Web 2.0 Tools & Applications in Libraries


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Web 2.0 Tools & Applications in Libraries

  1. 1. Web 2.0 Tools & Applications in LibrariesNicole C. Engard @nengardVice President of Education, ByWater SolutionsAuthor: The Accidental Systems Librarian 2d
  2. 2. Outline● Live demos/hands on with four Web 2.0 tools: ○ Delicious ○ Flickr ○ Wordpress ○ Zotero
  3. 3. DeliciousMe: http://delicious.com/nengard
  4. 4. Delicious www.delicious.com● Online bookmarking ○ Save all of your bookmarks in the cloud ○ Access them from any computer ○ Tag them for easy searching and recovery ○ Create stacks (like folders) to organize them● Link Sharing ○ Find your friends and create a network ○ Save links publicly and share them ○ RSS feeds for your links
  5. 5. Bookmarking● Sign up for free● Add a bookmarklet or plugin to your browser ○ Find a page you like and bookmark it● Import your local bookmarks or bookmarks from another service
  6. 6. Navigating● Click on tags to see all links● Search for tags, keywords & people● Browse stacks
  7. 7. Learn more● Social Bookmarking & Del.icio.us: A Personal and Professional Productivity Tool ○ http://slidesha.re/delciouslib● Delicious Help ○ http://delicious.com/help
  8. 8. FlickrMe: http://flickr.com/photos/nengard
  9. 9. Flickr www.flickr.com● Photo sharing ○ upload and share photos● Photo cataloging ○ add location metadata ○ add tags ○ add people● Camera Finder ○ built from metadata on images
  10. 10. PricingFree account Pro Accounts are $24.95/yr ● 300 MB monthly photo upload ● Unlimited photo uploads (20MB limit (15MB per photo) per photo) ● 2 video uploads each month (90 ● Unlimited video uploads (90 seconds max, 150MB per video) seconds max, 500MB per video) ● Photostream views limited to the ● The ability to show HD Video 200 most recent images ● Unlimited storage & bandwidth ● Post any of your photos in up to ● Archiving of high-res original 10 group pools images ● Only smaller (resized) images ● The ability to replace a photo accessible (though the originals ● Post any of your photos or are saved in case you upgrade videos in up to 60 group pools later) ● Ad-free browsing and sharing ● View count and referrer statistics
  11. 11. Signing Up● Sign up with your account from: ○ Facebook ○ Google ○ Yahoo!● Or create a Yahoo! account
  12. 12. Navigating● On the homepage you see options for: ○ Your Photostream ■ Your recent photos ○ Recent Photos ■ Photos from/of your friends ○ Your Groups ■ Photos added to your groups ○ Explore ■ Random interesting photos● Search box in the top right
  13. 13. Uploading ImagesImages can be uploaded with varioustools:● Flickr website (link on right of home)● Flickr Uploadr (download to desktop) ○ flickr.com/tools/uploadr/● Upload via email ○ flickr.com/account/uploadbyemail● MobileApps
  14. 14. Librarian Groups● 365 Days Library Project ○ flickr.com/groups/365libs/● Libraries & Librarians ○ flickr.com/groups/librariesandlibrarians/● ReadPosters ○ flickr.com/groups/readposters/● Search for more: ○ flickr.com/search/groups/
  15. 15. Ordering PrintsYou can order prints through Flickrpartners:● Snapfish (www.snapfish.com) ○ Can be done through Flickr itself● QOOP(www.qoop. com/direct_upload/directUpload.php)
  16. 16. Learn more● Flickr for Libraries: ○ www.slideshare.net/nengard/flickr- for-libaries● Flickr FAQ: ○ flickr.com/help/faq/● Flickr Forums: ○ flickr.com/help/forum/
  17. 17. WordpressMe: http://web2learning.net and many many many more!
  18. 18. Wordpress● Open Source Content Management System ○ wordpress.org● Freely hosted blog/website ○ wordpress.com● Not strictly Web 2.0 but provides many Web 2.0 tools for your website
  19. 19. Why Wordpress?● No programming knowledge necessary● Easy to navigate● Built in search engine● Thousands of plugins/extensions● Thousands of pre-made themes● Tons of online documentation & help● Lots of Web 2.0 integration!
  20. 20. Wordpress as a CMS● It’s for more than just blogging● Allows for multiple users/ permissions● No need for system admin - anyone can upgrade/edit files● Easy, Easy, Easy!
  21. 21. Wordpress for Libraries● WP4Lib (Community for Libraries using Wordpress) ○ http://wp4lib.bluwiki.com● Wordpress in Libraries ○ http://www.wpinlibraries.org
  22. 22. Wordpress PresentationsPeople to follow on SlideShare:● Stephanie Leary www.slideshare. net/stephanieleary● Syed Balkhi www.slideshare. net/wpbeginner● Andrea Rennick www.slideshare. net/AndreaRennick
  23. 23. Wordpress Books● Leary, Stephanie. Beginning WordPress 3. 1st ed. Apress, 2010.● Jones, Kyle, and Polly-Alida Farrington. Using WordPress as a library content management system. Vol. 47. Library Technology Reports 3. Chicago IL: ALA TechSource, 2011.● Hedengren,Thord Daniel. Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog. Wiley, 2010.● Tomasi, Chuck, and Kreg Steppe. Sams Teach Yourself WordPress 3 in 10 Minutes. 1st ed. Sams, 2010.● Beck, Jessica Neuman, and Matt Beck. 2009. WordPress:Visual QuickStart Guide. [S.l.]: Peachpit Press.
  24. 24. ZoteroMe: http://www.zotero.org/nengard
  25. 25. Zotero www.zotero.org● Collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources● Open Source online bibliography tool● Firefox plugin and Standalone edition● Share resources publicly or keep them private● Join and create groups for sharing
  26. 26. Signing Up● Sign up for free● Install the plugin or application● Find resources and save them!● Attach PDFs for storage (more storage costs $$)
  27. 27. Groups● Web 2.0 in Education: zotero. org/groups/web_2.0_in_education/items● Adventures in Library Instruction: zotero. org/groups/adventures_in_library_instruction/ite ms● Free/Libre and Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography: zotero. org/groups/freelibre_and_open_source_softwar e_and_libraries_bibliography/items
  28. 28. Learn More● Puckett, Jason. Zotero : a Guide for Librarians, Researchers, and Educators. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2011.● Puckett, Jason. “Zotero Research Guide.” Library Research Guides at Georgia State University, n.d. http://research.library.gsu. edu/zotero.
  29. 29. Policies
  30. 30. Social Media Policies● Many libraries want to write up policies once they start using these tools - check out these links for more info: ○ www.web2learning.net/archives/1250 ○ www.web2learning.net/archives/2967 ○ www.schoollibraryjournal. com/article/CA6699104.html● Policy Generator: socialmedia.policytool.net
  31. 31. Thank You!Slides: web2learning.net > Publications &PresentationsNicole C. Engard @nengardnengard@gmail.com