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Social Media and Measurement at Nokia


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Jussi-Pekka Erkkola (Nokia) presentation in N2 Social Media Hub on 31.3.2011.
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Social Media and Measurement at Nokia

  1. Social Media and Measurementat Nokia@jussipekka@mingk@saara@timymc
  2. We are the Connecting People people!We enable socialthrough our services & partnerships on Nokia devicesWe build relationshipswith our customers, assist in problems and reachout to prospects through social media2
  3. Integrating social into your business Share brand message and Use information shared by Share the responsibility of content to ignite conversations consumers to respond quickly developing our offering across and action among consumers and with relevant offerings functions and with partners in the ecosystemSocial as a Social as amarketing businesschannel model Consumer Intranet to Social as the advisory operate like backbone for all our Active panels social services (eg social monitoring of and networking phonebook) sites participation Consumer Sales Crowd-sourcing in consumer generated promotions product forums and content in in social development (eg social marketing (eg presences between networking product consumers and sites reviews in developers) retail)
  4. The Challenge4
  5. The Framework Derive real-time marketing intelligence by connecting external social media and internal conversations as part of a single Nokia ecosystem organisational optimisation SHARE TO CONNECTNokia guidelines of commonsocial user experiences. Analyzeand aggregate customer insights Encourage a new organisationalto get the right actions to the model through collaborationright teams at the right time and rewards. Socialize intelligence internally within Nokia to create Source: 2009 Dachis group actionable insights.
  6. Nokia’s approach Marketing Care Comms R&D, HR, CSR, Insights6
  7. Global and local sales units work in a community mode Mark eting Com ms Care Mark Mark eting eting Com Com ms Care ms Care Marketing Mark eting Mark Com eting Care Com ms Care ms Com ms Care others Mark Mark eting eting Com Com ms Care ms Care Mark eting Com ms Care7
  8. The 4 A’s of Social MarketingTo be relevant and actionable, we need to define KPI frameworkbased on intent /objective of social media campaign relative tothe medium• What is the campaign trying to achieve? Awareness Appreciation• What type of reaction do we want to drive? Cost per Impression Cost per Engagement• Measure activities according to those (CPM) (CPE) objectives Metrics taken from IAB standardized Action Advocacy metrics (most relevant to Nokia) and Sloan management review article Can You Measure the ROI of your Cost per Lead Cost per Referral Social Media Marketing? (CPL) (CPR)
  9. Business Value to NokiaBy measuring and tracking priority KPIs, we have a clear understanding of our targets and how wecan impact them. As a result we can make decisions, take actions and measure results. Social media Business metric Engagement data analytics Impressions Awareness Share of Voice Impressions (CPM) (impact on ROI & cost) Engagement Cost per Engagement # of likes, comments, Appreciation (sum total of engagement interaction) (CPE) replies Conversion Cost per DL & # of downloads Action (Revenue € value) Cost per Sale and sales Advocacy Advocacy Index Word of Mouth researchSource: Jeremiah Owyang – ROI pyramid & IAB framework
  10. The ROI PyramidWe must base the KPIs on the medium and the goals, but theymust be tailored to the right people.Get the right data to the right people.
  11. Jeremiah Owyang’s ROI Pyramid Social Media DM KPI Engagement Data Business metrics Analytics Conv Volume ; WOM / Share of costs / ROI Awareness # uniques / CPM (same or awareness w.own media Voice less spend) visits # comments, Engagement / CPE / Customer Polarity Appreciation replies, likes Polarity SatisfactionServices & # of downloads / Cost per dl / Device Action Revenue / SalesRetention active users Cost per active user # of shares, likes, Advocacy WOM Reputation / costs CPR How do Engagement Data metric & Social Media Analytics data impact Business metrics?
  12. Company Confidential. ©2010 Nokia @jussipekka @mingk @saara @timymc