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Training on Koha


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As presented at KohaCon12

Published in: Technology, Design
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Training on Koha

  1. 1. Training on Koha Nicole C. Engard VP of Education, ByWater Solutions Documentation Manager, Koha
  2. 2. Entering the unknown
  3. 3. Explain open source
  4. 4. Alleviate Fears
  5. 5. Old is comforting
  6. 6. Manage expectations
  7. 7. Change is scary
  8. 8. Start by empathizing
  9. 9. Dont Lecture / Ask Questions
  10. 10. Provide Examples
  11. 11. Different learning styles
  12. 12. Ah! Ha! Moment
  13. 13. You cant win them all
  14. 14. Tools for Training
  15. 15. GuidesManual search_query=koha+libraryChecklist
  16. 16. GraphicsVideo: Open Source screencasting Free of cost screencasting Screensharing/Remote control
  17. 17. Final TipsIn person is always better Seeing faces and expressions makes all the differenceDont get stuck on your outline Train to your audience, not to your scheduleMake it personal Always share personal stories, empathizeBe enthusiastic! If youre excited your trainees will be too
  18. 18. Thank You Nicole C. EngardVP of Education, ByWater Solutions Documentation Manager, Koha