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How to leverage social media technologies on a low budget


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How to leverage social media technologies on a low budget

  1. 1. How to Leverage Social Media Technologies on a Low Budget Nicole C. Engard Director of Open Source Education, ByWater Solutions
  2. 2. Outline Libraries today Social Technologies Social Technologies for your Library Discussion throughout
  3. 3. Budgets are changing “Library budgets are under intense budgetary pressures regardless of institution size or type.  Most report that a flat budget is the best-case scenario, and double-digit cuts are more of the norm.” 1   PA Library budget cut 27% 1.
  4. 4. Money & the Library How do we still provide superior services with all of these cuts?
  5. 5. Library 101
  6. 6. Libraries & Learning “Today, technology is a powerful driver of change in libraries, and it will stay that way for the rest of your career.” “Yes, you need to know the basics of emerging 2.0 tools, like Flickr, MySpace, Google Docs, wikis, and Google Maps. With Google Maps, you should know how to create a mashup using Google Maps and your library’s data.”
  7. 7. Libraries & Social Media Communication Respond to Positive/Negative Feedback Marketing/Advertising Understanding Users Better
  8. 8. Times are Changing Free tools for the library Social networking Crowdsourcing Microblogging Content management File sharing
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Free Social Tools for your library
  11. 11. Map Your Library Basic Map Go to Search for your library address Click the ‘link’ button in the top right Copy the HTML to embed the map into your site Can also use the Map Wizard: http://
  12. 12. Blogging Share library news Share opinions and events Promote communities! - offers free blogging options Image:
  13. 13. File Sharing Share large files online Get links to email to patrons instead of sending large files Access work files from home Options include (but are not limited to) Senduit, and Dropbox
  14. 14. File sharing site that allows for uploading of multiple files Share links to files via email, Twitter and Facebook
  15. 15. Senduit Upload files and share links to the files via email Choose how long your files stay on the Senduit servers Share files that are too big to send via email
  16. 16. Dropbox Free and affordable account options Share your dropbox with others Install software to your desktop for easy sharing and access
  17. 17. Delicious Share resource with colleagues & patrons Create subject guides consumer.html consumers.html (w/out)
  18. 18. Instant Messaging Sign up for accounts for free at popular sites AOL Google Yahoo! Microsoft Download free IM Clients Pidgin, Meebo, Digsby, etc.
  19. 19. Twitter Social networking in 140 characters or less Users type messages (from their computers and/or mobile devices) or ‘tweets’ in answer to ‘What are you doing?’
  20. 20. What is Twitter? “Most people who see don’t get it. It seems invasive or time consuming or even dumb The converts, though, understand the true power of Twitter. Twitter is deceptively simple: it’s a Web protocol that makes it easy to instant-message people with short notes like “going to the gym.” In fact, the limit is 140 characters, about half the length of this paragraph. The difference between an instant message and twits, though, is that your instant message goes to one person and a twit goes to anyone who has chosen to follow you.” Godin, S. (2008). Tribes. London: Piatkus. (p34)
  21. 21. Free Marketing! Despite the nonbelievers, Gary Vaynerchuk knew a marketing juggernaut when he saw one. An early Twitter adopter, he now has 530,000 followers hanging on his every 140-character thought. One of his tweets alone -- a free shipping offer -- pulled in 1,800 new customers. Compare that with a direct-mail campaign that cost $7,500, but brought in a scant 200 customers. Or a billboard ad that cost another $7,500, winning just 300 customers.
  22. 22. Skype Make long distance calls on your computer at affordable rates Make free VOIP calls to toll free numbers and other Skype members Use Skype as a text chat tool
  23. 23. Photo Sharing Put a human face on your library Once again put the library out on various media Give librarians power to create dynamic content
  24. 24. Flickr Free and affordable accounts Most popular among librarians and libraries Upload and share pictures, create badges for your site, and promote your library
  25. 25. Picasa Free accounts from Google Several options for embedding images in your various websites widgets-and-plugins-for-your-blog/
  26. 26. Facebook Promote your library where your patrons are Easily automate the process of keeping your page up to date with RSS Feeds Bring people into the library who might not visit the library website
  27. 27. Custom Social Network Facebook & MySpace are HUGE - maybe you just need your own small network Use to create a Friends of the Library group or allow community members to share amongst themselves Image:
  28. 28. Ning Free hosted service Several library communities already on board Allows for some customization of your group
  29. 29. BuddyPress Install on your own servers over WordPress MU ( Create and manage your own social networks - Friends/Groups ExtendedProfiles Private Messaging
  30. 30. Office Tools While not social (per se) these tools are freely available online and were made possible by new web technologies
  31. 31. File Conversion Zamzar lets you conver almost any file type in to any other file time They offer this service for free for files up to 100 MB Affordable packages for other options
  32. 32. Google Office Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more online with your colleagues Free with a google account (which is also free)
  33. 33. Zoho Office Extensive suite of office tools including (but not limited to) Documents Spreadsheets Presentations
  34. 34. Share your Info Put your social networking presence on your library site science/socialnetworking.html main/leadership/about-us/ index.html
  35. 35. What we learned? We can publicize our library for free or cheap! We can learn to use these tools on our own! Our patrons are already using some of these tools and can help us!
  36. 36. Continued Learning To find out about new tools: you need to always keep your eyes open you need to keep up with your colleagues you need to listen to your patrons
  37. 37. More Learning/ Reading
  38. 38. Library 2.0 Titles
  39. 39. Covers the history of crowdsourcing and how to use it in your business/ library http://
  40. 40. Talks about how products and companies are being organized by the power of the people instead of the traditional hierarchy herecomeseverybody/
  41. 41. Learn more about the digital natives and how they use technology http://
  42. 42. More Links Keep track of social network usage how-to-track-your-librarys-social-media- stats/ Many of the sites in this talk I learned about from another talk webcastsDetail/2140330112.html? industryid=48747&industry=Webcasts
  43. 43. Social Network Policies Many libraries want to write up policies once they start using these tools - check out these links for more info: CA6699104.html
  44. 44. Thank You & Always keep learning! Nicole C. Engard Director of Open Source Education, ByWater Solutions Slides: > Publications & Presentations