories Get Devalued
  44. Google Will Lift YourPenalty Faster If You Tell Them How You Got Those Links
  45. No More Search without Social
  46. Today…
  47. Google’s SocialGraph is Far LargerThan Most Believe
  48. The Hardest Page to Find in Your Google Account PowersSocial Results Beyond Google+
  49. Email is Now a Social Influence on Search
  50. Google Will Go to Great Lengths to Favor G+
  51. As SEO Evolved, It Forced Me to Evolve With It
  52. Today…
  53. SEO is a Tactic
  54. Inbound Marketing is a Strategy
  55. BecauseLower COCA = Competitive Advantage
  56. This Process Is Simple toUnderstand, Yet Hard to Execute ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY DO INBOUND MARKETING
  57. Step #1:Know Today’s Customers
  58. Step #2:Know Your Future Customers
  59. Step #3:Create the Content Both Desire
  60. Step #4:Spread Via Every Available Channel
  61. Step #5:Measure, Optimize & Improve
  62. SEO is Just Content,Keywords, Links & Rankings.
  63. SEO is deeply connected tobroader marketing practices, andit’s just one tactic amongst many.
  64. SEO. But, no strategy.
  65. Strategy, but no SEO.
  66. Rand Fishkin |